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Place PromenadeUnsanitary, Unsafe, False Advertising of Amenities

Place Promenade advertises itself as "gorgeous!". The first line in their pamphlet is "The Lifestyle...certainly is vital!!" They go on further to state they have 'friendly management and security personnel', highlight the benefits of a 'pool lounge', 'hot tubs', 'sauna', 'exercise facility', and 'tanning facility'. Further, there is supposed to 'tight' security and guards patrolling the building.

What a joke! Not one of these statements are true. The staff are extremely unprofessional and RUDE. When you walk into the office, staff are yelling to each other from their offices. They are often just lounging around gossiping -- making you wait for service. The receptionist yells at tenants when she is stressed, and treats visitors/tenants with irritation for 'bothering' her. A few of the female staff also dress extremely provocatively, with short skirts and tight low-cut tops. The office is closed often through the day with no notice or contact info.

The garbage bins in the parking garage regularly overflowed - the stench so overwhelming as to induce vomiting. There have been recent (as of Oct/09) reports of BEDBUGS ( and the managements refusal to properly rectify the situation.

Never once did I see security, even after several complaints of people buzzing to get access in the middle of the night. Several of the security doors were broken for over two months (they were still not fixed when we moved out), including the main entrance (along the shops and university side) and the parking garage. There was one time we were stuck in the parking garage because of a damaged security door was fixed with masking tape over the latch to keep it from locking! We went to the office to complain, during business hours, but they were closed. Their fix? Use duct tape instead and prop the door open with a note that it is out of order! Many times the vehicle entrance door was left open because the security-card system was not working...non-tenants then had clear access to the parking garage, and the suites as well!

The sauna and hot tubs have been out of order for approximately 2 years (a detail they neglect to mention when showing you the facilities), the exercise room contains old, broken equipment, with the change rooms filthy and unsanitary. The tanning bed worked for a short time on and off, but broke down once and for all. Children were often playing alone in and around the pool and exercise rooms. Access to this 'Recreation Studio' was not locked, giving young children the opportunity to wander in and possibly drown in the pool. It is plain luck that one of them has not died.

Speaking of the pool, well, that's a whole story right there! Disgusting!!! It was open for parts of July and August only, and was not maintained at all. The grit and dirt in the water was visible along the sides of the pool, and the pool floor was slick and slimy with ###. There was broken glass all over the pool deck regularly, and people were injured with cut feet. The landscaped grounds were overgrown with weeds and littered with garbage, with one of the main-focused trees actually completely dead. The garbage bin overflowed. There were some days the pool wasn't even open because the staff 'forgot' or didn't feel like it, or the health inspector shut it down due to water condition.

One of the ladders was broken, which they attempted to repair (after several complaints) with the same rusted bolts that quickly broke again. The lounge chairs were never cleaned or maintained. I was actually SEVERELY INJURED from one collapsing...I was screaming for 20 minutes and no one came to help. I finally managed to telephone security with my cell and asked for the manager to come. Instead, the accountant showed up. It took over 1/2 an hour for the manager to show her face (no doubt because she wasn't even in the office, but still up in her own suite and needed to get dressed for work). The paramedics were called, and while we waited with the firemen for the ambulance to come, the accountant proceeded to chitchat and laugh with male friends while I sat there in agonizing pain. This is the time when they began cleaning the pool and looking at the safety of the equipment. A little too late! And then the pool was CLOSED THAT DAY for the season!! School hadn't even started yet. Admission of guilt or what?

We moved out the next month, and have left several messages for the manager to call back to discuss these issues as well as to receive our damage deposit. It has been over a month of several messages a week, and nothing!

Whatever you do, don't waste $950/month in rent like we did. Don't live here!

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  • Di
    disgusted tenantX10 Feb 17, 2010

    Everything said in this complaint is completely TRUE!! and there's so much more going on with in this Apt. complex The owner should Clean house and fire all of the office staff. And completely start fresh

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  • Ik
    Iknowthetruthitsalltrue Feb 18, 2010

    here here

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  • Ik
    Iknowthetruthitsalltrue Feb 18, 2010

    I Too lived there sometime ago and pulled Midnight move because its that bad, the Office is poorly run unprofessional might as well have hookers working in there because they dress like them. I mean what professionalism. Reception lady needs to take her Meds, when dealing with public Come one we are here to have you work for us not against us.
    Yelling at us when we are trying to explain a situation about rent, I believe they lose or change rent around at their convience. they never have the right info in the rent computer.
    Security they don't have any
    amenities are not working as promised in rental ads, and yet they expect you to pay top dollar for your suite, ah nice try, yeah like that's gonna happen or I'll get right on top of that...
    Owner is never around and never owes up to these but he expects to be paid.

    Action will be taken place I have been contacted by a coalition against Place Promenade and are gathering info and support from all past-current tenants to complain against the office and allow our voices to be heard, RTB too has been contacted and said to proceed

    Past Tenant 410 6 floor facing 400

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  • Ju
    Justme111 Dec 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the experience of working at this organization for one month..yes it is chaos..the staff are dictated to by an owner from montreal who is only interested in himself and who he can cheat...the lady manager who is mentioned does dress a little like that but she does try her best in an impossible situation...i did clean up one building of his and got the pool running, threw out the drugs dealers and made the tenants safe only to be fired for no reason and not even paid for over 300 hours of work...the culture of any organization starts at the top and if the top is poison then what falls below is only turmoil and stress..anyone who works there ..i have much sympathy for ...don't blame them..medication should be manditory there..and an open bar would help

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  • Br
    BrendanJoelP Jan 19, 2011

    I have lived here for 2 weeks and this is the worst place I have lived at. Stairwell is disgusting and filled with garbage, graffiti, urine... yes urine. and broken glass. This place is supposed to be secure????!!!
    We just had our car broken into... back window smashed and car broken into. On the parking sign it indicates that this is a heated SECURE parking garage with 24 hour surveillance, but when we went to the main office to see the security footage, we were told that they dont work?! are you serious!? then drop the price to $100 a month!
    Also have dirty yellow water running through taps, from im guessing an old dirty water heater. Half finished painting jobs all around the place, and of course the apparent bed bug problem I keep reading about over the internet.

    This place is brutal.

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  • Do
    doovz Feb 15, 2011

    This place is a [censor] hole and poorly managed. They got rid of two people in the office and they have to get rid of Arlene. She is rude and always yelling at people. She obviously doesn't like her job much. If you don't like your job get another one. You are here to assist the residents not make them feel like crap every time they have a concern.

    I can't agree more with all of these comments. They are all bang on. Amongst everything else that has been said...The intercom security system was replaced but still isn't working. It has been 8 months. I keep getting excuses whenever I ask. Every time I order something or someone comes by I have to go downstairs and let them in. A major pain in the [censor]. We had a fire in August and the laundry room has been closed since then. Well I haven't seen anyone working on the laundry room or the burned out apartments. They remain boarded up. I think they just took the insurance money and have no intention of fixing a damn thing. I have to walk all of my laundry to the next building which is always jam packed with people because it wasn't meant to handle residents from two buildings. It is a total inconvenience. Now I just go to the laundro-mat. That was 8 months ago already.

    The pool didn't even open until mid July this year. What a joke. Our summers are short as it is. The hot tub and tanning bed still isn't working. I encourage anyone that is having problems to go to the Tenancy Branch on Edmonton across the street and make a complaint.

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  • To
    toocool May 30, 2011

    These complaints and many more are totally correct! The place is a joke. They go through staff like socks, and at least they have a new Property Manager now who gets a few things done, and a new Leasing Manager who seems good, and they they got rid of the tramp who did accounting! And don't even get me started about that ### who is the Receptionist... The whole main floor looks like a grenade hit it, and there is STILL no laundry room in 400! And bedbugs? You see that Poulins truck there all the time! And the gym is STILL closed down for the second year and it looks like the smae for the pool... I am leaving PP in two months when my lease is up becasue this place is a mess and can't WAIT!!!

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  • Ge
    Getout!! Jun 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hmm...Weather is heating up to 30 degrees this long weekend and guess what??? No pool. I think everyone should be getting a rent reduction since the pool and gym have been unavailable to use. What a joke. Still no laundry room since the fire. It will be one year in August.

    That fat ### ### of a receptionist should be fired. If I talked to people like that in my profession I wouldn't have a job.

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  • Ge
    Getout!! Sep 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am writing this and I know if Place Promenade reads this they will know exactly who wrote this but I don’t care any more. I was keeping quiet about this but after recent treatment by Place Promenade towards me I am putting it out there. I think tenants should know their rights. I have been living there since 2008. Since that time the gym has not been available. They had hot tubs and a sauna that were not working. They also had broken gym equipment that was not only broken but unsafe. I complained to the office many times. In my lease I signed this was an amenity that was to be included in my rent that I was not getting. Finally after getting no where I made a complaint to the tenancy branch and had a hearing. I showed them that I had been paying for a Y membership since shortly after I moved in and was claiming for those expenses and a rent reduction until it is fixed. They argued that the gym had no where near the amenities of my Y membership and balked at the amount I was requesting. My argument was that I like to run and wanted to use the treadmill and hot tub which were both broken. The only available option was to get a Y membership and had these been fixed I would have had no reason to purchase a Y membership. The officer agreed and I got over $500 back from Place Promenade. The months that I did not pay for a Y membership I was given half a months membership cost. My rent has been reduced $40 a month since then. I have saved almost $2000 since I moved in. I strongly encourage anyone to apply for this especially if you can show that you have been paying out of pocket for a gym membership. You can view previous decisions and my decision by going to the RTB. It provides a precedent when you apply for a hearing.

    All the rest of the things you hear are true. I encourage anyone to go to the RTB and put in a repair order for all of the issues. Especially, the security buzzer that has never been working. It is a pain to have to keep taking the elevator down to let people in all of the time. I have put in a complaint about that and the laundry room.

    Also, last year Place Promenade requested a 4% rent increase which is over the legislated rent increase guideline of 1.5%. The way it works is that you are obligated to pay the full amount until the RTB reviews the request. You have a chance to refute it if you disagree with it. They then decide on it. If they decline the request you are supposed to get credited back. Well….I had been paying the 4% since last October. I kept inquiring about when I was going to be able to refute the request and RTB said that they hadn’t heard anything about it yet. Turns out they NEVER put in a request but just decided to charge people extra. RTB told me to speak to Place Promenade first to work it out. I went to the office and talked to the manager. She was going to look into this for me. I went away for holidays for 3 weeks. She didn’t even look at it so I went ahead and applied the $270 credit for the over payment on my next months rent with a letter explaining the reasoning. Her answer was that I owe that money and that my rent is lower than the average 1 bedroom apartment in Place Promenade. I told her I don’t care if the average rent is a thousand dollars. She has to go by the rent increase guidelines. I went to the RTB and they have been working many files regarding this issue. I brought them all of my cheques showing I have been over paying. They were preparing a letter to Place Promenade to deal with the issue. I explained this to the manager and told her I am refusing to pay this until it is resolved with RTB. If indeed I am wrong (which RTB has assured me I am not) I will pay what is owed but I am not paying a dime more until then. In the mean time Place Promenade has applied for an order of possession for eviction for non payment of rent for $270. I can’t wait until the hearing to say my view point. She thinks she can do whatever she wants and is no different than the last management. It is a waste of their time, a waste of my time and a waste of RTB’s time to even hear this case because it is pretty cut and dry she has no case. The evidence is there that they were over charging the legislated amount. I think it is personal issue because I have been complaining and holding them accountable. Instead of waiting to hear from RTB she is trying to evict me. That is how they work.

    So please protect yourself and help make Place Promenade accountable to its tenants. Check with RTB and make sure you are paying what you are supposed to be paying. If you recently moved in you can be paying the 4% increase with out even knowing it. RTB has a listing of what you should be paying. Go to the RTB and put in request for back rent for not having use of the gym. RTB is there to protect the rights of tenants from slum landlords like Place Promenade. If enough complaints are made to RTB it is going to create a lot of work for them which is going to force them into dealing with the issues.

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  • Ja
    Jawn77 Nov 02, 2011

    Horrible experience. I would like to get a hold of the actual owner (somebody the manager would never name). Does anybody know who the owner is or how I can get a hold of them?

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  • Fe
    fedupwithPP Nov 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If you want to know how they conduct business and who the owner is then go here put in Cityscape residence. There have been almost 50 lawsuits brought forward to court of queens bench against this slum lord in Manitoba alone. The owners name is Vincenzo Barrasso and he lives in Montreal. He owns properties in Toronto, WInnipeg and Montreal. Check out these articles on him. He was rated on the worst landlords in Toronto. The Toronto Sun did a special report on him and other slum landlords. No wonder this place just doesn't care. He hires ### heads with no conscience to do his dirty work for him. They should all be ashamed of themselves. No wonder people come and go down there. I suspect Daina will be there for a long time. She seems like she is made from the same mold. Rude, Obnoxious, No concerns for tenants only for herself.. Thinks everyone is out to get her and we have nothing to complaint about. Good luck getting a hold of the owner. The best you can do is go to RTB who will force them to fix things. IF they don't they will hire a contractor themselves and re-direct peoples rent to them until they get paid back. This is a last resort but they will do it if enough people complain. To many people don't know their rights. I think they take advantage of all the immigrants here where English is their second language and don't know any better. Stand up!!

    Frustrated tenants at two Weston apartment buildings
    will receive a rent rebate or
    damages for the landlord’s
    failure to properly maintain
    the highrise complexes.
    Elizabeth Bennett, a
    member of the Ontario
    Rental Housing Tribunal, issued
    an interim order last
    week, ruling in favour of
    105 tenants who live at 1765
    and 1775 Weston Rd., just
    south of Lawrence Avenue.
    The tenants, who filed
    complaints earlier this year,
    are entitled to compensation
    for up to one year, but the
    final amount in each case
    will be determined through
    separate hearings.
    Resident Sharon Shrieve
    — who credits the Association
    of Community Organizations
    for Reform Now, a
    U.S.-based tenants’ support
    group, for the win — said
    they were seeking a rebate
    of $200 a month for failings
    of the common areas and
    $400 a month for the lack of
    ability to enjoy their homes.
    The landlord — Weston
    Property Management, owned
    by Vincenzo Barrasso —
    argued that changes were
    being made at the buildings
    and it should not be penalized
    for past wrongs.
    Five of Barrasso’s properties
    including these two were
    featured in a 2003 Toronto
    Star series about buildings
    flagged by city inspectors so
    often that the city assigned a
    special enforcement team.
    From 1997 to 2003, Barrasso
    was charged at least 18
    times for failing to maintain
    his buildings.
    Bennett also heard testimony
    about a flood from a
    boiler breakdown last December
    that resulted in
    damage to the elevators.

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  • Cl
    clever.username Jul 05, 2013

    The office staff isn't always bad... There are staff that are friendly & helpful. Sadly, each month there seems to be a turnover and the helpful staff always seem to be the ones let go.

    The property manager is rude and two faced. She accused a tenant of throwing things off the balcony, citing a "reliable witness" but failing to show any proof. When the tenant tried to explain that he wasn't even home when this supposedly took place, she pointed her finger right into his chest (technically he could have filed assault charges) and called him a liar. He told me the staff at the Residential Tenancies didn't even think twice about calling her to protest the eviction notice on his behalf, and said that she receives numerous complaints about her each month.

    I like the location. This apartment has so much potential, it just needs somebody very different at the top. I am eternally grateful that I have a room mate who is willing to go to the office to pay rent each month, because knowing how the manager acts towards the tenants when she thinks no one else is around, and seeing how two faced and hypocritical she acts in public make me sick.

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  • St
    stupid400webbplace Aug 05, 2013

    The office staff there are ### !!
    yes when there is no problem, they speak with you like a human BUT when u have issue... good luck
    they speak like an uneducated low-life, act like a ###.
    whoever moving there, god bless you.

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  • We
    webb place Aug 06, 2013

    On top of everything, today, August 6, 2013, they blocked the entrance to the parking with some beautification work??? without any warning whatsoever!!! Imagine you rush from your child's daycare back to park your car at 8:45 a.m. you need to be at work at 9 a.m. you see the entrance blocked with construction people shrugging their shoulders and that's it. And there is even no "sorry" from the building management. They show total disrespect and total disregard for their tenants in many ways.

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  • Ha
    Had Enough2013 Oct 01, 2013

    I agree with all the people who have made complaints regarding the various management and staff at Place Promenade, and the problem with trying to get anything done in terms of maintenance and the buzzer system. I and quite a few others in this apartment complex are forced to live here because we have physical disabilities and because Winnipeg has a shortage of accessible housing, we are caught between a rock and a hard place. The various managements knows this and on numerous occasions have treated these tenants inhumanely, condescendingly & disrespectfully. I know that others; meaning non-disabled tenants, have felt treated in this manner as well, and one could say this treatment isn't singled to just the physically disabled. But the situations I am referring to, have happened to various tenants with physical disabilities. Back in August 2011 when the fire occurred at the 400 Webb Place building many of the apartments affected by the fire and the majority of the apartments most damaged by the fire were occupied by the disabled tenants. An acquaintance of mine is one of these tenants. It has been long since those apartments have been redone and they refuse to let her move back into her one bedroom apartment, instead she is forced to live in a Bachelor suit that is not wheelchair accessible, and give her nothing but excuses . She not only lost all she ever had, because she has a very limited income and could not afford apartment insurance, but now is forced to live in a place half the size and not accessible. Not only is she wheelchair bound but legally blind. And her old apt. was designed for her so she could access the kitchen. Neither the old nor the new managements seem to care what physical and emotional stress they put her in, if this is not inhumane treatment I don't know what is.

    I don't know how many times I have explained that there are tenants here that are on portable ventilators who rely on the intercom system to let in care givers, ambulance attendants, and Homecare nurses. RN Homecare nurses had to get special access codes to be able to let them in to get to their clients, because for a very unsafe period of time they were unable to get into the building to help their clients. This code is only given to the WHRA Homecare nurses but will only work if the buzzer board is functional (which this is not always the case), and not the ones who have private caregivers or to medical supply or pharmacy delivery people. I have regular weekly medical supply deliveries and pick-ups, and many times I am forced to risk my life and have my staff person leave me alone to go done the elevator to let then in. Everyone who has ever lived or still live here know about the ridiculously long elevator waits, because so many times there is only one elevator working at any given time. I am on a ventilator and can only hold my breathe for a couple minutes should my respirator breakdown. And it does periodical breakdown, just last week it did, and thankfully my staff person was in the apartment and not having to go let someone in the building. Just yesterday my staff person had to take garbage to the bin in the basement and it took her nearly 20 minutes to get back up to my apartment on the 14th floor, because there was only one elevator working. Now had this occurred when my respirator broke down last week, she would have come back to the apartment to a dead person. I have explained these dangers to the management and get a lot of talk, but never is anything really done to fix the situation. Currently, the elevator license is expired since 2008. Yeah!!!

    I have been trying to get the rotten kitchen counter top replaced since 2010. I had showed them on numerous occasions that water is escaping around the taps and that the countertop around them is soft and growing mold. The bottom of the cupboard under the sink at one point was rotten and full of mold. I was told to wash it myself and that then they would send a maintenance man to replace the damaged cupboard floor; (I use an electric wheelchair, have asthma and use a portable ventilator and am unable to reach it myself). I told them this and I was told to get my caregivers to do it. This kind of hazardous cleanup is not on their job description, not to mention I could be charged as a self employer for putting my staff in unsafe and unhealthily environment. I was very lucky and very grateful that I have some very kind and caring caregivers and one of them did the cleaning. Instead of replacing the rotten countertop they only replaced the bottom floor of the cupboard under the sink, and put caulking around the faucet.
    Also in 2010/2011 they fixed the balconies and for part of the fixing they had to cut a square hole in the top corner of the wall close to the window in the bedroom that has the on suite bathroom. The hole is about 2 feet square. They fixed the hole by putting up drywall, and that white putty to fill the gaps they sanded it and that was as far as it went. I have a 2 foot square of white on my wall and the rest of the wall is painted a cream color. It looks ridiculous. My brother does drywall work for his job and told me that all they put was a primer coat of white not paint and regardless even if it was paint it did not match the rest of the wall. When the manager came with the maintenance man they tried to say it was paint as if that meant it was ok. I added "whatever! It is not the right color, you cannot possibly think that is ok. After hymning and hawing they agreed it should be painted the same color, but only after I had said that I had a 1/2 gallon of the right color, because I had to pay someone to paint my kitchen. I didn't bother telling them I had also had to paint the bathroom too. She didn't even say, "oh you should have had us do that as it is our job" nope she acted like it was ok. At the end she said "we will paint the wall and even might use our own paint and not yours". I have lived in this apartment for 9 years and in another one for 4 years. Altogether I have been a tenant in good standing here for 13 years I feel I have earned to have all my maintenance needs done and not just the ones they feel I really need.
    It is now 2013 and a different management has taken over and my kitchen counter top is still not fixed. The manager and maintenance man came yesterday to look at it too, and tried to say the counter around the facet was wet because of the damp dishcloth, when that dishcloth was dry when it was placed around the facet to catch the leaking water coming from around the facet that was supposedly fixed back in 2011. At that time the maintenance man came and put caulking around it; even though the counter all around the faucet was squishy with rotten wood and mold could be seen. It is 2013 and the new manager and maintenance man came and looked at it yesterday and said all they would do was cut away the rotten wood under the sink and put up some kind of metal piece and re-caulk the faucet. They refused to replace the countertop and basically told me I don't know what I am talking about when I say the countertop has stains that won't come out . My staff persons have tried numerous times to get rid of the stains by leaving bleach on the various areas that have stains, and yes they have faded considerably but they need glasses if they say they cannot see the stains.

    This building was built in 1988 and I had lived here for 4 years back then and had friends in other apartments, so I know what the carpets looked like back then; these are the same carpets since the building was made!!! And regardless I have lived here now since February 2000, for the last 13 years and the tenant agreement says they should be changed every 5 years. When I said this to the manager she argued that "my carpet is in good condition and therefore doesn't need to be changed". There are large faded stains around the entrance of the apartment and by the dining room table and in both bedrooms. I also showed them how the carpet was buckling in my bedroom and coming away from the wall because there are no baseboards. The stains are faded because I bought my own carpet cleaner and have cleaned them 3 times so far this year. And last year as well 3 times. I had tried their carpet cleaner and it is so old it did a crappy job and didn't look any different after it had dried. When they left the manager said that she would see what they could do about the carpets. I told them that I have asthma and that some of my caregivers do too. She didn't seem too interested.

    Lastly, the temperature of the water when trying to take a shower is ridiculous and I risk 2nd possibly 3rd degree burns when trying to have a shower or wash my hair. We have never been able to have a regulated water temperature when using the shower. I have over the years I had brought this to managements attention and they send the maintenance man down, who would just turn on the taps and then tell me there is nothing wrong with the taps. I would try and explain that is happens only when you turn it over to the shower and he wouldn't listen and wouldn't even try to see what would happen when you switch it to shower. Instead he would just leave and say it was fine. After years of bringing to there attention I gave up, and have not bothered to try and tell the new manager about it. I was lucky enough that they replaced the toilet in one of the bathrooms because the tank had a crack all the way from top to bottom. Even then they didn't believe me at first, when I phoned to tell them water was spraying all over the bathroom floor and filling that it was starting to come to the doorway of the bathroom. Why would I make that up? I am not stupid I can see when water is spraying every where. No but I was questioned like I am an idiot. I have 4 years of university and two college diplomas I think I can tell when I see water spraying all over and filling up the bathroom.

    To be fare to this new management I must say that the common areas (main floor lobby, and various hallways and the stairwells) are being kept in much better condition that past managements have done. With the exception of the laundry room, which I am told often by my caregivers is unclean. I have also been able to get minor maintenance done to my apartment, like new living room curtains, re caulking in bathroom minor repairs of toilet and one new toilet, which they had no choice but to replace, and new shelves in my storeroom closet. But I have experienced some of that two faced behavior from the manager, for the most part she is borderline polite to me, but at times condescending (only if I am bringing a maintenance issue to her attention). I wrote al this here because after reading all these complaints I have discovered there is not point bringing this to the owners as he doesn't seem to care about his tenants that have made him a rich man. I believe in charma and what goes around comes around eventually. I hope I live to see things change here for the better.

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  • Ti
    timetomove Feb 16, 2014

    Yup...I agree with almost everything already said. February 2014..and we have been in this hole now for too many years. I cannot wait until my husband is finished with university and we can leave! Carpet is disgusting. Kitchen is falling apart, cracked bases on the cabinets, my fridge leaks constantly, no matter how often i scrub the cupboards there are bugs. I have holes behind the mirror in our bathroom from over a year ago still when they "fixed" a leaking water pipe...I heard the guy say "ahh just put the mirror back up, I don't feel like repairing the hole" WHAT? Un-finished patches to the wall where they thought the pipe cut it open and pipes there. A man came and slapped some mud on the hole and never came back to sand it or paint it. Cracks in the ceiling of the hallway..occasionally water comes through there as well. I had to call and email and complain for over 6 months before someone came to "fix" my leaking taps and broken dishwasher. There are no words to describe how poorly this place is run.
    Pool is still nasty and open for only a short period of time in the summer. I have never seen it cleaned. Gym facilities are a joke. The room is almost always locked and there is no point in calling anyone to open it, they don't answer the phone or return your calls anyways. They replaced the hall carpets with tile..that was done so poorly, you can see where the floor dips. The elevators break far too often...I could go on and on. Cannot wait to be out of here!!

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  • Ji
    jivepuppy May 02, 2015

    I agree with each and every one of you. I worked in the office at one point and was saddened by the state of the buildings, the apartments, the lack of care from management. I tried to do what I could to help, but in the end my hands were tied. Maintenance staff just did not care about the quality of their work, things were "repaired" half assed, if at all. Security was a joke. Never available when needed, rude when they got a call for assistance. I had received complaints from tenants that things were missing from their apartments when a maintenance guy was in there. When I mentioned it to the manager, she shrugged it off saying he wouldn't do something like that. Then explain to me how so many tenants are telling me the same thing after he was in their suite? And don't get me started on the manager. OMG!! She is a rude, evil little devil. She was short tempered, talked down and disrespectful to tenants, found any way possible to harass or judge the tenants, and always felt her s*** didn't stink. Like she was above anyone in the building and the office.

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  • Ha
    Hadenough2015 Dec 08, 2015
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    I totally agree with every single comment on this site, that's so true, and I really appreciate the person who encouraged newcomers to go to RTB and voice our situations. I would like to updated more truth about Place Promenade Leasing Office and Cityscape Residence Corporation. They know who I am, but I DO NOT CARE.

    Issue 1: Discriminate newcomers and international students.
    I was asked to make a one-time payment for 1 year rent before I moved in in March, 2015. The reason provided by the office was they suspected that I will run away after my graduation ceremony in June. Meanwhile, three of my friends live in Webb Pl, and they are international students as well, but they were not asked by the leasing office to pay 1 year rent at one time. They can pay the rent monthly according to the Agreement. However, at that time, I needed a place to live, so I paid 9 months rent ahead of time until December 31, 2015. Why they treated us so differently? Oh, by the way, they never knew I got a full-time job after my graduation.

    Issue 2: Foam and water came out of the toilet on a weekly basis
    Please check out the following YouTube videos. That was what happened after moving into 400 Webb Place:

    They sent plumbers couple of times, and tried to fix it, and even went to other suites to find out if there was a personal washing machine, but the final result we got was no plumbers knew what was going on, and the only cause would be ourselves. They couldn't say such words without evidence, so I asked them to come and check in-person. The manager came in person and checked everything, and asked us to stop using hand soap. How funny is it? Hand soap can cause so much foam on a weekly basis?

    This issue usually happens on Fridays and weekends, and often happens from 2:00AM to 6:00AM. We were woken up by the noise, and couldn't get enough sleep. Our work performance was influenced, and some of the weekend plans were ruined. Since I had been dealing with the office for over 8 months just for this problem, and nobody could fix it, we reported it to RTB.

    Issue 3: Balance owing note after reporting to Residential Tenancies Branch
    After reporting to RTB, they tried again to fix it, but they were not able to. Therefore, they never ever sent anyone here again. All we got was a note stating the balance we owe them until March 31, 2016 when the lease is ending. We definitely don't want to sublet this suite, so I had to pay another 3 months rent to the office even though we won't be living here for that 3 months.

    Issue 4: Do not let us enter the apartment when we left the fob home and the buzzing system was down
    I have never ever been so disrespected by a person like this before. We forgot to take the fob with us one afternoon, and the buzzing system was down as well, so we couldn't enter the apartment. The manager was right there, but she didn't allow us to enter. She's so familiar with us, and was so mean to us. Eventually, other tenants in the same building let us in.

    I wrote everything here to let the world know this company provides DISCRIMINATION, DISRESPECT AND UNPROFESSIONAL PERFORMANCE for newcomers to suffer. We are moving, and they wasted tenants so much time. I don't want to spent more time with them on the court. At the end of the day, all I can say is DISRESPECTFUL TEAM AND UNRELIABLE BUSINESS.

    - Past tenants from 400 Webb Place

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  • Mo
    Mogadishu Mar 27, 2016

    Tamara tried to seduce me.

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