Powerski HydroforcePowerski Jetboard Fraud Scam

I should not have ignored all the information on the internet about Powerski.
Powerski and Robert Montgomery is a scam
Powerski and Robert Montgomery is a scam
Powerski and Robert Montgomery is a scam
Looking back, I have to say that I am a complete fool. Lured by this so called Powerski it has caused so many problems to me in my life, and now I am in very bad financial position becuase of this powerski business. Robert Montgomery and his team are very very professional at this powerski business, they are a team of professional salesmen who will dupe and collude to get as much money out of you as possible. They will make many many false promises to you and you will be duped. They have spent many years on this scam, and they are not in jail becuase it is very slippery web they have created, and most people will not speak up.
It has taken a very long time for me to speak up but i do not want to see anyone else lose money to these people. Bob Montgomery and his team spoke with me almost every day when they got my mnoney I never heard from them.I was very surprised to find the Powerski Jetboard when it arrived to me.
The quality was very very bad. Two of them did not even start when I receive it. It came directly from a factory in China. Since they got my money they have only spoken with me a couple of times when I tricked them with new enquiries. I was hoping to sell this product in New Zealand and there is no way I could sell this product. I purchased many
units. I am too saddened by my loss to even mention the amount of money.
You end up losing so much money that they actually get more money out of you to buy parts. This was so sad for myself to make sutch stupid mistake, but I was fooled, like when people get scam in internet scams.
that I have lost so much to this powerski scam. this must stop..
Proper review I now realise that I am the fool, and there have been many fools before me.. One only has to google powerski scam and see the web of lies and corruption of powerski has been going on since the 80s.. I will not stop until I am able to stop this company..
Victims please post about your experience with this company powerski..

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