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CB Apartments Rentals Review of Pond Studios LLC
Pond Studios LLC

Pond Studios LLC review: Apartment rental

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Pond Studios Apartment at Seward AK

The apartment was dirty. Filth under bed, coffee grounds behind garage can, food under garbage can. Floor not mopped.

It was supposed to be furnished. No table, not even one chair, no TV, no lamp, no end table, no bedding, no door mat or rug. Heat was locked in at an uncomfortable cold degree. Floor was too cold to walk on without shoes.

In the lease it said no noise after 10:00 pm but the other tenants just came alive from 10:00 pm until 2:00 am with loud music, partying, doors slamming, dogs barking.

The road in off the highway was so bad a vehicle could easily break an axial, as the holes could swallow a small car.

The property owners would not return security deposit. By state law, it is supposed to be returned no later than 30 days.

It took 60 days, with phone inquiries, text messages, emails, return receipt notification of repeated requests.

The owner then threatened with swearing to us in an email.

Do not do business with Pond Studios LLC or their parent company dba Seward Hospitality Group.

Desired outcome: The Seward Hospitality Group that owns and manages this property certainly does not deserve to have the word hospitality as part of their business name.

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