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Progressive/Homesite Insurance review: Claims and policy cancellation

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Filed a claim for damage to porch 16 April 2011.
Contacted by claims adjuster Craig Beck 18 April 2011.
18 April 2011 claimed denied by Craig Beck quoting exclusions in policy that does not cover foundation damage of any kind. No physical inspection of property. Deemed legal by the State of Ohio Department of Insurance.
24 April 2011 called Homesite a [protected], based on letter indicating rates had increased. Letterindicated the number listed is number to call to determine if rate increase is due to claims. Ashley Braid answered the phone, she had no access to claims history and could not answer questions, she promised to return call on Monday, 26 April 2011 to let me know the rational for insurance rate increase. She did email copy of denial letter dated 18 April 2011.
25 April 2011 Homsite contacted for a complete copy of homeowners policy, documents received from Homesite in June 2007 incomplete, there are no exclusions pages included in this document. Homesite representative refused to send documents to address other than the insured address, asked for supervisor, who instead of sending me a policy document told me she was going to cancell the policy because I moved. I told her that we inquired about needing to change policy on this home when we purchased our second home policy, Mr. Russell Wagner from Homesite Insurance Company told me that the policy would not have to be changed it was fine the way it was. She replied with and appology and said asked if I needed anything else. She told me I had two weeks to get insurance and offered to transfer me to another insurance company to get vacant home insurance. I was then transfered to American Modern Insurance, a high risk mobile home insurance company. I spoke with Theresa who offered me a policy for the low price of $3025 for one year.
27 April 2011 called Homesite to confirm policy cancellation date and whom to send cancellation letter to. Spoke with representative that explained that I would have a valid policy until 6 June 2011, however there is no coverage on this policy. When asked to explain, I was told all claims would be denied on this policy. Her recommendation was to take the next month or so to find a carrier, and once that was done to contact them and let ehm know. Then if there is some unused days they will give me a prorated refund of payments made towards this policy. Called State of Ohio Department of Insurance, it is legal in the State of Ohio to sell an insurance policy that does not provide any coverage to the property insured.
28 April 2011, Ashley Baird has not returned phone call as of yet.

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