Early August 2017, I went and checked out a public input session at the moose lodge on Frood Road in Sudbury Ontario Canada. After checking them out they’ve convince me to try their products out on trial. After a week of trying their product for free I ended up buying a month’s supply worth of the decaf chocolate flavoured with regular money. After running out of their product I had another promo offered to me for 320$ per 3x30packs of supplements and become a member. So I proceeded to order online then I asked for the fruit Maui max 3.0 versions of 3x30 for 320$ website allowed that order to go through. Once i proceeded to make the transaction they wanted to charge me another 60$ for becoming a member (40$) and shipping cost (20$) totaling 380 Canadian dollars. So i ended up at just going through with it. First thing you know when I received it it was three complete different flavours: caffeinated chocolate and caffeinated orange Bd decaf orange. This is not what I expected. I called my dealer Anna rhymer and complained about how I didn’t get the flavours I wanted originally. The orange flavours she gave me doesn’t go well with Greek yogourt. So I ended up at just accepting it at what I had. Two weeks later I get another 3x20packs of fruit Maui 3.0 max packaged at a charge of 480 Canadian dollars. I never once told anyone I wanted more packages I just said to them that I did not appreciate them sending me the wrong flavours. My local dealer tells me that the deal was only available strictly on those three flavours. It’s like now she tells me! In any case I’ve so far been charged 980 Canadian dollars on
90 things of 3.0 max (30 in chocolate caffeinated and 60 in fruit Maui at 3x20 packs)
90 things of 2.1 strength (30 in orange caffeinated, 30 in orange decaf and 30 in chocolate decaf)
I consider this to be a major rip off. I am presently mailing back the unused boxes of 3x20packs of fruit Maui 3.0max I do not have the money at this time and I never once gave them permission to send me another batch of fruit Maui 3.0 max. I need the 480 Canadian dollars refund to be put back into my credit card as soon as possible! I’m suppose to go to conferences and conventions next month and I presently don’t have enough credit on my credit card that I’ve been planning on for months to attend to two differences conferences at two different times next month in November costing me at the very least for sure 600$ if not more.

As seen in the photo it’s suppose to be 372.22 Canadian dollars not 480 Canadian dollars.


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