Pinnacle Exteriorssolar panels never installed

A Nov 09, 2019

I contacted Pinnacle Exteriors and a salesman came out and I told him I was interested in solar energy, but that I wasn't sure what my electric bill was going to be since I just had a new heat pump installed and only had it since July 2018. He told me I needed my roof replaced which I later found out was incorrect when I had another appraisal done
I wasn't sure whether I was going to stay here or move to Washington DC to be closer to my son.
I suffer from a brain injury when I was in the service and have trouble understanding things.
The salesman talked me into signing some papers but told me I could cancel them with a phone call, which I made the next day after he left. I didn't hear anything more until January when I received a call asking me to ok a permit to do construction. I told that person I had canceled the transaction He said something like well we'll get our money anyway. I didn't hear anything else but started getting notices From Green Sky saying that they had a $6000.00 balance. I thought it was just another finance company try to loan me money. When I received a credit report claiming I owed them $6000.00, that is when I realized there was a problem.
I will never do business with Pinnacle Exterior again.

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