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Phil Talentodeck

Hiring PT Home Improvements was the biggest mistake i had ever made. I had Phil build me a new deck and every step of the way he tried to screw me over. I had to watch him like a hawk, constantly inspect everything and keep asking him to fix his work. The deck height was wrong. the wood was splitting and boards were not screwed in properly. The railings were not level. Even the steps were different heights in areas. I would not expect this from a professional. Every time i mentioned an issue or problem i got into an argument with him. I had to actually show him by laying a level on the deck in areas and ask him if it looked level to him. he would just make a face and tell me i was being picky. I mean it was not just a little off, it was way off! I could see it with out having to use the level. My wife wanted me to kick him off the job but I had given him the bulk of the payment for materials up front. it was painful experience and I hope to never have to go through that again.


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    Frankie K Sep 13, 2012

    Phil Talento of PT home Improvements is a real HOT HEAD. I used him for a new roof and had him walk off the job leaving everything exposed, all because I mentioned that he had ordered the wrong color roofing material. it was right there spelled out in the contract! He then told me I had to pay more for that color. I refused and he never returned. in the end, I had to hire another contractor who didn't even want to work on a job when he found out that Phil started it. i had to actually beg him to do it.

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    Roger L. Sep 14, 2012

    I used Phil for a deck about 4 years ago and had many quality issues as well. his pricing much higher than most contractors. He does a good job at promising you the world and touting that he is the best. Don't be fooled. He is very cheap and will cut corners every step of the way. I had my deck built without a permit but Phil promised that it would be built to code. When I sold my house I had to get it inspected by Brookhaven town. To make a long story short we needed to make many improvements for it to pass. The footings were not deep enough, the deck was bolted to the house in only 2 places. Many areas of the structure we're not safe and to code. It ended up costing me thousands to get fixed. I tried to get phil to help with the repairs but he never showed up and stopped taking my calls. If you need a contractor for a project look elsewhere.

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