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CB Flower Delivery Premium Florist Provided no service but keeps payment
Premium Florist

Premium Florist review: Provided no service but keeps payment

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7:21 am EDT
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This is a direct warning to everyone reading and debating on using their services:

If you still choose to take the chance and pay them after reading reviews like I did, accept the fact that you had been warned and consider any lost payment to the company as a donation.

This company accepted and requested more payment and did not deliver, even after being provided with the requested information by email and / or WhatsApp.

A few days after my order (one day after the scheduled delivery date), they tried to request more money before they would deliver, telling me that the address I had provided them was out of their delivery area. When I corrected them, they then claimed that they could not find that address and that the address was probably fake.

My girlfriend was even willing to go to the flower shop to pick up the items I ordered for her, but the company doesn't accept that.

A copy of y girlfriend's ID was also provided to Premium Florist both by email and WhatsApp clearly showing a real government address on the ID card. That message remained ignored on WhatsApp, and was 'dismissed' in email.

Before that happened, I was told at the time the delivery was supposed to occur (three days after placing my order) that the delivery can't be made and might be delayed until I provide them with more details they requested in an unexpected email. The request was for either a picture of the card I used to make the purchase or a picture of the payment made to them in my bank statement history.

I did not check my email after making the purchase because I never expect any company to unexpectedly send an email asking for those things after payment and demand it be done before they will provide a service that customers are paying and trusting them to provide.

I provided them the requested information, along with a message stating that if they do not deliver on Monday April 10 (the day the delivery was supposed to occur) they should refund me so I can use a different company to make the delivery happen in less than 24 hours, as I did not want them to wait until the recipient was no longer home to deliver the products, etc. I also mentioned I might warn others with a review.

- Delivery never happened -

A girl who answered the toll free customer service phone number the first time I called started sounding rude when I refused to pay extra and told her to do a refund. Foolishly, she tried to offer me store credit. That was also the time she tried to tell me the address I provided was fake or non existent, or out of the service area and that she doesn't have to do a refund because the problem isn't the company's fault according to what Google Maps shows, etc. Then, she told me if she does a refund they will still subtract an annulation fee from it either way.

I eventually hung up the phone at a point after she gave me an ultimatum. My girlfriend and I had a few brief message exchanges through WhatsApp with the company as we tried to arrange for my girlfriend to go pick up the flowers from the shop herself.

The second time I called the toll free customer service line was after I was told via text in WhatsApp and Email that they don't allow people to come pick things up and that they are an "online only" company. The same girl answered the phone. This time my call was simple - I asked her to cancel the order. I did this because I figured it would be easier to end this horrible experience and get a refund and use another delivery service. After all, what good is the delivery if my girlfriend had to find out about it this way and offer to try to pick it up in her country by herself? When I asked the lady on the customer service line to cancel, she warned me that there would be an annulation fee of $9.99. I quickly accepted. She pretty much said ok along with a few other things and then told me "hope you have a good day" in a type of tone that indicated that she knows there is nothing a customer can do. I didn't think too much of it because I assumed I would be refunded what I paid with exception of the annulation fee (but I still called my bank and filed a dispute on the charge just in case).

Flash forward some hours later, I do a search online about how to get a refund from Premium Florist and I discover that they have a STRICT no refunds policy making it nearly impossible to get a refund for pretty much any reason, and no refund of any cancellation made less than two business days prior to delivery. Therefore, the girl on the phone lied when she indicated that I could be getting a refund with annulation fee subtracted. They were planning on keeping ALL money either way. I must either accept request for more payment or receive no service.

My email to [protected]@premiumflorist one day before cancellation of order remains unanswered as of time of this posting.

Desired outcome: Please refund as requested and discussed by phone.

Update by Kay Dan
Apr 12, 2023 7:31 am EDT

I should also add that as of the time of this post, I have noticed that the company has blocked people from commenting on their Facebook business page. When I saw that, I hesitated with ordering through that company, but still foolishly decided to take the gamble thinking I might be one of the lucky people who happened to receive good service. Unfortunately, I had to deal with the same issues that I saw in a couple of other bad reviews!

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