Poetry.comstay away


I joined a site called last year. This site claims to be an international library poetry site. I frequently submitted my poems and last year approx november had notification that my poem was a semi finalist. This meant regardless of any purchase I woud be in a book…. How ever I could buy a book in advance of pulication for a lot of money if I wanted to. I could not afford to but sent details of my confirmation as requested to go in to the book….
Then I won another comp in november and should have been given a 100.00 dollar gift card, to this day it has not arrived…
This site is disgusting and very hard to contact…I have had one reply claiming they are moving and the gift will come after the move…they have not changed their add at all (that is if it even exists)
The last few weeks I have had the same email over and over again telling me that my poem is a semi finalists which I was told last year. The email says yet again I will be in their book but do not have to purchase it to be in it. This site is after ourmoney and probably our work. This should not be allowed to continue, I am not writing to make a living for some one else and taking our cash is terrible just think how much they have nade already out of innocent people like us.

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