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Procraft of Virginia, Inc. review: Their inferior product damaged my house!

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I had Procraft apply their liquid siding to a house in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. They told me that it would water proof the house and eliminate my need for paint. I had some damage to the inside due to the TyVeck failing. It looked wonderful the first year and dried the inside of the house to where there was little damage to fix. I paid them $9,000.00 for two sides of the house. Two years later, rusty nail stains were popping out and I cracks in the coating appeared. I called them several times. They had changed managers from my first complaint. However, when I called the last time and told them I wanted to speak to the owner, the manager told me he would take care of it. Why could I not speak with the owner? I even allowed their workers to stay in my house while they did the work so they wouldn't have to rent hotel rooms for them. Much to my dismay because they left paint all over my furniture and cigarette butts all over my yard that I had to clean up. I made a complaint with the BBB and Greg Dethridge's reaction to my complaint was to lie to them by saying that they had showed up to do the work and I did not. I never set any such a thing in motion. At this point it is not only the warranty work but the damage to the inside from wind driven rain. I had spoke to them over six months ago and they did not make arrangements to do the work. The manager said he would call me back in a few weeks when it was convenient for him and I never heard from him. I was at the house each time I would call and ask them to come. They never would when I was there and then they lie about making arrangements to do the work.

I don't know who they made arrangements with but it certainly wasn't me. They are trying to weasel out of the damage to my house that was caused by their inferior product!

Procraft of Virginia. Virginia Beach, Virginia.


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Jul 25, 2009 6:55 pm EDT

is Procraft of VA the same company that used to be called Liquid Siding of VA? I know longer own the house that we had done (paying over 25, 000 dollars, but the current owners say that the paint is cracking/peeling and I am trying to direct them to the people tht first put on the application. We paid extra to have the warrenty passed on to future owners, but now it looks like they may be out of luck

Sep 25, 2008 8:57 am EDT
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I posted a complaint here on 9-23-08. When I called Procraft (MD) in March of 08 to have peeling paint repaired on my home which was painted in Jan. of 06 I was told by the receptionist that the company is now Liquid Siding of Maryland and that they ARE honoring the warranty I got (and PAID FOR!)with Procraft. Apparantly an employee, John Powell, bought the company and re named it. I can't get anyone to respond to my pleas for help and the problem just gets worse. I have called them two or three times a week since March and can't even get a call returned! If anyone out there is considering litigation or is currently in litigation against Procraft of VA./Liquid Siding of Maryland, please contact me as I very much need to join you.

Aug 11, 2008 10:48 am EDT

If it were only ProCraft of Virginia!

Our Homeowners Assoc is having a similar problem with ProCraft - Original Liquid Siding of Colorado. The orginal application was done in August 2003 for $70, 000 and we have had problems EVERY year. Some times repairs were eventually made, but not complete, and ONLY after much delay and repeated calls. Our story sounds the same as many posted here - repeated calls, promises to come out, some work done, but never on time or properly. Almost every HOA meeting since 2003 has had as a topic of discussion the problems with ProCraft Liquid Siding of Colorado. Although most recently "promised" (repeatedly since January) that the repairs would be done as soon as the temperature was above 40 degrees, and now pushed to August (it's now 8/11/08 and nothing has started) the Liquid Siding is peeling off in sheets and we have photos to document the issue.

The Colorado company has filed for bankruptcy/ dissolution, but the sole proprietor - Jack Campbell, is now doing business in Arizona as "AZ Liquid Stucco, LLC". Although we don't want to, we believe our only action now is through the courts before he goes out of business again.

Frustrated in Evergreen, CO

Jul 19, 2008 1:13 pm EDT

Unfortunately, my experience with the Procraft product is similar to all of these posted on this site. I was the 1st house in Northwest Florida to have the liquid coating applied, in April 2003. The contractor/painter was just being certified by Procraft of Virginia. During the process, I was impressed with all the advertised benefits of having the Procraft product on my house. But, the contractor had a problem with reliable help, and he ended up doing most of the work by himself. All of the rotten wood was replaced, the house caulked, and all layers of sealant applied. I was in 7th heaven because of the 25 warranty, and not having to worry about the exterior of my house.

It has been 5 years, 5 long years of watching imperfections appear and have to be fixed. I was lucky enough to have the first repair done by the original contractor within 6 months of being painted. Then the contractor went out of business, and has since been in the wind. I contacted Procraft of Virginia during the second year and was given the same line as all of you. Hard lesson learned. I even prepaid the contractor in installments, so he could make payroll. My experience has definitely been one of frustration, money, and lack of trust towards any future contractors.

If any one endured the experience of “Procraft of NW Florida, L.L.C.” let me know. I am purposely not using the contractor’s name, because I’m still hoping to hear from him. Please send any information regarding a class action suit towards the company in Virginia or Florida. Thanks for reading, good luck to everyone. I will update this site with any new information.

Tony Pakutinski
Fort Walton Beach, FL

May 21, 2008 3:53 am EDT

This is in reference to Bubba Chuck's comments. Please read my reply to Greg's comments ( posted 166 days ago! ) . The answers to your questions are there. Who are you to question the conditioon of my home and the job was done? Have you ever seen my home?

May 20, 2008 12:10 pm EDT

I would have to agree with Mr. Deathridge on this one. Gary Fisher should be askingt his builder or whomever he bought this particular house about substrate/leak issues.
Homeowners with substrate problems are numerous. Consider masonite siding claims, cedar siding issues, T-111 etc. Most homeowners seek an easy fix for negligence on there part (free lunch)
When a company does millions in sales it will by definition recieve a complaint or two. I feel that Greg Deathridge has been more than forthright as per what warranty covers and what it does not. Mr. Fisher, understand that the majority of procraft customers are happy with procraft coating system. Mr. Fisher why is it that your home is the one within hundreds that has issues? because it is a poorly built and maintained POS.

May 18, 2008 2:59 pm EDT

Greetings all; I'm new to this board but have a similar experience that I'm trying to decide how to resolve. I have some bubbling on one side of my house from an application done by Procraft of Virginia approx. four years ago. I understand that they are now out of business and I have been unable to make contact with anyone for resolution.

I spoke with a representative of Liquid Siding of Maryland and received their offer to take on the labor part of the warranty for $750. They did not do the original labor and so I do not have any complaint with them. However, before I sign up for Liquid Siding of Maryland's offer, I wanted to see what other options are available to me to get my original guarantee honored. This is not a big job yet, but it needs to get done before larger problems develop.

Thank you all in advance for any responses,
Matt Deller

May 15, 2008 8:15 am EDT

Good news! The court ruled in my favor, and I now have a monetary judgment against Procraft of VA. I am not certain if I will ever get any money from this judgment, but I will continue to pursue this action to see what comes of it. My next court date (interrogatories) is scheduled for mid-June.

Apr 23, 2008 6:10 am EDT

I have tried repeatedly to get pro-craft of Virginia to make repairs. Several appointments were made and never kept.
The problems that were small two years ago[cracks and blisters] are growing into a major problem.

I do not know who to call next.

Apr 22, 2008 6:35 pm EDT

Liquid siding has to be one of the landmark discoveries of our Era!

I should know I developed it 50 years ago, they all laughed when my Grandpa was at Kitty Hawk back in the day!

Marvin Wright

Apr 20, 2008 1:08 pm EDT

Just received a letter dated April 17, 2008 from a Limited Liability Company named Liquid Siding of Maryland re: Liquid Siding Labor Warranty. For the mere sum of $750 I can purchase (again) coverage for the balance of my 25 year warranty. Such a deal! For something I previously paid for in the beginning.

I've done much of the annual blister repair and repaint just to avoid the hassle of getting anybody out of Virginia Beach (70 miles away) in any kind of agreed to date of show up! Been fighting Procraft since day 1 and forced them to make $ concessions due to breach of contract.

Now I'm offered this deal from some unknown LLC in Baltimore a mere 200 miles away. Gotta hurry and grab my checkbook.

Since when was the 25 year warranty in 2 parts? Guess I'll have to go dig that out.

Originally, I had such a level of frustration, I sent an email to Liquid Siding HQ to get Greg jacked up and moving. That worked and he was very obviously upset to hear at that time from LS HQ.

It would seem to me that LS HQ would ensure that good relations and the original contract terms would be met without additional expense and hassle. Silly me. Guess the only alternative I have is to go after someone here in small claims court for the $750 and then if I don't receive response to annual repairs chase this LLC in the neighboring State of Maryland--such joyful prospects.

Apr 18, 2008 2:02 pm EDT

We had Liquid Siding put on our house about three years ago and it has never looked good. We have had to the house done twice now as the first time the crew did it when the temperature was too cold. They came out and said that it was below freezing so they could not paint that day. Two hours later they came back and started doing the job; it was not much warmer but I they did it anyway. A year later we had light and dark spots on a bunch of areas on the house. I called and they finally sent the same crew out. I thought they would redo the job just like the first time...but no the crew intended to just paint over the old paint without even power washing. When I voiced my concern about not power washing the crew dude said that he would power wash for $250. I called the office and had a manager get really nasty with me. The house did get power washed and I did not pay for it but it was only because I insisted...quite loudly.
Today I get a letter from Liquid Siding of Maryland LLC stating that ProCraft of VA is out of business and if I want to keep my warranty for chipping, peeling, and cracks for 25 years all I have to do is send them $750. Are they for real? I am not sending them a dime more.
If I had know that all they were going to do with their liquid siding was prime and paint my house I would have paid my son-in-law to do it like he did his house. I would have saved a lot of that $9000 plus I would not have had the hassles that I did. I can understand why they went out of business and I really cannot feel sorry for them...just all of us that were taken for a ride.

Dec 06, 2007 9:41 pm EST

It is true our home was protected by Aluminum Siding siding for many years. But I disagree that this was the cause of the moisture. On the contrary, it is obvious the moisture was put there when the house was power washed. The workers didn't allow the house to dry out before applying the the product. Further by not doing so it caused the product to peel and blister.

As to the caulking used on our house, Mike Payne told me that it failed on many of the homes that it was applied to and Procraft had to change the caulk they were using

I disagree with the statement "The problem with this property was trapped moisture and leakage around window and door casings" . The last paragraph on page 3 of Stanley Yeskolski's report dated 1/4/2007 states that he couldn't find any evidence that there were any leaks around the windows. Nor did he say that there was evidence that there were leaks around the door casings.

Never once did any of the inspectors tell us that the cracking, peeling and blistering was being caused by substrate failure or leaks around windows and door casings. They told us that the cracking, peeling and blistering wasn't uncommon and our house wasn't as bad as others they repaired.

If we had substrate failure or leaks around windows and door casings why wasn't I told this in the numerous telephone conversations and the email correspondences I had with Procraft of Virginia? If I had been told, I would have had it looked into it. After all, this is our home and we take pride in it.

Mr Deathridge, I would be more than happy to go over any of this information with you and your attroneys. After doing so and if I find I have made any incorrect statements I would be more than willing to admit to the same on this site.

Believe it or not, I still believe the Liquid Siding is a good product if it is applied correctly. However, in our case it appears that it wasn't.

Dec 04, 2007 12:35 pm EST

FYI for those who have property in Virginia. The "job" POV did for us was in WV & I do not know if LSM will work to correct the defective installation.

Mr. Meyer,

He has not taken over the responsibility for the territory.
John Powell of Liquid Siding of Maryland has taken over the state of Virginia. His office phone number is [protected]

Ric Arnold

Ric Arnold
General Manager
Liquid Siding of America

----- Original Message -----
Date: Sunday, December 2, 2007 4:35 pm
Subject: Procraft of Virginia

> Has Frank Felker taken over the
> responsibility for warranty issues?
> Regards,
> William Meyer

Dec 04, 2007 6:44 am EST

In response to additional postings on the message board, Gary Fisher has had more service at his property than anyone posted on the site. 80% caused by a structure that had been covered with Aluminum Siding for many years. The problem with this property was trapped moisture and leakage around window and door casings. (We did thousands dollars of service not covered under warranty and did not charge him a dime!) It is easy to blame the company that painted your house for all of the flaws caused by the construction of the structure. Particularly, water infiltration that occurs around the openings.

Cracking, Peeling and Blistering is all the warranty covers. It does not cover substrate failure and leaks around windows and door casings. Our inspectors look to see the root cause of the problem. If it is caused by one of the above, then it is not covered. You can’t expect a paint contractor to rebuild your house and correct all of the design flaws. It’s not fair for the company nor is it fair for the other folks that have legitimate warranty issues. Additionally, Gary Fisher is wrong in his assessment of the total report, he should be aware that our attorneys are monitoring this site for slander issues and incorrect statements. As stated earlier, we will be working with the new territorial licensee when they are assigned to help give project history and reports on all projects completed by POV. We are not sure of the time period; however, you should be able to call the same office # to get the details when the new dealer will be in place.

Dec 02, 2007 5:54 am EST

We were awaiting your inspector when you shut your doors. The phone message directed us to call Liquid Siding of America, they will only cover material defects & said our problem is improper application. Our problem goes back to the untrained crew sent in 2006 by Mr. Green of your Chantilly, VA location.

(incomplete cleaning, metal conditioner not cured, product applied in wrong order, product applied with brush not sprayed)
The crew sent by Ray Eustler in July 2007 was very professional but, the top coat start to form blisters as they were applying it. They removed those blisters & said they would wait to see if there were more blisters. THERE ARE! Has Frank Felker taken over the responsibility for warranty issues?

Dec 01, 2007 4:24 pm EST

Your third party inspected our house and basically said that your product wasn't applied correctly. Bottom line is this: When will our homes be fixed to the point we will have very little maintence?
Who is the next operator going to be and what is his/hers phone number and email address?
As to the unprofessional name calling, what do you call a person who promises faithfully to get back to you and slips away never to be heard from again?

Dec 01, 2007 9:31 am EST

As I review this complaint section, one theme seems to be apparent. All of the complaints are from people that our company made multiple service calls to and spent thousands of dollars doing work that was not under their written warranty. We even went so far as to have a third party inspection service inspect their structures, at our expense, and all of the reports indicated that they had problems with their building envelope, not our coating system.

These customers know this information to be truthful as all of them were provided a copy of the written report. However, they chose to ignore it in an effort to make us do work outside of the warranty. This practice worked for many years until we could not absorb it anymore!

Further, I take offense to the unprofessional name calling and slander of my good name as Procraft of Virginia, Inc. never had an unresolved compliant with the BBB, State Board of Virginia, or any other consumer agency. We were selected as one of the best managed companies in 2003 in the Hampton Roads area. We were the #1 Liquid Siding dealer in the country in 2003 and never fell below #2 while we were in business. We have more letters of reference and thanks than any Liquid Siding dealer in the country. We completed and managed more commercial projects then any Liquid Siding dealer in the country. So before you start slinging mud please review the facts.

We will be working with the new dealer to make sure that any customer trying to file false warranty claims will be exposed and we will provide all of the file history. So, please make sure you don’t mislead the next operator as the files have been documented. Finally, Liquid Siding is a fine long term coating system, with very little maintenance, should provide you with many years of long term protection as promised.

Oct 20, 2007 9:52 am EDT

I wonder if there is a way to bring a legal action against Greg Deatridge and Mike Payne individually for fraud. Going through the BBB and other agencies is a waste of time. They too are worthless. I understand Greg "the Snake" is now in Washington DC.

Oct 19, 2007 7:00 am EDT

Since 2001, I have had nothing but problems with the product and this company. To date, my house continues to blister, crack, and bubble. I now have bare wood exposed because the product has pulled away from the siding. This has been an ongoing problem, about which the company has been made well aware on numerous occasions. Every year, I have had to call to request warranty work—and every year, I have ended up having to wait months and months to get any warranty work completed.

In the past, I have written letters to both Greg Deathridge (general manager) and the Better Business Bureau. And after doing this, I have had some warranty work completed in the past.

Again I need warranty work to be done but fear I am completely out of luck. I initially called this time in April of 2007 and had called repeatedly, each time being told that I was “on the list” and that work would begin in two weeks. I was assured In July, 2007, that someone would definitely begin repair work by the end of August. It did not happen. In late September, after contacting Deathridge and the BBB by mail, I was told that someone would be out by the second week in Oct. to thermal image my home to determine if moisture was a problem. No one came.

Yesterday (Oct 18, 2007), I received a letter from the Better Business Bureau of Central Virginia, which stated that my complaint could not be investigated because Procraft of VA is no longer in business. I suspect that Mr. Deathridge, who never returned any of my calls made prior to the company’s closing, was well aware of his intent to close the company when I was being told that my warranty work would be completed.

It would be nice if there were something we could all do to recoup some of our investment. I am now in the process of filing a complaint with the VA Dept. of Professional and Occupational Regulation and encourage you all to do the same. Maybe if enough of us do this, there will be some sort of sanction taken against the responsible party.

Oct 18, 2007 5:37 pm EDT

I too have had nothing but problems with Procraft of Virginia. Greg Deathridge is the president. He has done nothing about my problems which were supposed to be covered under my 25 year warranty. I understand he also owns and operates Window World. I hope that if he runs that company the way he has mismanaged Procraft, that it too will go out of business. I had my house painted by Procraft of Virginia for a little over 13000 2 years ago. I complained in 06 about bubbling. It took 6 months for Procraft to respond and then only after I contacted FTC, BBB and Consumer Affairs. This May, I again had a big bubble. I contacted Procraft immediately. To date, they have not contacted me. BBB has been on their case as has Consumer Affairs. An independent contractor was hired by Procraft. Now they are saying that the bubbling is due to a leaking problem for which I am responsible. If they had told me that back in 06, I would have had it fixed and would not have 12 boards on the side of my chimney damaged. I would never recommend Procraft. Their warranty is not worth the paper it is written on. I am totally disappointed. Again, I hope someone gets on the case and makes sure that Window World is not run the same way as the Procraft company was run. The people lied to me time after time.

Oct 18, 2007 9:27 am EDT

We had our house done 3 years ago and it cost us $18,000 and have nothing but problems with the product! Today (10/18/2007) I found out that Procraft closed their doors as of 10/9/2007! Now what do we do?

May 30, 2007 8:28 am EDT

We contracted with ProCraft of Va., last Oct. to have our house painted in the spring of 07. A guy showed up last week to powerwash, but said he couldn't because a carpenter needed to do the wood repairs first. They've been non responsive and I'm thinking about canceling the contract before they start.

Have other customers had bad experiences with this company? I assume you had a different company, but it sounds like you're having the same problems getting them to respond.

May 13, 2007 12:37 am EDT

Hopefully you can get it resolved.