Pontiac Grand AM ( 2000)Multiple problems: engine / fly wheel / timing chain

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I don't know what good this is going to do... but I swear I WILL NEVER buy another Pontiac product again as long as I live, and I will also tell everyone I know and anyone else that will listen not to buy there products as well.

I bought a used 2000 Grand Am from a friend whom I consider reputable and honest. He was doing the dealer thing with cars and bought this car from an auction. He had the car for about a year and I bought it from him for $7000 in 2003. I loved that car. It got me to where I needed to go. I took care of it. Gave it regular oil changes when the light came on... preventative maintenance... you name it I did it.

In early 2006 I had traded cars with my son because the Grand AM got better mileage and he to drive more that I did (he had a Durang0... it just made sense) and the timing chain when out. He was forced to buy a beater car because he couldn't afford the repairs right away. The mechanic fixed the timing chain... had to put in a new starter and water pump, new battery from sitting so long, serp belt and a few other misc parts to the tune of $1400. My son had returned to car to me and something still wasn't right with it and low and behold the fly wheel was busted and had to be replaced at a cost of $800.

The mechanic told me that this was a bad year for Grand Am..something about how that the 2.4 cylinder motor and related parts are bad news and are blowing up by 100,000 miles. My car had approx 80,000 miles on it when this all started.

I got to drive my car for 10 months. This last week the rod/bearing/piston broke in the motor and is going to cost me anywhere from $1,600 to $2,400 (starting at) to fix the engine.

What a rip-off!!! If Pontiace knew that there was a flaw in the design of this car why did that not have a recall?

I have no choice but to fix this car so that I can sell it. I don't want to give anyone else this headache but I am afraid that is what I am going to have to do. I will be honest with them and tell them all that I have done to the vehicle and hope that it last them awhile.

I have NO FAITH in the product anyone. I hope Pontiac goes out of business!!!

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