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Doctor Patrick Hughes in my opinion is A Bought and paid for puppet for Sedgwick Claims Management. Five doctors, not foru but Five doctors told me I had one problem. Oh but when I saw this Hired puppet, work comp case dismissed.
I was refused a copy of my diagnoses from him So I obtained one from my legal council. His report was like a fairy tail. LIES LIES LIES LIES. He just does not care for his patients well being. My condition was a verry serious one that required medical attention. because of Dr. Hughes's report I Was completely cut off from any medical treatment and Pay. Boycott This man., He ruins Lives EVERY DAY

Dr. Patrick Hughes


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    C. Dougherty Jun 18, 2014

    I as a patient of Dr. Hughes have been completely satisfied with all aspects of his practice. He does genuinely care about his patients and I truly believe that he is a life saver. With my condition, every day life was extremely hard to get through until I began seeing Dr. Hughes. He is extremely kind and understanding. He truly does whatever he can in the best interest of his patients. If it wasn't for Dr. Hughes my life would be a mess. He is truly a blessing to me and my family.

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