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This "company" knowingly kept information from me that might have changed my decision to purchase a puppy from them. This is why they kept it from me, obviously, so they could take my money and hopefully I wouldn't notice. The puppy was taken in to a vet, after I purchased her but before she had been shipped to me, for a hernia repair. First of all, after I have paid for the dog, nobody should be taking it anywhere without letting me know especially to get a hernia surgery. I have filed with the BBB in their state and they deny any wrongdoing. There were also several attempts to get more answers and got the total brush off. Shipping was not what was advertised in the listing when we got on the phone. After the sale, I didn't hear from them again, even though I had emailed them. Picked up the pup at the airport, not sure it was the same pup as I had paid for. Don't think they know either. BUYER BEWARE!!! AVOID THIS BREEDER! THEY ALSO SELL FOR OTHER BREEDERS. BORDERLINE, PUPPY MILL!!!


  • Em
    Emily Marcus Mar 31, 2016

    I purchased my puppy from Carrie in 2013 and could not be more grateful. My boy has been in PERFECT health since the day I picked him up at the airport. He is the sweetest little guy with the best personality and disposition I have ever seen in a dog. He was 15 weeks when I got him and you could just tell he came from a great place. He was also the exact dog from the photos. Also, I have had him registered as a service dog for my PTSD. I am ever so grateful for Carrie connecting me with my little love. It deeply saddens me to read about all the negativity...

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  • Mt
    m. truth Nov 02, 2011

    I bought a puppy from her website i received the puppy the date i was told and Steve called me to check if i got the puppy already. The only thing is she did not tell me the truth about the dog's size and color. I did not returned the dog anymore which i think everybody will tend to do. They have only a 1800 number and would talk to you first about the dog instead of the "money and the price" as what Carrie said. When i called them back to confirm i received my puppy i asked how come the puppy was bigger and he have a small marking that she did not mentioned to me she only replied "i did not notice". I did not bother to file a complaint anymore regarding this but my point is they need to tell the truth to the costumer. I would not specify my real name because there is no point but the time spent reading this complaints and writing one will atlease get my message out.

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  • Ca
    Carla Wishon Jun 23, 2011

    She doesn't run the puppy mill at her home, she's too smart. But she does purchase her puppies from mills. The day I got my parvo sick puppy from her husband, he had just been at the airport shipping diseased dogs all over the country! And what about the shipping areas of the planes? Parvo just doesn't go away and especially where no sunlight gets. I wonder how many other sick pups got that way from just being in the cargo area. The airlines should have all been notified as to what happened and I'm sure they weren't. I would have done it but I had to drive my sick pup back to Carrie. She didn't want me to take her to my vet, and now I know why. She wanted to keep it as quiet as possible. She didn't even have the courtesy to call me and tell me my pup had died and how I should go about cleaning up parvo. Even though my dogs were grown, I was told that I couldn't have another puppy for at least a year, so I cleaned and moved to another house!! Thanks Carrie for causing so much heartache to so many people. People who you say are telling untruths. I have of tone of witnesses so I can prove everything in this comment. Everyone needs to contact the AKC people to formally complain and insist that their kennels be checked. I know I'm going to that right away!!!

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  • No
    Nonie S Feb 25, 2010

    The puppy has ringworm and possible vasculitis. Their home, kennel and property is most lkely highly contaminated since this is a highly contagious disease which strikes humans as well as other animals. If you have purchased a puppy through PuppyMatchmaker in the last 90 days the vet says you most likely need to get your pet to the vet and decontaminate your home.
    Our horrible experience with these disreputable people keeps getting worse. Thank God for the ability to file a civil action against them.

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  • Pu
    Pup Daddy Feb 24, 2010

    Lisa states:

    "This is a puppy mIll"

    This is a common politically correct phrase today, to use when wanting to bash a good breeder. Make a statement and it must be true. Call the BBB

    Lisa states:

    " They send you a different dog than you purchased and viewed on the web site"

    This is False we have never done this, and she has no proof to make such a statment! Make a statment and people well be concerned, and it must be true. Call the BBB

    "They also get their dogs from other breeders."

    Some of our puppies for sale on our website come from 3 diffrent Family breeders that breed specifically for us so we can meet the needs of our clients!! We can't keep up with the demand with our small kennel.
    "The puppies for sale on this web site are in my personal care, raised by myself and other family breeders. We do not sell any of our puppies to Pet stores or Brokers."

    "Ours arrived with a disease"

    Thats pretty vague !! It has been 2 weeks and we have not recieved any medical records to prove this statement is true. The Puppy was shipped with a State health certificate and medical records. She has only stated to us that the puppy had hairloss on its right ear, 5 days after recieving the puppy.

    She seems obviously upset and we offered her money back and to have the puppy shipped back to us free of charge. She has refused. Again make a statment it must be true

    "These people will be investigated be the state of Ok as well as the BBB.We will also pursue the other breeders that sell to her. This is a cause worth pursuing for anyone that cares about animal abuse.

    I HAVE SPOKEN WITH OUR LOCAL BBB REPS HERE IN TULSA AND THEY HAVE BEEN KEPT UP TO DATE VIA EMAIL AND HAVE all correspondance between lisa, nonie and myself. GO TO THE BBB ( you will see that we have a very good reputation! (A rating) and are on the honor roll again this year! Find another breeder who can make this claim

    FYI Ms. Fransworth is an attorney!!

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  • No
    Nonie S Feb 20, 2010

    This is a puppy mll. They send you a different dog than you purchased and viewed on the web site. They also get their dogs from other breeder. Ours arrived with a disease.
    These people will be investigated be the state of Ok as well as the BBB.
    We will also pursue the other breeders that sell to her.
    This is a cause worth pursuing for anyone that cares about animal abuse

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  • Ca
    Carla Wishon Sep 30, 2009

    Maybe not a Puppy Mill on their property, but their supply of puppies come directly from puppy mills in the surrounding area. Why do you think they don't list a physical address and won't allow people to visit their kennels????????? They are afraid of what people will find. Beware, the ship diseased puppies all of the country!

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  • Tl
    tlmchihuahuas Aug 08, 2009

    Purchasing a dog through a breeder does not make this breeder a puppy mill. Do your research on puppy mills. If you notice there are only a handful if that of complaints against Carrie Sawyer. Considering the years of experience and puppy sales from Carrie Sawyer this is a very minut amount. Any puppy at all can become sick very easily and quickly just as a child can. Many pet owners abuse, neglect, abandon and kill there pets but I dont see complaints about this. Instead they blame the breeders and call them all puppy mills with out researching what a puppy mill is first. I have talked to several people who have rescued pets from local pound, which I am all for rescueing, the dogs they received were not currant on vaccinations, injured due to being put with a more aggressive larger dog, skin diseases or infections, not fixed as you always hear stressed from aspca and other issues. In trying to help a local rescue Carrie and Steve both attended a meeting at a local small pound. They were so under budgeted that the did not always have enough food to feed the animals and the workers would purchase a bag of dog food or try to locate someone to assist financialy(which Carrie and Steve assisted and continue to assist local shelters in need). They (this small shelter)never vaccinated any animals that came in because they just dont have the funds. The only time a vet sees them (the animals at this shelter) is when they can get one to donate there time, medicines and other rescourses. This was a complete shocker for me and the Sawyers, as you always hear rescue, rescue, rescue. The shelter said they would come in, in the morning and a puppy or dog would have been droped over there fence into a pen with other dogs sometimes only to find a dead dog when they came in due to fighting or injury due to the fall. Irrisponsible pet owners not breeders cause the large number of animals in local rescues. They do not get there pets fixed then have unexpected liter after liter trying to dump them off on the local corner out of the back of there pickup and if unable to find someone to take them, they drive out were there are homes, but were they will probably not be seen abandoning these puppies, kittens, dogs, cats etc...expecting that someone will give them a home, I know this for a fact as I have on several occassions seen vans, trucks etc. slow down, stop and take off really fast and leave only to see these animals lost and confused. These probably have not had shots or wormings making them prone to disease and causing other responsible pet owners animals to become ill just by coming in to contact with them. Disease is every were even at your vets, expecially at your vets. think of this were do you take a sick animal? to the vets, therefore all animals that come into contact to were the sick animal was, maybe sitting on the seat next to the owner, or the owners shoes or clothing comes into contact with the contaminated area then is transfered to there beloved pet, viruses expecially are easily spread thru casual contact. So I guess is what I am saying is breeders that spend time, money and care to worm, adminiter shots, get them check by there vet and if there is something that comes up as with any living thing this can happen they take care of it at there expense before it leaves them, and do all they can to make sure this puppy is happy and healthy and gets a good home is not a puppy mill.

    Thank you and may God bless all of you.

    Tami M.

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  • Mf
    mfellion Jun 20, 2009

    If you want a dog why not visit your local pound? They have any kind of dog you could want. Most are mixed breeds but there is always that special dog for you if you keep looking. It also always cheaper than any puppy mill. Unless you want to compete in purebred dog contests nobody needs a puppy mill purebred to find a loving companion. Incidently if you do buy a puppy mill dog that is fraudently presented too you and paid for with a credit card contest the charge with the credit card company. If the fraudster can't collect their money they might just go out of business but just complaining on this site won't do anything.

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  • Ve
    Venus Smurf Jun 20, 2009

    I don't exist? Thank you for pointing that out! I'm so relieved, because now I can stop paying my taxes. Too bad I didn't notice this reply BEFORE the last tax season...sigh.

    Honestly, though, isn't it fairly obvious that "Venus Smurf" is only a screen name? I mean, seriously, how many people do you know with the last name of "Smurf?"

    And no, former hippies don't count.

    I have never and will never place any personal information on the Internet, and this includes my actual name. For some reason, giving personal information to complete strangers just doesn't sit right with me, though that's probably just because I'm allergic to pedophiles and ax-murderers. Go figure.

    And yes, I did read your contract. Of course I did. Unfortunately for the puppy and I--but conveniently for you--the puppy's illness did not fall under your health warranty. I took her to the vet immediately after receiving her, but she didn't begin showing symptoms until after the 72 hour mark had passed (barely). Nor was her illness congenital or, fortunately, fatal (though again, only because my vet went above and beyond the call of duty in order to save her).

    And I quote:

    "This puppy is guaranteed for one year against fatal and life-altering congenital disease which adversely affects the health of the animal and causes problems of a severe life-threatening or altering nature. "

    Though this does not change the fact that the illness could only have come from the kennels--or, I suppose, the puppy mill--what could I have done? I didn't want a replacement, and I wasn't about to send the puppy back to you anyway. I chose, instead, to give the dog a decent home.

    As for the misrepresentation of the puppy...


    I actually didn't find that in the contract, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume this statement is somewhere on your web page. Even so, however, when I communicated with you over the phone and via email, you assured me that the puppy was a certain size. She arrived only days later, and she was not that size, not by any stretch of the imagination. I might believe that you simply sell too many puppies and so was not aware of the exact weight of the one I'd asked about (which is a bit shameful in itself), but I asked on several different occasions, so that's not really the best excuse. As a "responsible breeder, " you should have checked at some point.

    And though I suppose this does fall under the above statement, don't you think it's still unethical to misrepresent your, for lack of a better word, product? I ordered a puppy, and the puppy was not what I'd been promised. It's that simple. If you'd been selling anything else and through any other venue, this wouldn't be allowed. I'd be able to send the product back and demand a refund. Only the fact that I loved the puppy on sight kept me from doing so.

    ...well, that and the fact that I didn't exactly record our conversations or keep the emails). Without evidence and with an immediately strong attachment to the dog, I was hardly going to take legal action.

    And that, my dear, is precisely why no complaint was lodged with you. I was too busy worrying and praying over my seriously ill puppy to care at first, and by the time I could direct any attention to you, I didn't wish to give her up. My complaint, however, stands.


    That is certainly true. Thank you for providing that valuable lesson. I won't be so trusting in the future.

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  • Pu
    Puppy Matchmaker Apr 29, 2009

    My Name is Carrie Sawyer owner of Puppy Matchmaker Services .In regards to this complaint I wish to tell the other side of this story which was not told. When puppies are purchased from us they see a vet generally between 24- 48 hours BEFORE they leave to their new homes. After the exam for this puppy the vet had noticed a small hernia (not life threaten) and if any one is to ask their vet hernias are very commonly found in puppies. The repair was done by my vet at MY EXPENSE. The puppy was shipped the next day and a small over site which was my mistake of not writing down the hernia repair on puppy’s medical record alarmed this owner ( even though this puppy was in good health upon arrival and NO WHERE IN THIS PETTY COMPLAINT DID THIS OWNER SAY NEGITIVE THINGS ABOUT THE PUPPY, ITS PERSONALITY AND anything that really counts. this was an oversight that I am truly sorry for, BUT I AM SURE TO THIS DAY CONNIE WILL AGREE THAT HAVING THIS PUPPY IS OF THE BEST THINGS THAT EVER HAPPENED TO HER AND HER FAMILY. I am sorry that there was a miscommunication I would like to invite anyone to come to our website and JUDGE FOR YOU.


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  • Ve
    Venus Smurf Aug 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'd have to agree with you, Connie. I purchased a puppy from Carrie Sawyer a few months ago, and I'm absolutely appalled by the differences in what I was told to expect and what I actually received. For one thing, when the puppy arrived at the airport, I needed only one glance to realize that she was at least twice the promised size. I adore this puppy and no longer care, but with this breed, size is always a factor in purchasing. I've since noticed that the breeder does not usually list the sizes of most of the available puppies; nor does she list the sizes of the parents. Though she's certainly not required to do so--at least as far as I know--this leaves way too much room for deception, especially when so many buyers have to rely on only a picture and what information Carrie chooses to give when considering a puppy.

    Far more importantly, within three days of my puppy's arrival, she had to be hospitalized for an intestinal parasite that, according to my extremely experienced vet, could only have come from the breeder's kennels. The puppy was in and out of the veterinary hospital for the first three weeks, and I nearly lost her twice. Thousands of dollars and a specialized diet later, she's finally healthy again. I will admit that the puppy seemed perfectly healthy when she arrived, and the vets explained that this sort of parasite can be dormant for weeks, but I'd also have to assume that other dogs have fallen ill in the kennels. Is the breeder morally (if not legally) obligated to warn the purchaser about something like this?

    All in all, I would never even consider buying from Carrie Sawyer again. Though I truly do adore my puppy and would never trade her in for another dog, I still feel like I was taken by the breeder. I'm glad someone has reported her and I can only hope that others will do a little more research into her background than I did before purchasing a puppy from her.

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