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I've been playing pch games on a desktop for years and as a programmer, it seems that the games are rigged.

I cannot tell if people who buy products get more tokens or even win money prizes, but I just played the klondike game and even though my mouse is setup to do a one click, on pch games there's a delay and I have to click twice (2xs) to get the card I want to move. I'm seeing this tactic on other money games as well.

So it seems that pch is rigged. I only purchase what I want in the merchandise offered, so can anyone who purchases products from them on a regular basis respond to whether they are also seeing slow response on games, etc?

Even though I get all the appropriate clicks, on some games, I can get no where close to the gamers who rank highest each game... Seems odd to a programmer... Unless the games are rigged.

Desired outcome: Put out there your programming to show it's NOT RIGGED. And stop the RIGGING.

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