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I purchased an Elite model 9500 and had to have it replaced under warranty because the on/off button fell out. The replacement I was sent was the R710. This has only one brush head and no cord storage. The 9500 had two brush heads and cord storage in the base. Their R732 model has two brush heads and cord storage.

I explained this to the customer service rep I spoke with on the phone and also explained that on, the 9500 and R732 are the same price and the R710 is $20 cheaper, indicating it is not an equivalent replacement for the 9500. I was rudely told that the R710 is better than the 9500 and that I could not get an R732 as a warranty replacement.

So now I have to go out and buy a pair of brush heads to be able to use the item I was sent to replace their defective product, and deal with a cord that is too long. I will never buy another Sonicare product again, and I will be careful to avoid buying anything made by Philips since they obviously make defective products which they refuse to stand behind.


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    Unhappy Sonicare Customer Jan 12, 2011

    Philips onicare Customer Services are reckless, do not comply with their own promises, and have statements on the Sonicare box that are not fullfilled: "IF YOU ARE NOT a 100% SATISFIED WITH THIS PRODUCT, WE WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY, NO QUESTIONS ASKED" - ha! Big lie - yesterday, I heard from a supervisor that the statement refunds within 90 days of the purchase date, and THIS IS NOT what is written on the box. I called about three times, never heard back from them, even after the promises that they would; they can not find your records, previous phone calls, chats with representatives, or your product registration online; I had to save the written contents of a chat with one of their reps, to prove that I have been having the contact and the complaint - shame on Philips! Maybe this is why they grow - bad products, even worse customer services, and they pocket your money...anyone can grow this way, too.
    MJC, US

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    Lin1945 Jul 03, 2013

    Bought the battery operated Sonicare in February, 2013. Fourth identical unit I purchased. Used it three times on trips. Changed batteries once. Went dead during last trip. Changed batteries. Still dead. Changed to another set of new batteries. Still dead. Used CHAT at Philips for help. Got FRANK. If you need help and use chat and it is Frank, disconnect. He is zero help. I am wondering how, on a chat, he can make this grandma feel like an idiot. I did what he asked and it still didn't work although he assured me it would and he gave me the sign-off sentence asking if there was anything else he could help me with . . . it made me laugh since he didn't help me in the first place. I have loved Philips products for years but this year has found me at odds with Philips, twice, and neither experience was a good one.

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    Zeppio Jul 22, 2015

    My Flex Care HX6910 stopped working the other day. Contacted CHAT and texted with a person that not only knew nothing about the product, but could barely type in understandable English. Phillips!...where are you finding these people and what kind of technical training are you giving them? He finally told me to contact an 800 number for assistance. At least now I was talking to an educated person, however, no resolution was reached. I feel that for what I paid for this unit it should not have died so soon. From most of the posts that I have read it looks like units die out just after the warranty period convenient. Phillips, if you read this, I would strongly suggest you take care of your customers, and at minimum extend the warranties on your products to be more in line with the value of the product's cost.

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