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Premier Timeshare SolutionsPurchase Offer

Called w/"firm offer to buy my timeshare; buyer 20% non-refundable deposit; needed $1, 300 to cover title search; FL Div of Consumer Protection to call me w/in 1 hr to verify it all. Put $1300 on credit card, and THEN did some research. FL Division of Consumer Protection has 24 complaints from these folks this year alone; confirmed they never do outbound calls. Tried to call Premier back, only got voice mail, with no response. I cancelled the credit card payment. Hours later got call from guy identifying himself as from the FL state cons. protection div. When I called him on it, he said he was from the company's Consumer Protection Division. First offered to give me his name and license, but then said, "Hold just a minute while I take another call. Waited over 10 minutes, and he never came back on. WHAT A SCAM. Do your due diligence first!!!


  • Pa
    Patti Pierce Jun 11, 2009

    We just received a phone call last night asking if we still had our timeshare on the market. If so Premier Timeshare Solutions would be glad to find a buyer for us. When I was hesitant and asked if any money was needed up front I was told no, not from her per se. She said that they get their money from the lending institution on the buyers loan and that they have qualified buyers that they work with that are looking for a time share. That seemed strange, but I gave her all the particulars on our time share and hung up. Within a couple of hours we got a call stating that they had a buyer for our time share that was offering 19, 500.00. Now mind you, we had never told them what we were asking and it was double what we had put it on the market for. Of course we were thrilled and then thought..if it seems to good to be true it probably is. So, my husband continued with the conversation to find out that all we had to do was send a check for $1, 500.00 to cover the cost of a title search and paperwork that would be covered by a listing agent. Since they were not agents this was necessary to collect and we would get it back at the close of escrow. We would get the full $19, 500.00 at close of escrow, plus our check in the amount of $1, 500.00 as well. My husband expressed his concern and asked the caller to send a copy of the contract. He told him that he wanted our attorney to look it over. We then received another call and I was still thinking it was probably a scam, but was hopefull that it wasn't. That money would come in very handy right now. That is when I decided to look up the company on line and found this site. I am so thankful that we didn't take this any further. In this ecomony I guess it is buyer as well as seller beware!

    Not happy in California!

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  • Ai
    ai-je gagner Jun 15, 2009

    I too just received a call from Premier Timeshares with the very same telemarketing script. The first call I received earlier today, the prescreening call, asking the basic question and taking some of my information i.e., timeshare location, program of purchase, length of time from purchase, banked weeks, etc., and my asking price. My initial question was is there a fee for this service. Because, I'm recalling paying another service to advertise the property and the end result was loosing $350.00. So I'm skeptical and hesitant. But the agent was very professional and reiterated there were no up front fees. A few hours later I received the 2nd call and the line I was given was similar. "We found a couple out of state approved for...” a few thousand more than my asking price. Wow! I'm paying attention now, I want to off load the property and thinking this company works rather quickly. However and here it comes, all they need is $1, 350.00 for their attorneys to pull the deed, check for no defaults. The $1, 350 would be returned to me at closing and the documents will be expressed to me within a few days. Bells and sirens went on, gut instinct and common sense kicked in, simply because I remembered the first representative stated there were no up front fees for the service. So I basically ended the conversation stating that I wanted to check Premier out, get a little more information, contact my lawyer and I would contact them. And so as soon the call ended I Googled Premier and found this website. So, the reality is this, if you do not personally broker the sale, contact, know or retain the buyer or realtor, do not provide any information and hang up the phone.

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  • Ti
    TimeShareSellerWannabe Jun 17, 2009

    We also recevied a similar call to the two above. I am sceptical by nature, so I read the fine print of the contract carefully. Item # 3 "Premier Timeshare Solutions will continue to market your timeshare at our expense until the unit sells or rents. PTS assumes that my timeshare/campground sells or rents in 3 months; if it takes longer than 120 days the marketing fee will be refunded in full upon closing."

    Okay, so there are several things that are sketchy here.

    1) Sell or rent - what does that mean. They only presented themselves to us as having found a seller for our property. There was no mention of renting. I am assuming that if they rent it, that they also get to keep the $1350.

    2) They mention refunding the marketing fee if the unit doesn't sell or rent within 120 days. Sounds great doesn't it? Continuing along in the sentence though... the fee will be refunded in full upon closing. Now the unit may never sell, there is no closing until it does so they potentially never have to refund that money. You have no protection from your credit card company to get a refund from a potential rip off because they have protected themselves in the sentence about refunding the money at closing (no matter how long it takes.)

    I would run, not walk away from this.

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  • Be
    beachgrl Jun 26, 2009

    im confused, has anyone actually followed through with them and have not been refunded their fee ? or is this all speculation ? thank you

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  • He
    helpinghand Jun 26, 2009

    I WORKED WITH THEM! To be honest, I was as skeptical as anyone. However, I took a chance, knowing that a written contract from a company in business this long must be worth something. They've called me every few months, starting in 2017. Once I finally took the plunge, in 2017, I was completely satisfied with the team they had in place. It did take 3 months (I was told 60 days was their average) and the sale was wrapped up. I have never been scammed like apparently a lot of folks have by various companies, but I hope my experience helps some of you. I had no compaints.

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  • He
    helpinghand Jun 26, 2009

    By the way, please, be careful reading things from "timeshareseller" or similarly named bloggers; they obviously are people working for listing companies that would be competitors of this company... right? Again, hope I could help!

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  • Kn
    Knows Better Than Most Jul 16, 2009

    Helping hand must work for premier. I am an experienced real estate agent and I know a scam when I see one. My in-laws got the same sales pitch. Premier offered to sell their timeshare to a buyer they had lined up for 3 times what they paid for it. HELLO!!! Wake up people!!! Time shares are a rip-off from the start. Why do you think they offer free gifts for sitting in on their sales pitch? No one really goes looking to buy a timeshare, especially one someone else already owns. Who in their right mind would pay 3 times the actual value? NOBODY!!! They keep your upfront money because the deal NEVER closes! I am personally reporting this company to my state real estate commission and to the FBI. They need to be out of business forever!

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  • Sk
    skeptical in CA Jul 27, 2009

    we have also been recently contacted by premier timeshare solutions and we have actually told them that we have seen and read all of these postings all over the internet complaining that they are scamming people out of their title search money. their response was that these complaints that have been posted all over the internet are actually from their "competitors" or companies which stand to lose money once they get your timeshare sold. how can an individual tell whether these postings are from actual customers? i guess my personal take is that i'd rather be safe than sorry and not get into business with these folks -- they seem very determined to get us out of our 1, 300 as even the "director of finance" has given us a call to convince us they are for real.

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  • De
    Det. Thomas Aug 01, 2009

    I received a call on July 29, 2017, asking if I wanted to sale my timeshare. I told them yes and provided them with the info they requested and the price I wanted for the week. On August 1, 2017, I received a call informing me that a buyer had been identified and would pay $19, 500.00. Mind you, I told them on July 29, 2017, I wanted $10, 000.00. I also advised them that I would pay no up front money, and I was told that would not be necessary. Today, August 1, 2017, they asked for a credit card number to charge the processing fees, etc., at a cost of $1, 388.64, I asked that they fax me the info on letter head and the name of the manager. The lady on the phone told me I didn't need that, and asked "why do you need that"? I told her this sounds like a scam and that I was a law enforcement officer and I wanted to run a background check on the company. She told me she would not and asked if I wanted to sale or not? I replied "you are a fake". I terminated the conversation.
    Det. Thomas

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  • Tj
    tjjanes Aug 19, 2009

    Does anyone have a good comment about PTSS? We would love nothing more than to sell our timeshare, however, we simply cant afford t be taken by ANOTHER company. Please help!

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  • Je
    jerry lewis Aug 22, 2009


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  • Ji
    jimblue Aug 24, 2009

    I got a call today, August 24, 2017 that they had an offer on my timeshare for $11, 000 and all I had to do was send them $1, 250 for the title search. This was totally refundable unless my timeshare was in bankruptcy. I decided to check them out. Thanks to all the information here, I know it is the right thing to avoid them. Interesting, they told me they were a subsidiary of For Sale By Owner which it was easy to figure out was a lie. They are actually C&G Marketing Associates and another poster noted they have been recently been incorporated.

    Even more bizarre, they had called a few weeks ago asking if I wanted to sell and I said sure. I could not remember the name of my timeshare owner because they had changed last year and I gave them a vague description. With that, that were able to sell to someone? Yeah right.

    Stay clear. After the law starts chasing them for credit card fraud, they will disappear.

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  • Mi
    missymoore Aug 27, 2009

    My husband almost fell for this! thank god I was on the title to and refused to sign to sell! My husband was angry at first until I showed him this website! thank you to all who have posted what has happened!

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  • Wi
    WillNH Sep 11, 2009

    We, I should say the Wife, got a call from them in very late July 2017 offering us more for our time share than its worth.

    The smooth talking salesperson told the Wife that they'd be sending paperwork up for our signature, but the Wife also gave them our credit card number.

    When she showed me the paperwork, I read the terms and told her it was a scam. We got a call following up a couple days later asking to send the paperwork back. The Wife was getting upset because the 'buyer' needed to get a quick paperwork return. I took the paperwork and left it in my car. For about a month.

    Shock of shocks, our credit card bill just came in and our card was hit for $2346.54 along with a foreign bank charge of $70.00. We called Visa and had them put a stop on the payment. The next day, we got a call from their sales crew asking for the paperwork because the 'buyer' is still waiting.

    Needless to say, they won't be getting their paperwork.

    I just put in a call to them telling them that I'd changed my mind and we're cancelling. Cancelling noting really, because they whacked my credit card without my permission.

    Wish me luck. So far, Visa has been very helpful, but that foreign bank charge scares the heck out of me.

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  • Bo
    bobtheman Sep 11, 2009

    Yeah... this is why wife beating should be legal.

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  • Ex
    exscammer Sep 12, 2009

    Hello all. I worked for this company for months and feel i need to help you all. You are all right this is a big scam and they are stealing your money. There are no buyers who want to purchase your unit. they are just saying that to get your cc# they will never list or sell your unit. call your credit card company and charge back. also here is the information for WPTV channle 5 new here in wpb, FL. this lady is gathering info on them to shut them down.

    Shannon Cake-WPTV-NewsChannel 5

    Investigative Reporter/Anchor


    [email protected]

    I wish you all good luck. i'm sorry i ever worked there..

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  • Sc
    scam refused Sep 19, 2009

    Oh, yeah, they are a scam alright. Before we signed (never did sign paper work) they charged our credit card. I finally got through to them. Most of the time they didn't answer or the mail box was full. When I got through she said the bad publicity was from unhappy employees. They were not customers, and they had a law suit going for deflamation of character. I still insisted that I wanted to cancel and she lost her cool. She tried to talk over me and all I would reply was "I want to cancel". She said you B----, and hung up. These people are poison...stay away from anything that sounds too good to be true!!

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  • No
    no one cares Sep 23, 2009

    I know someone who worked there too and she is a drug addict who goes in and makes calls all day on drugs. They are scammers and they get a part of your fee!!!

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  • Jo
    Jon from Pasadena Sep 26, 2009

    I also got a call today (9/26/09) asking for the $1388.54 up front, saying it would be refunded upon sale along with the check for the full sales amount ($12, 500, which seemed high). They claimed they had a pre-approved buyer. I offered to reduce the sales amount to $10, 000 if the buyer would front the fees (giving the buyer an $1100 gain). They flatly refused, saying their banks require them to get the up-front funds from the seller. I refused to give them a credit card number and they ended the conversation.

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  • Si
    sickboy Sep 29, 2009

    Hello i was one of thoughs stupid people who bought into they'er scam, i forked up $1, 990 for them to sell my timeshare they said it was to open an ESCROW account. It has now been 100 days and i'm getting worried they told me it would be 120 day max other wise I would get a full refund of my money, but I now remember they told me I would only get a full refund at the time of closing. Is there anyone out there who knows or has ever heard of getting they'er money back without closing *PLEASE HELP* From:HAWK

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  • Di
    Disappointed Seller Sep 30, 2009

    Thank you so much for all your comments. I just got off the phone with Roger Taylor from Premier Timeshare Solutions saying they have an approved buyer who is offering $43, 780. for my timeshare all I need to do is give them $1, 388.54 for the title/deed search. This "fee" which was called a "deposit" I was told is 100% refundable and the buyers have put 20% down. I was also told my "deposit" would be refunded at settlement, if the buyer changes their mind, or if the buyer takes longer than 120 days to secure funding (which Roger had "never seen happen if my original "scammed" money could be used for the same title/deed search?? By the way, I am NOT going to give them any money and I also suggest if you receive a call from ICare Timeshares you NOT give them money either.

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  • Gu
    Gudrun Gates Oct 07, 2009

    I received a phone call from Preier Timeshare Solutions stating they had a buyer for my timeshare. I was thrilled as I have had it listed for a long time. They said the offer was $13, 000 to close on 12-3-09. They then stated they would send out the contract via FedEx and I would receive it in a couple of days. They then proceeded to state they needed my credit card info for the deed and title search fee, but it would not be charged until I sent in the signed contract. (Ishould have known better) They also told me that this fee would be refunded fully at closing.
    When I received the contract, it said nothing about a buyer and nothing about refunds. I have since filed a complaint disputing the charge with my credit card company and I have made numerous attempts to contact Premier. I have faxed a cancellation to them and left messages. This is a scam. I wish I would have checked further before falling into their trap. The Better Business bureau gives them an f. I have filed a complaint with them too.
    Very unhappy in MInnesota

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  • Al
    Al Banks Oct 08, 2009

    dear Minnesota, Premier got me the same exact way, I'm out $1867.54, My credit card company said theres nothing they can do because I gave them my credit card information.

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  • Al
    Al Banks Oct 08, 2009

    Premier Timeshare Solutions got me the same way they got every one else. I'm out $1867.54 I feel like getting on a plane and tracking them down myself ! I've been sick to my stomach for 3 weeks !

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  • Al
    Al Banks Oct 08, 2009

    Maybe if enough people got together we could start a class action suit. Al Banks, N.J.

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  • Al
    Al Banks Oct 08, 2009

    OMG ! I can't believe how many people INCLUDING ME ! got taken by this company, HOW ARE THEY ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH THIS CRAP !

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  • Al
    Al Banks Oct 08, 2009

    Wish I read this site before I got screwed ! Al Banks N.J.

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  • Rk
    rkumpf Oct 09, 2009

    After receiving the paper work on the contracts in the mail, I had questions about the agreement. I placed several calls to their Customer service line, and did not recieve any call backs. I believe that this company is either a scam, or at best has very poor customer service. Thank goodness I tried to get customer service before I signed this agreement. I would not recomend Premier Timeshare Solutions if you are looking for good customer
    service. I also emailed them to have them call me back, no return calls. They charged my credit card, I disputed the credit card charges.

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  • Cb
    C.B.H. Oct 11, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Don't feel bad everyone. They got us too. Notified cc company the next day. The transaction had not gone thru as of then. The ironic thing is the cc company won't stop payment when the charge gets to them. This outfit is also charging it thru Great Britain so we are stuck with the foreign fee. C. Hicks Newark, MD

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  • Wi
    willheak7 Oct 13, 2009

    Feel for y'all. We fell for it too, but on the second day we called and told them we were not interested. Then told we had to wait for contract as they required the "AD" # before they could cancel. When contract arrived we sent back stating CANCEL all over it, but they still took our money from the credit card - the day before when we said we were cancelling! Anyway we gave all the info to our credit card company back on 9/16 and spoke with them again yesterday. The lady called Premier and actually spoke with someone who said we would be refunded in 7 days! Imagine our surprise when today we had a call from a company called Nationwide (phone # [protected]) who told us they had received funds for the sale of our timeshare! Man did I jump up and down - HELL NO! Told them they were all a bunch of theives and that was the nicest thing I could think of to call them. Seems to me that now they have to refund our money as we did everything we were supposed to do to cancel, they now try suck y'all in again. If after 60 days I think you cannot get money back even through your credit card company, some law or other. Lesson learned the hard way, but we know we will get our money back, the contract we received was for advertising our time share for sale, not for someone buying it. How they sleep at night is beyond me.

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  • I0
    I'm Blue Oct 14, 2009

    I GOT SCAMMED ! I got a call from Premier timeshare weekk before last stating that they have buyers for timeshares and if I was willing, he would take some information (most of which he already had) and I would be notified when they had a buyer. Last week I got a call from John at Premier stating that they had a buyer that had put up a deposit for a similiar unit at my resort. However, during their 'search' they discovered the unit had liens against it and it was tied up in litigation. He would like to move the buyers deposit to my unit if I was willing to accept the same offer of some $20, 000! Of course, they needed $$$$ for fees that would be refunded at the conclusion of the sale. I received the paperwork a few days later. The contract showed that they had already charged my credit card for the fees. I feel violated as well as a little stupid. I don't understand how a company can continually defraud the public and still exist. How can the state of Florida and the US Government allow this to happen??? Something has to be done.

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  • Jg
    J Gogins Oct 16, 2009

    I recieved a call from a lady named Jennifer about the sale of my timeshare located at Myrtle Beach, SC. She left the message on my voice mail along with her number, which I called but had to leave my contact info whereupon I was contacted by a gentleman by the name of Jared Scott. He told me that he had a buyer for my property and asked me if I would accept an offer of $36, 000 and I told him I would. He also said that I needed to send him $1, 388.84 to get the process started and that a contract would be sent to me. I was to sign that contract and return it back to him. He also said that I had to use the company's attorneys for the title work. He further stated that I would be recieving my money back at closing along with a check for $36, 000.

    I asked him if he had an actual buyer and was assured me that he indeed had a buyer. I asked Mr. Scott if Premier Timeshare Solutions was a timeshare for sale or rent company and if it was I wasn't interested in listing my timeshare with the company since it was listed with another company already. Mr. Scott said that the company wasn't a advertising timeshare company. A couple weeks later I contacted him and gave him my credit card info. On Oct. 6, 2017 I recieved the contract via Fed Ex. When I opened the envelope I discovered that Mr. Scott had lied and that the contract indeed was a contract in which they would list my property for sale.

    Since that time I've tried repeatedly to contact the company for a refund and as of yet haven't been successful. Most of the time I've only gotten their voice mail. I leave a message and noone ever returns my call. On the few occasions that I've spoken with customer service I was told that someone would be calling me about my refund, but to this date I haven't heard from anyone concerning my refund. The 2 calls I've gotten since my promised refund was from a gentleman named Steve reminding me that I needed to send the signed contract back, (left message on my voicemail) and from another gentleman named Nathan Christian who I did talk to informing me that my property was sold and that I needed to get the signed contract back to the company before they could proceed. I told him of the difficulty I had experienced contacting them and he said that he'd take care of it. Gave me his supposedly direct line, but when I called it the next day, surprise, surprise I got his voicemail and that's all I've gotten. Never signed and returned the contract. Only want my money back.

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  • Th
    The Wiz Oct 17, 2009

    In desperate times people do desperate things, like believing someone has a buyer for your timeshare that you have on the market for sale. The promises and guarantees sound great, too good to be true, but dang, they sure sound honest.

    Then comes the Advanced Fee, which is usually followed by the hardcore truth that you've been scammed.

    The Premier Timeshare Solutions scam is an Advance Fee Fraud, and it falls under the 'bait and switch' category. It runs like this:

    "Hello, My name is Roger and I have a party that wants to buy your timeshare. They have put earnest money down, which you will receive should they back out of the deal, $3000. All we need from you to proceed with this sale is a deposit of $1400 to cover the initial title search fees and processing. You will have your money in 30-45 days, a whopping $15, 580, plus $3500 for your two current unused weeks. This is a solid deal. We HAVE a buyer for your property. We advertise mostly in the UK, where the dollar is so weak people here are buying up American timeshares. Yours is one we have ready for sale."

    Of course the salesman sounds very honest, says all the right things, knows everything about your timeshare unit: where, what, annual or odd of even year.

    The rub comes after you pay the deposit and you receive the sales contract the salesman/woman said they would send. But . . . it is not a sales contract, it is an Advertisement contract. You have the seven days to back out, which is almost gone, yet you call and complain, "This isn't what you said you'd send" Hence the bait, "Sales contract" and then the switch "Advertisement" contract. The salesman placates you with, "Oh, that just give us your permission to represent you and get things rolling."

    You bite your lip, you hope the story is true, "I will get paid. I will get paid, " you say as you toss and turn at night during worried sleep. You just put your life on the line, borrowed the money from the wrong people, and have to wait.

    You call your "Roger" for some assurance all is well. He was so personable, he'll set you at rest. Dang, he never answers. No one ever answers that can help you. Most of the time the "Mail box is full." If you leave a message, no one ever returns the call as the message says they will. You sit, you wait, and wait and wait, until finally . . . it strikes you: Premier Timeshare Solutions is a working, USA based, Advanced Fee Fraud.

    This business practice is as criminal as any Nigerian 419 Fraud that we all receive in our emails. Now, it is understandable that we can't go to Nigeria to thwart the ongoing success of the silly 419-fraud scams. But here in the USA, we have powers, right? Law enforcement is our friend.

    And the credit card company you paid the deposit with is your friend and protects you from such fraud, right?

    Stay tuned, I'm taking this investigation a step further, all the way to hands-on with the scam-perpetrators, the law and the courts.

    I'm thinking class action law suit against PTS, so if you want in, let me know. Maybe we can get the law to freeze the accounts and get some money back, and the perps toss in the pokie.

    The bottom line at this moment is: They took my money, switched the bait of a sale of my timeshare to the fraud of listing it for sale. That's just wrong. With this sort of business coming to us out of the blue, who needs politicians?

    This is all to say, Pay no attention to Premier Timeshare Solutions are they are running a criminally based business out of the UK and targeting US timeshare owners with their fraudulent practice.

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  • St
    straywick Oct 21, 2009

    I have been trying to call Premiere all morning and I was able to get a voicemail the first time, but after that, mailbox full message. They have us for over $2800 and the "guaranteed 120 day" sale or refund of our money is scaring me. I am afraid we wont get this refund and their time is running out in early November.

    I am sick to my stomach for falling for this scam, because it was a decision made in desperation to sell our timeshare.

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  • Aa
    aabf Oct 22, 2009

    I'm so in on a class action lawsuit!
    We did actually get our money back but it was after 6 weeks of calling them almost daily, filing complaints with the BBB, the online Business Bureau, the FL Attorney General's office, the FL Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (this one and the attorney general are important ones to file complaints with), our credit card company and the Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach (where they are actually located) police stations and the Palm Beach County Sherriffs department. We got the money back after my husband said he was going to tape the conversation with them. They wouldn't talk to us and said we needed to talk to a manager but of course there was never one available. My husband said he was calling the next day and would be allowed to speak with a manager. They called me the next day saying our refund was in the mail. We cashed it today and are still waiting to see if the check clears.
    Call the customer service number on their website. Call over and over again. Get them to say on tape (you need to tell them you are taping though), that the deposit was for the title and deed search. Then ask what grounds they have for withholding your deposit. They will say that your contract says the fee is refundable upon closing. You say, no, it says the "marketing fee" is refundable upon closing and that is not what I paid for. I paid for a title and deed search fee. Then, they will say, well, number 1 in the contract state they are not a licensed real estate broker. To this you say, according to the FL Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer services it is illegal for a company who is not a licensed real estate broker to charge any upfront closing fees such as a title and deed search. They will say, well, if you know this, why are you talking to me. To this I say, I just wanted to add your name to the list of people on the police report, attorney general's report..etc. etc.
    Don't give up. Make them pay. Ask your credit card company for a chargeback as well. I got my money back but I want to see these people in jail. Before I knew all the legal information I told one of the customer service reps that I was told I'd get my deposit back no matter this she said, "do you always believe what someone tells you over a contract?" How these people sleep at night, , I don't know. Carma will come and get them someday. I'm on board with anyone who wants to put these ### away. Oh, check out investigative reports. They did a story on them

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  • Th
    The kidds Oct 26, 2009

    We would like to be part of a class action suit of some kind and get this company shut down and have all people participating thrown in jail for fraudulent practice. Shame, shame, shame on them.

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  • Sl
    slanzer Oct 28, 2009

    I agree with the complaints. This company needs to be shut down & pay everybody back.

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  • Sl
    slanzer Oct 28, 2009

    Got me too. Yes, I feel like we need to get a lawsuit against this company.

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  • Sl
    slanzer Nov 02, 2009

    PLease contact the Attorney General's Office at [protected] & speak with Investigator Serman. PLEASE CALL.

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  • Sl
    slanzer Nov 03, 2009

    Sorry, I gave you the wrong # for the Attorney General's Office Is [protected]. Be sure to speak with Investigator Serman. PLEASE CALL

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