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Let's make it simple for those who do not read have time to read all of this expose for the present. The ten commandments from primerica's view:
Would you work in the following scenario? You go to work in an office after being told "you really fit this position. And it will be easy work, you will have lots of time with your family and you will make a tremendous amount of money". Firstly, you are told you will not be paid until you obtain a license. You say "nothing was said that you have to have a license to work here. And, you already have my ss number". Well, you were finally told after the sleazy one got you all excited about making 50000, 100000 or even more{less than .005 do}. Secondly, you must "recruit" other workers so you can be paid. "what? What if i get five; they all get five; they get five? Where will all these workers fit? There's very limited space. " you only hear: you must recruit, recruit, recruit.
Thirdly, after you pay out of your own pocket for this license, you cannot earn money yet. "why am i not allowed?! That's not fair. You said i can collect commissions and recruit after i pay for this license, pay for the preparation, pay the fee and pay all of my expenses to get it. I'm having to go to the homeless shelter because i cannot meet my house payments" or "i cannot pay my rent". You hear a bunch of lies. This is to cover up the fact that you are not allowed commissions for a while. You see, your superiors {superiors? No one whom is dishonest is superior to i. No one. } - this upline - knows that you are going to hear the truth about primerica. You will become very discouraged, very, very quickly. So your "superiors" have to hold something back to insure you remain in the trap that they have placed you in.
Fourthly, you are told {or may be not told and all the implications of that!} that you must have $25 stolen from your bank account every single month!!! Why??! This is such a great opportunity and you are in a 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 or 500 billion dollar company, depending upon how large of a lie your so-called superior told to you. You haven't seen a check for well over a month now, but you have to allow primerica to steal - that's precisely what it is - from you. And they do not tell you up front. This means that you will be clubbed for $25 to lord knows how much, depending upon how many checks you wrote that bounced as a result, how dishonest your bank is and the fee your bank charges per returned check presented.
Fifthly, you are not vested in any profit sharing plan after one year of employment in this supposed 500 billion dollar corporation.
Sixth, you are provided with no life and health insurance after two or three months of employ, not even one with a large deductible. You are told that you must buy an insurance policy with this 500 billion dollar company!!! You must buy this policy as an example to all of your prospects, even though you supposedly have this secure job in an office where you are supposed to be making this huge salary and not have to waste $80 in gasoline per day trying to sway prospects and lying to potential recruits to get this downline!! You do the "hiring" for your superiors and they don't have to go to the expense of finding good help. But even though it's their fault, you still get the blame if your downline doesn't sell. And, in addition to that, it's not even the cheapest of policies!! Matter of fact, when you compare to other companies, you find that you are paying one of the highest rates!! Further, you receive no discounts!!! You pay retail in this $500 billion company that should be insuring you and your family in gratitude for your putting in 80, 90, 100 hours/week worth of work attempting to get more "recruits" for the company!! Worse, you may already have a whole life policy that you are trapped in. It does not matter. You are told you must buy a policy with primerica to make a good impression on all those customers you are supposedly going to convince to come on the primerica merry-go-round. No lead sheets from a professional marketing firm nor anything a quarter of the way convincing is presented proving that you will have good possibility leads.
Seventh, you can be demoted by your superior for any reason, including no reason. Your commission levels would be reduced, also.
Eighth, when you become sick and tired of being treated unfairly, you have no recourse. You cannot go to the department of labor for redress!
Ninth, the commissions you make in this "office" can be taken away from you. If your purchasers find that your prices are too high, they change their mind, a death in the family and a different ceo takes over - any of these things can cause you to have to take a "charge back" - which means you have to give your commission and overrides back!! You are walking, the gaiting, then running, faster and faster just to fall farther and farther behind. Ha! If you don't know how to do taxes, you had better become learned quickly. The company will not do your taxes for you and you will have to go to an enrolled agent or a cpa.
Tenth, you begin hearing that the prices of your companies product lines are too high. You do not believe it because you were told that we were the lowest. That's why you came to work for this glorious company. You begin doing your research in independent journals, trade journals, online, and so on and you find that all of your products are over-priced. Your company cannot compete. Not only that, you discover that your product line does not have the variety that your competitors have. Further, your line has some terrible products. Would you go to work for a company like this? Read on. This is the way it was at a. L. Williams, inc and still is at primerica!

Think primerica agents know what they are in to?
Written by pfs truth, on [protected]:14
"primericans are funny. If any of you have children, have you ever watch them do something stupid. And you know it is stupid because you did the same thing before when you were their age. And you tell them don’t do it because they will regret it. And they don’t listen to you because “they know better”. And so you watch them fall on their face and all you can say is “i told you so” and laugh.
You see {, } primerica agents{, } i have been where you are, {sic:. } i was at primerica for 3 years. And when i left i was the top producer in all categories in my state. So we can get these out the way
{note: in the following only point one is incorrect. I've proved it: primerica is a pyramid. The pressure is to recruit. You earn via what is called a downline. This is exactly what a pyramid is. A pyramid is even worse than the instituion of slavery!! Slaves had a place to stay, food and water. With pyramids, you get nothing. It is even worse with a. L. Williams, now primerica! You are allowed nothing until you receive your license, which you pay for. This is not true with real companies that train you and know you have potential. - consult the rock}
1. It is not a pyramid scheme
2. I believe in working hard
3. I don’t like corporate america
Now i want you to take a hard look at the truth. You are selling a scam. You may not know it, and i believe that most of you don’t. The unfortunate thing is once i tell you this you will never get that $100, 000 ring that you covet because the most of the people that join primerica are good people that think they are doing the right thing and for the most part you are, but to get that ring after knowing the information i am about to share with you, you will have to become a different person, one that is more about making money rather then helping people. Once i found out this info, i refused to continue to sell that scam anymore and turned away from all the money i was making.
Here goes: let’s look products you sell to the client:
1. Primerica is not the largest seller of term life insurance … aig is … look it up.
2. It is way more expensive then most term coverage outside of (State farm and allstate) … so if you are truly trying to save people money … why not find them the lowest instead of just what you have to offer. {ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Amen to that. - consult the rock} remember you are trying to save them money. Some return of premium products are less expensive then primerica term. You are hurting your client. After knowing that how can you still sell it. {sic:?}
3. What would you do if your client is declined by primerica. Tell them they don’t deserve life insurance{, } then. You see this is what opened my eyes up, because my father was turned down by primerica. Was i suppose{d} to tell him “oh, well.. Too bad”…. No, i did what any good son would do, {;} i started looking at other companies and found he could be covered with term insurance by them, for less then what primerica was going to charge.
4. Term is the right product for 95% of people (Sorry not 100%) , the problem is you only sell term which is great but what do you do when you run across a person that is in the top 5% … also think about it … aren’t you trying to get all your clients and yourself to that top 5% … what do you get when you are there? {i am very sure primerica goes vs. Their word and sells some whole life.In any event, most of their term packages are overpriced. - consult the rock}
5. You are taught with your mortgages to say “interest rates do not matter” or “ours are calculated differently” … if it doesn’t matter then why not give them a competitive one. {?} i also dare you to put that in writing, home office compliance would be down your throat quick because they know it is not true… so they don’t want it in writing.
6. With your investments... The market is down right now … am i suppose to sink money in an investment i know is going to go down right away …. That’s right{;} primerica has annuities now … even though just a couple of years ago annuities were “evil”. {ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Just like whole life. They've been selling that! - consult the rock}
7. A client’s money is sacred to them … why would they sink it into a company with so much negative press, it scares them …. Why do it …. When they can get the same thing for less with less negative remarks…. For all the agents who say that is just “some” agents that act like “that” …. They represent your company and because the rvps don’t care what type of people they are as long as they have $199 (Now $99) {if 99 now, not for long. Plus, remember, primerica steals from your bank account $25/month whether you have the money in your checking or savings or not. A very, very sneaky, unscrupulous outfit. What pyramid isn't? I have never asked any client to give me his ss#, dr card # or cc # to steal from his bank account. That's not something for me to brag about. That's simple honesty!! - consult the rock} so the rvp can win the next contest.
But {m}most of you aren’t in primerica because of the products, you are in it for the business. Because you think there is nothing is better then owning your primerica business. It is definitely better then {sic} corporate america{;} that is for sure. Here is where i look at you like teenage kids with your first beat up car speeding around town like you own a brand new mercedes and i tell you to “slow down and think”.. You will either listen or will crash and i will say “i told you so”

Second numbered group
How many of you truly read and understood your iba contract when you signed it? Let me go over some things before i enlighten about your iba contract:
1. How can you tell a new recruit that you can make a lot of money before you actually do it. {?} doesn’t that feel wrong to you?
2. The money you are spending for your iba does not pay for your license {more fees than ever now - consult therock}… it pays for processing and your licensing class …. Most states don’t require a class{. } {w} why does everyone have to pay for it. {?}
3. Why can’t a new recruit go get your licenses before you sign your iba?
4. Why can’t new recruit{s} go see clients after {means before - consult the rock} you are fully licensed and then sign all transactions {once you become licensed - consult the rock}? I know why this is the case …. Most agents are not making money so they need to sign it to make money and they are afraid the recruit will quit.
5. Why beat around the bush when saying the name primerica ….. You are taught to say “division of citigroup” …. “member of citigroup” ….. “largest financial services distribution hub” ….. “pfs” ….. Anything but primerica … it goes back to the bad rep [utation}.. And the fear that the new person will google the name primerica{. } and that is fact! They were sure to check your a. L. Williams business cards. You had to pay. They didn't tell you that you just lost if the rvp does not approve the name you put on when you had the cards printed!
6. People who leave primerica are not quitters or couldn’t make it at primerica … people making six figures have left primerica for better opportunities …
You just don’t know they exist. {ark ark ark ark ark ark ark ark ark ark. - consult the rock}
7. You would never be able to recruit a person who is already licensed and knows what questions to ask. This is so hilarious. Too bad it is not because there are so many, many victims of disreputable pyramid schemes.
8. Citigroup (Not in the best financial shape right now and has abu dhabi is now the largest shareholder) is looking to sell primerica …. Fact … check out the wall street journal march 28th 2008 section c … “citigroup has a major retail presence in just a handful of major cities, including new york, miami, chicago and san francisco. Primerica financial services, which sells life insurance and mutual-fund products, is up for sale but isn't attracting buyers, say people familiar with the matter. ” the primerica pity who "rebutted" this didn't even know. I mean, he didn't even know that he is about to lose his policyholders, contests, and leads. You own nothing. It's proven in point number 4 and 14 below. - consult the rock

Third numbered group:
"now on to the iba…. The moment you sign your iba these things happen:

1. You become a captive agent {horrifying!!! No reputable insurance company does this in any field of insurance - consult the rock}….. Not allowed to sell anything primerica does not offer …. {h}hand cuffing you to {sic: from} fully help your client. {this is because you cannot show what is less expensive for the client. Very nearly all of primerica's packages are overpriced. I had to explain this when presenting to prospects: a. L. Williams is not always the least expensive. Primerica has waxed worse. }
2. You only have one company to work with {-} citigroup…… why {sic: do they} not allow you to use any company you want …. There are companies that do.
3. You have to give up a “leg” (Your most productive team) to become an rvp …. Why not let them become an rvp and keep their whole team ….. Other companies do it
4. Hear me when i say this!!! You do not own your business!!! Don’t believe me ask your rvp if you move to a different company can you take your clients or team with you ….. You will find out real quick … read your iba{. } {i}it says it in your iba.. Your rvp owns your business … you do not own your business until you are a senior vice president and have had 5 years of at least 3% growth... Until then your rvp owns your business … even after you become an rvp{!!! Ouch!!! That hurts!!! - consult the rock}…… there are other companies that allow you to take your clients with you.
5. I will preface this comment …. I am a huge believer in recruiting ….. I love recruiting and i am good at it …. But you should not have to be forced to recruit to be promoted … you should have the choice to work yourself or recruit and have the same opportunity … america is about choice.
6. Your securities (Investment) commission is horrible….. There is no way you could live on it alone.. Add it up.
7. You{r} iba has a non-compete clause in it …. Which means try to leave for something better … see how nasty your old “friends” get.
8. You have to be full time to become rvp {bonnie dorman told me i could work part time!!! They'll say any lie}…. Do you forget some people like their job … pastors, teachers (I know the company was started by teachers … but you fail to realize a. L. Williams was a different company then{sic} primerica) or anyone else that would like to keep their job.
9. As an rvp{, } you are required to get an office … again i like having an office but some people do not want the overhead… why make them pay it? {why can't citigroup pay for it? Primerica apologists are always saying what a great, rich, stock exchange co. They are!! Does a franchise owner pay overhead directly? If primerica is so great, why not franchise? It's good marketing so long as the co. Is reputable. - consult the rock}
10. You can be “rolled back” which means lose the promotions that you have received and the commission levels at your rvps discretion …. Not enough production, {unexpected} illness, or because your rvp wants to teach you a lesson. {that is unconscionable!! Why do not pyramid apologists point this out? Why didn't the donkey who pretended to write a successful rebuttal point this out?!
Http:// Php/index. Php?Option=com_content&task=vie...
11. Some people do not like the risk of the market …. You can not sell a fixed / index annuities …. Most of you don’t know what that is … don’t worry{;} i didn’t either when i was there … trust me: your hurting some of your clients by not having access to it.
12. What happens when you have a recruit at your same commission level … you 2 are at the same level{. } {y} you get no override {commission of a downline. Proof positive that primerica is is is a pyramid muckrat scheme - consult the rock] …. Doesn’t that make you want to keep people below you … not push them up{?}….. Some companies will still reward you even when you are at the same level {so there you have it!}
13. A brand new person starts at 25% ……. They can do all the work (And you know as well as i do … getting a warm referral is most the work … so don’t tell me because you did a flip chart presentation you did most the work) and they only get 25% ….. The rvp get 95% …. So the rvp get 70% of something … they may not have been there for….. Doesn’t sound fair … i thought primerica did what was right “100% of the time” {he he he he he he he he he, ark ark ark ark ark, chuk chuk chuk. This would be so funny if poor, misled, deceived souls were not having the blodd sucked out of them every single day! - consult the rock }
14. Let’s say primerica goes out of business (Don’t believe it{?} … check out enron, lehman bros, merrill lynch, aig, citigroup, bear stearns {mci worldcom, grant's, adelphia - consult the rock}…. And read the wall street journal article i reference{d} above) ….. Your contract and license is with primerica … what do you then? … because i already explained to you … you don’t own it {better for the victims when citigroup dumps con america and con america goes under. And for you apologists! You will be able to look your friends and loved in the eye and say: 'i was wrong. I will not rest until i have made restitution to you and will never lie to you ever again'. Be sure your sin will find you out. }
15. Do you like paying for pol, call atlanta, marketing material, leadership school, and training (Hype sessions) …. Most companies give that stuff out free{. } [so there you have it. My rvp belittled other insurance companies and lied when she stated that all the others charge more to go to the seminarrs. Again, she lied: the others do not charge!!! - consult the rock]

16. Do you like chargebacks???!!! …. Come on{, } of all things i know you are tired of … we have to agree on chargebacks ….. For those that don’t know what a chargeback is: the agent turns in the paperwork to primerica and is immediately paid …. But the policy is not issued which means if the client changes their mind, finds something cheaper, does not qualify, drags their feet on blood work, stops paying or for any reason{, } does not get or continue the policy (What!!! Yep, primerica does this! - consult the rock} …. Primerica wants their money back ….. Which means they take it out of the next check or the next one or the next one which means you are running up an escalator and you know it …. Sorry to give out the dirty little secret but you can not say you like the chargeback …. Again not all companies get those and no company gives them out as much as primerica {. }
17. Most people become disable{d} before they die …. You can’t sell disability insurance or you will be fired … hurting your clients again {thank you, pfs truth. Isn't that shocking?!}
18. What about health insurance … again.. Try to sell it and you will be fired (By the way … does it make sense that you can be fired from your own business?) {ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ark ark ark! Yes, primerica is perverted. Citigroup made a catastrophic mistake in buying primerica! - consult the rock}
19. Critical care…. What if you client gets cancer … or do have insurance for that …. Nope …. Fired again … by the way before you say it …. Most life insurance has {an} accelerated death benefit …. So primerica not special with that.
20. Make sure you check with primerica before you do anything if they don’t like it they can terminate you (Read your iba) {and you are independent, they tell you. Haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw haw! You are not independent; you are an employee} … sounds like a job to me.. I’d rather be independent…… the sad part is most don’t know you can be ….
Listen … i wrote this for the person i was before i left primerica{. } {h} hopefully that person is reading this and just starting to {to have his} eyes open{ed} a little bit and ask some questions that they didn’t have before…. I don’t hate primerica … i don’t hate the people in primerica … but you don’t know everything about the company ….. And i can almost guarantee you didn’t read or understand the iba you signed. And if you don’t open your eyes and figure it out …. You are going to hurt some people and your going to hurt your family. Think about it … don’t try to argue with it just read it and find out if everything i said is true …. Don’t believe me read your iba. I was you before i found out all of this stuff. The question is “once an honest person knows the truth, he/she has 2 choices, continue to be honest and change their current course of action or cease to be an honest person”. I will gladly talk to you here about it and answer any comments, questions or disagreements you have. "

Following a pitiful attempt to rebut by a primerica apologist, this is pfs truth answer. He/she blows him to smithereens. To date, no primerica apologist has answered this one. Note: he/she has had to change his/her name because primerica apologists plagiarized it!!! By their fruits, ye shall know them. - matthew 7:16-20. I hereby give a lot of credit to this former primerica agent. He/she is not ripping via pyramiding any more:

"it is about time someone posted anything in response to my post. I commend you for that. I would expect you to defend pfs. I would also expect such fine representative of pfs not to cuss or name calling. Very, very juvenile. Besides who wants a financial advisor who talks like that. But since you wanted a “fight” i will gladly engage you in a discussion …. We will see if you can truly have a mature discussion, not a cussing match.
1. Hopefully we can agree that in the 4 long year that you have been at primerica that you may not know every financial service company that is out there. Because most of your arguments are based on the fact that all financial services companies are setup the same way as primerica. Since you probably do not know all of them, let me make this clear to you{:} all of them are not set up like primerica. I think you missed my point, so i will make sure i am clear and put it up front this time. You and primerica are what is known as a captive agent/agency … i and some other companies are known as a non-captive (Independent) agent/agency … that word “compliance” that you keep throwing around is primerica compliance not insurance, securities or mortgage compliance. The only compliance you have every{sic} known in your vast 4 years is primerica compliance so you think it is the only compliance. {ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!}
2. You would also be surprised to know that there are other companies besides primerica and state farm.
3. Now i know you did a lot of research to get all your answers to your true/false statements but it makes me wonder how much research you really did when you seemed to have a problem finding information on whether or not primerica is up for sale.
A. {this is}e{e}specially {since} when{delete "when"} i gave you the name of the source (Wall street journal) , the date (March 28th, 200{8} and even the section (Section c) {confirmed - he did. - consult the rock} and the quote (“citigroup has a major retail presence in just a handful of major cities, including new york, miami, chicago and san francisco. Primerica financial services, which sells life insurance and mutual-fund products, is up for sale but isn't attracting buyers, say people familiar with the matter. ”)
B. It makes me wonder if you really did “look hard for this one” or any of your facts. It also worries me how much you know about your own company, let alone any other financial services company, if you don’t know your own company is up for sale. {o ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho! A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Grumf!!}
C. However i know with your vast years of experience {he he he he he he he. All laughter mine - consult the rock} it was probably just an over site {sic} to miss the exact quote and the referenced material. Hey{, } wasn’t the wall street journal one of the items you said we should read … since you are reading it all the time why not just get one of your old copies from that date and you should be able to find it. {since} i know you actually read the wall street journal and other publications and you are not just regurgitating information and excerpts from primerica, your rvp and other rvps. [continued on page 35 or 36.]
4. Also how can you not know what it takes to own your primerica business? You have no way of looking up and verifying the 3% growth…. This is your business, you know all the ins and outs of primerica and the financial service field, how can you not get that information … how can i get it and you can’t.
5. The info about who sells more term insurance is not “fuzzy” { look on limra’s site { - consult the rock}… i know you know what that means but for the people that don’t know … that it that site that keeps track of all of the life insurance sells for the entire industry …. You can probably just use the id that you already have setup … and find out that aig is the largest seller of term insurance (Policies and face amounts) … primerica is not even close.
6. You should of heard of this company when you purchased your e&o insurance … you do know what e&o insurance is … don’t google it {ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho ho ho ark ark ark ark ark} …. Without looking it up on the internet … as a financial service expert you should already know what e&o insurance is and you should also know why you personally have not purchased it … for your “business” …. I will give you a hint … it has to do with your captive agency and you not owning your business. But you know all that already. {he he he he he he he he he ha ha ha ha ha}
7. I have never sold anything but term … i have never “upgraded” a client to cash value or any form of cash value … i always sell term and i always sell term that is less expensive than primerica and allow them to invest more of the rest then primerica does. I want my clients to save money not.. Spend it. There are a lot of people outside of primerica that feel that way … that’s right the entire industry is not evil.
8. It is only illegal to “sell away” if you are captive. Let’s say, hypothetically, you were non-captive/independent. (I know this is a new concept for you but for the sake of argument lets say it is possible. ) and you had access to more than one insurance company … all with different underwriting requirements … so that if a client was not approved my one company because of their underwriting requirements.. You could get them approved under another … maybe some companies even have no underwriting requirements and it is still term insurance … that is some crazy stuff right … i know in your captive world this is hard to understand but it is done in a non-captive world.
9. Did you say you are “fuzzy about the “verdict” on whether “america is about choice” ….. Capitalism, which i love by the way, is a choice … but since you seem to like capitalism as much as i do … it might pain you to see the definition: an economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately or corporately owned and development is proportionate to the accumulation and reinvestment of profits gained in a free market …. Did you catch that … “a free market” … to only have one company (Primerica) that you (The agent) can work with … looks more like you are in a socialist agency to me than capitalist …. An independent agent is a capitalist.
10. Now to help you understand that a independent agent does not work out of “his trunk” or in “his basement” … let me ask you something … do you have people come to your office to do {schedule} appointments … are you one of those agents that make the clients come to you … or do you make it easier for your clients by going to their house ….. How many of your clients have actually even been to your office? …. How many life apps do you have in the back seat of your car? … you are not working out of your trunk are you?… you see i have an office but most of my clients have not seen it because i meet them at their home. Some independent agents who don’t have an office … actually have the money to treat their clients to lunch or dinner if they can not meet them at their home.
11. You want to get your clients to get millions of dollars of investment …. How long do you do dollar cost averaging for your clients? Is it ok for them to lose money, when there are ways to dollar cost average without losing money and still get the higher rate of return long term? Maybe you have made so much money at primerica that you don’t worry about your money when you are losing it but some clients don’t like the feeling of their hard earned money leaving them in bad times … do you know of any options for a middle class family to guarantee a minimum growth on investment and still get the full effects on dollar cost averaging with high rate of return? … if you can’t answer that question maybe that is why you don’t get a substantial amount in securities. {should not have a securities license. - consult the rock} and may also explain why my old rvp just lost a $1, 000, 000 investment client because he was sick and tired of losing money for the last couple years ($60, 000 in the last 2 years) …. But maybe you can give him a “rah rah” speech about “hang in there because i learned a new phrase called dollar cost averaging” {. } he didn’t make it to $1, 000, 000 in investments by being stupid and listening to buzz words {yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk} … he does research and got tired of listening to “his friend” who worked at primerica.
12. So you are telling me in your vast 4 years that you can tell me for certain that the only time a primerica agent, in over 30 years, has been rolled back is for compliance issues. I know for a fact that is incorrect … or as you like to say {"verdict: false"}…. It doesn’t even make sense to roll a person back if they violate compliance (Primerica’s or government’s compliance) , do something illegal, have a poor quality of business, or practice poor ethics … it should be {delete "an"} investigated (Innocent until proven guilty) and if found guilty … immediate dismissal.. Not rolled back. Why have a person in your organization that was found guilty of one of these things. {?} the roll back is there for production and for rvp discretion.
13. Are you sure there are no financial firms that will allow you to work part time and own and office? ….. And … are you also sure there are no financial firms that will not let you work in another financial field and also work for their firm? … and … are you sure that they “will require you to drop several thousand (Often in the 6-figures) in franchise fees” before you open your office? … wow … i should really go tell some the independent agents i know that what they are doing every day is impossible. .. And … i am not sure how i owned an office when i was part-time …. And … i must owe someone a franchise fee … so please let me know who to write that check to. Should i stop selling health insurance and disability insurance too? Just because primerica doesn’t sell it, doesn’t make it non-compliant, it makes primerica non-compliant.
14. You have only had 1 chargeback your entire career in primerica? … that would mean every person that you have ever put an app in for was always approved, not rated, always accepted the policy and never looked for a lower rate during the underwriting period? Since you are paid on submission that would be close to impossible … you want to change your statement about only 1 chargeback. {?}
15. How can some who preaches about ethics vs money … then say “eh, its business” when it comes to interest rate on a mortgage. I can show a person how to pay of their 30 year mortgage in 12 to 18 years … biweekly without a charge to do it …. With a lower total cost and give them the lowest interest rate. Primerica has not cornered the market on that … they are just the only one doing it and charging a high interest rate. If you think your clients don’t care about 2 interest rates points … what ethics do you have?
16. Do you think one of the companies that created this whole sub prime{one word} mess, citi, just got a conscience when it comes to dealing with primerica. {he he he he he he he he} those loans come from citi not primerica … have you read all the documents or do you just sell them{?} they may be fixed but they are drenched in fees and high interest rates.
17. As for a new recruit … why not do this:
A. New recruit says i am interested in getting in to financial services.
B. New recruit pays nothing …. {bonnie dorman, you told me i was getting a great deal and the competition charges so much more. You lied to me!! - consult the rock}
C. New recruit goes to licensing class free … {you owe me a. L. Williams and bonnie dorman. Boy, what if i charge interest and penalty like the irs. Where will you be? In a homeless shelter which is what you put me in. - consult the rock}
D. New recruit goes on training appointments that i set up in my market from the referral i have made from clients i have saved money for … {bonnie dorman knew full well there was no protected territory hence no market. - consult the rock}
E. New recruit learns even more and still hasn’t paid anything.
F. Independent agent pays for new recruit to take the test. { what!! Give me my money back, a. L. Crook and bonnie dorman. You hired me. You said i was the best for the job. Do what the competition does! - consult the rock}
G. New recruit passes the test
H. Independent agent pays for the rest of the new recruits state licenses
I. New recruit is taught to set appts in his market {we wrote letters. We were taught to be sneaky. No advance warning. Drop in and catch the client or prospective client off guard. - consult the rock}
J. Independent agency does the appt with the new recruit and the new recruit signs all sales (No split commission) {bonnie said "it's mine". No split commission with primerica either that i have ever heard of. - consult the rock}
K. New recruit gets 60% of the sale (The bulk of the commission) {you'll never get anywhere close to that with the pyramid if you are an agent. - consult the rock}
L. Independent agent gets 30% override {as i have documented previously at least twice - a. L. Williams, inc - primerica never revealed how much of an override that was receiving if they are or were receiving any. - consult the rock}
M. Independent agent shows new recruit how to get referrals from happy clients
N. New recruit goes on as many appts like that the new recruit wants to.
O. New recruit has the choice whether to continue to make clients and still get promoted from sales without recruiting or the new recruit can begin to recruit people at any time and continue the training process stated above or do both.
P. No negative comments are put out about the independent agency because it is a win win situation because independent agent never ask{s} the new recruit for money and showed{sic} him how to make money in the independent agent’s market and the new recruits market.
Q. Or is that not compliant too because that is what i do all the time.
18. As far as the replacement system, why not do this:
A. A person ready to open his/her own office.. They keep their entire team and you still get overrides … if you want to hire more people you can … and they too keep all their people.
B. As a matter of fact why not hire people and put them under people already in the organization to help them along.
C. If primerica is filled with ethical people why are they “forcing” them not to be lazy. I work to help people{, } no one has to force me or any of the other independent agents i know.
D. I saw plenty of lazy rvps at primerica because they knew that they were going to get your biggest leg no matter what you do … and you had to start from scratch again …. It what you called “retired rvps”
E. Since it is your business … it should be an easy change for you to make … since you are so ethical …. Oh that’s right … not your business.
F. You say it would lead to more complaints … how come you haven’t heard complaints online or any where about companies that are already doing that?
19. M_yates09, you see you have the false impression that the entire industry is captive. You are sadly mistaken. You see you are use to “fighting” with someone who knows what you have because i have been there but you have no idea what i have … i do what you do and then some. You can’t with any logic lay your opportunity side by side of mine and say “yep, primerica’s better” …your normal arguments don’t work with me:
A. You: it not a pyramid scheme - me: i know it is not … pyramids are illegal, primerica is a brokerage like any other brokerage
B. You: jobs suck and are a waste of time – me: i know they do that why i don’t promote them, if someone is happy at one, good.. But i don’t see many people that are
C. You: cash value agents are evil – me: yes they are and if i ever get a hold of the agent that sold my parents that cash value policy i will have a few things to say to him too.
D. You: there are some bad people in our company just like any other company – me: if it is your company and you own the business kick them out because i don’t want bad people representing my company.
E. You: our company is just like christianity – me: when in doubt, use religion. How much ethics do you have to compare primerica to jesus christ. I for one take a lot of offense to that. {so do i!! Thieves do not have a good testimony. Thou shalt not covet. Thou shalt not steal.
20. See here is where your “fight” with me is m_yates09 … explain to me how on earth:
A. Being a captive is better than being a non-captive, especially now that you know that it is not true that “the whole industry is like that”
B. It is ok to sell term life insurance that cost more than other term life insurance. Don’t believe me check online … put your info in any life insurance engine site and tell me it doesn’t come up cheaper than you are paying (Bet you aig beats it)
C. Make any recruit pay to join before they know that they can or want to be in this industry. You are making so much and you are “hiring” them (By the way … don’t let compliance hear you say you are “hiring” them) pay for them. Any time i have hired someone at my independent agency … i pay for them.
D. Would you not train a new recruit in your market … or do you not have a market to train them in? {chuk chuk chuk chuk chuk chuk. I know that is true. It certainly was with a. L. Williams crews!}
21. Since you said you expected a “fight” about this topic …. I will gladly give you one … in any format … on here ….In email … online … on tv … but before you agree you better stop being naïve and using the same standard answers i used to give and learned from others in primerica. Being a non-captive agent is a whole new world from the captivity and hiding behind momma’s skirt at primerica. Get your facts together on your own …. Not from your rvps saturday morning training or op meeting. I save more families money in a week then you do in a month, i have recruited more quality people then you ever will, i have helped more people reach their goals and never taken a dime out of their pocket. So wake up and stop playing in the little leagues, talking tough because you are only 10 x 10 for the month and your rvps base shop thinks you are a 'double stud'. I will be waiting for your reply!"

Consult the rock: if you are presently in primerica: don't chase good money after bad! Have you taken a long time to mull over that? Had i done so when i was younger, i would've saved a little bit of money that is for ever gone. Cut your losses now. Defenders of the pyramid multilevel marketing fraud are posting because they do not want their downline and future downline to know the ghastly trap that they are being enticed in to. All who get in to pyramiding do not know what they are getting in to. All who sign with primerica do not understand the iba that they are signing, nor do they go over with their attorneys. Some do not even understand that it is a sales job with no base salary.

Http://nextaxpro. Spaces.
Http://www.Consumerfraudreporting.Org/primamerica. Php
Http://www.Frauddiscovery.Net/herbalife/wallstreetfooled. Pdf
Http:// L. Williams, _inc-primerica. Html
Http:// Html
Http:// Php?Option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=72&itemid=123
Http:// Html
Http://pyramidschemealert.Org/psamain/resources/ppsabstract. Html
Http:// Html
Http://www.Sec.Gov/litigation/admin/3440269. Txt
Http://www.Thumbshots.Net/webguide. Aspx?Cat=business%2fopportunities%2fopposing_views%2fprimerica
"i believe that a long step toward public morality will have been taken when sins are called by their right names. " - billy sunday
How prophetic with clapped up, urine drinking, child molesting sodomites being called "gay". Gay means light-hearted or merry. Gay does not mean a serial murdering, child molesing sodomite!! Wogs - wrath of god syndrome watered down to aids and hiv. Loathesome, sinsick, sex perverts being called "bi, transgender, crossdressers". [censored] called "lesbians". Your sex is labeled your "gender".
And "homophobe, homophobic". These be not words!! Consult your dictionary! I don't have a fear of man. Homo means man! The fear of man bringeth a snare, but whoso putteth his trust in the lord shall be safe. - proverbs 29:25
And, you guessed it, a nefarious, surreptitious, abominable, ugly, leeching pyramid boiler room scheme being called "multi-level marketing". It is not
Marketing!!! It is a shyster, fast talking, con man, fraud, skimming, blood sucking, lowdown, preying on the unfortunate, the disadvantaged, the downtrodden; cowardly, miserable, yellow-bellied, thief, ripping, scraping, plucking, robbing you of your hard earned money and credit. - consult the rock
Pyle, the truth about the homosexuals {20th century sodomites!} Cfm/id/549
Or, hebrew, aramaic, greek, old syrian, old latin, german, and english marks the seventh: Html
Http:// Html
(“holocaust survivor: molested by guards, ”the massachusetts news, april 5, 2000)
Http://us. Mc365. Mail.[protected]
Http://nextaxpro. Spaces.


  • Ro
    Rocky Sep 20, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why is it that pirate vs. America apologists cannot capitalize, spell, punctuate or know english grammar beyond the second grade? Pirate vs. America does a frightfully poor job of choosing spammers who lie lie lie all over the internet in an attempt to deceive what they perceive are future suckers! - rocky

    1 Votes
  • Th
    The Knowledgeable One Jun 13, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well Whomever posted this originally does not ahve a clue on what happens in Primerica, I do hope this helps:

    Review all PFS/LIFE, MORTGAGE complaints
    Posted: 2008-10-01 by Rocky [send email]


    Complaint Rating:
    Company information:
    399 PARK AV, NY, NY 10043
    Atlanta, Georgia
    United States

    LET'S MAKE IT SIMPLE for those who do not read have time to read all of this expose for the present. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS FROM PRIMERICA'S VIEW:

    This is your opinion, and it is definitely not based on any fact.

    Would you work in the following scenario? You go to work in an office after being told "you really fit this position. And it will be easy work, you will have lots of time with your family and you will make a tremendous amount of money".

    No We go work for people who change the pay rate after you are hired and decide where you can work what you can do and how you life you life.

    Firstly, you are told you will NOT be paid until you obtain a license. You say "nothing was said that you have to have a license to work here. And, you already have my SS number". Well, you were finally told AFTER the sleazy one got you all excited about making 50000, 100000 or even more{less than .005 do}.

    I am sorry in all the presentations I have seen they include that you need a license. Also anyone with a brain cell knows they need to have a lciense to sell life insurance, work with securities and do home loans. I am curious what planet this person lived on but then most of the rant is not true.
    Secondly, you must "recruit" other workers so you can be paid. "What? What if I get five; they all get five; they get five? Where will all these workers fit? There's very limited space." You only hear: you must recruit, recruit, recruit.

    Since it cost the company money, 1500 dollars plus for each person recruited, they do not pay on recruits, how can this be true. You get paid when you sell. In some states it is immediately with Home Loans, and Life License, and in some it takes a couple weeks or months. But then you ahve the licenses and go where ever you want.

    Thirdly, AFTER you pay out of your own pocket for this license, you cannot earn money yet. "Why am I not allowed?! That's not fair. You said I can collect commissions and recruit after I pay for this license, pay for the preparation, pay the fee and pay all of my expenses to get it. I'm having to go to the homeless shelter because I cannot meet my house payments" or "I cannot pay my rent". You hear a bunch of lies.

    It seems this post is a bunch of lies. First the company pays for the Luicenses. You pay 99 dollars for a good faith deposit. You then ahve to earn teh license, and then you can use it. In some states it is immediate, other states it takes some time. But then if you were doing this your self it would cost you a lot more and get alot less.

    This is to cover up the fact that you are not allowed commissions for a while. You see, your superiors {superiors? NO ONE whom is dishonest is superior to I. NO ONE.} - this upline - knows that you are going to hear the truth about Primerica.

    In some states you get paid immediately. In California it is on Mortgages, and in Georgia it can be on Life license. So this is another lie.

    You will become very discouraged, very, very quickly. So your "superiors" have to hold something back to insure you remain in the trap that they have placed you in.

    Yes it will be hard work, but anything worth doing is hard. Easy is usually sleazy.
    Fourthly, you are told {or may be NOT told and all the implications of that!} that YOU MUST HAVE $25 STOLEN FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT EVERY SINGLE MONTH!!! WHY??!

    Well With this program, you get a virtual office. This allows you to train and learn and get information. Most companies charge a couple hundred dollars a month for the services you get for 25. But how can it be stolen if you signed up for it. Another LIE!
    This is such a great opportunity and you are in a 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 or 500 billion dollar company, depending upon how large of a lie your so-called superior told to you. You haven't seen a check for well over a month now, but you have to allow Primerica to STEAL - that's precisely what it is - from you. And they do not tell you up front. This means that you will be clubbed for $25 to Lord knows how much, depending upon how many checks you wrote that bounced as a result, how dishonest your bank is and the fee your bank charges per returned check presented.

    Again you words are not the truth. If you agree to pay $25 a month on your check at work for your insurance, the company is not stealling your money. They are doing what you agree to do.

    It was a trillion dollar company but since the economy has dropped I am not sure how big it is, but it is still considered the biggest financial institution in the WORLD.

    I need to end here and start again to answer all these lies.

    -2 Votes
  • Ir
    irishdraco May 13, 2009

    Karissa, I agree that no forces one to sign, but when you are told that you can schedule your own time, hours, etc., and then you are given a calendar that (you must follow), then it is not your hours as stated by the Primerica representative that said those words.. So he is being dishonest, and yet, the first rule is """your are to be honest in all your dealings""" that should mean the respresentaive and the new employee, instead, it was a lie.. So, if you know something I do not know, as I am reading it line by line, I find alot of falsehood in the company or ""representatives.""

    2 Votes
  • Ka
    Karissa May 13, 2009

    By the way AIG? They've been bought...they lost so much money. Ha ha Im seriously laughing at you if you bought from that #1 company.

    -2 Votes
  • Ka
    Karissa May 13, 2009

    You have got to get your facts straight! You are NOT REQUIRED to recruit. No where does it say that! When you sign the IBA Primerica is sponsoring you to get the license, which saves you thousands of dollars vs taking it at a college. At anytime should you decide to change your mind, your IBA money can be refunded to you. Further to that, once you get your license, you can do work elsewhere if you want. Anything financial company can pick you up and sponser you.

    Primerica is the cheapest in insurance long term. Are you not aware that the terminal illness rider is FREE? Most other companies sell that seperately, so of course initially it makes it look like thier insurance is cheaper.

    Primericas investments are rated #1 by Investment Executive. Now tell me, what is better than the #1 slot?

    You have no idea how many people make a wonderful income here, all because it sounds really like you gave up on yourself before giving this a fair shot. Hey go work for Manualife or Sunlife and screw people by selling them Cash Value UL's. Then when we come to correct it you can really complain about getting your comission taken back.

    As for comissions being "taken back", simply make sure you have serious clients who dont wavier on you. It seems you didnt do a good job at explaining the companys integrity. Further to that, no matter how well you do, of course there will be chargebacks. People are wishy washy in this life regardless.

    You are by no means required to have life insurance with us to work with us. Buy you are stupid if you dont. Because why wouldnt you buy from a company that was the only one to pay out the deaths of 9/11? Maybe you should get more educated on the fact that other companies deemed it an act of war, and didnt pay out. Shame on you for being so negative and cloudy the judgement of others before they figure it out themselves. MY goodness people, google God or Mom even..youll be sure to find negatives on those as well.

    I could go on and on arguing against all your facts. My apologies if you got a bad agent who didnt do their job in telling you the facts of how great this company is.

    People, dont really on the filthy internet to make decision for you. Meet with someone! No one has the power to make you sign ANYTHING.

    -1 Votes
  • Ro
    Rocky Nov 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    tg, THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS. You are a liar and will be terrified at the Great White Throne Judgement if you do not repent of your lies. Every liar knows when he/she is lying. You know good and well that only 15, 20 or 25 who started the pyramid scam are making big money. NO ONE BUT THESE CROOKS MAKE MONEY WITH PRIMERICA. When you hear of one making buku bucks, demand to see their income tax return. Any rock noise, bum, crook can make money selling dope to suckers. Incidentally, you have to report that illegal income and can deduct none of the expenses.
    YOU KNOW FAIR WELL THAT PRIMERICA HELPS NO ONE. There are hundreds of thousands of testimonials of Primerica fleecing customers on interest rates, death insurance, health insurance and auto insruance. Furthermore, Primerica is in part responsible for the subprime scandal and the mess we are all in. One thing con America did was sell only interest loans without telling the client. Also, you do NOT have your own business. You are a customer.
    YOU LIED WHEN YOU TALKED ABOUT MAKING SALES ON APPOINTMENTS. Those below the top level of the pyramid lose money. Some have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to do the impossible, which is make money in a pyramid. A.L. Williams had 200000 agents. When America Can merged with another com and became con America, the agents dwindled to 100000. It has been stuck on 100.000 since 1992. Just because the pyramid doesn't complete itself {because of so many disillusioned victims} doesn't make it any less of an illegal, evil, scurrillous pyramid.
    Primerica — they never paid me the commission that I deserved, _Inc-Primerica.html

    2 Votes
  • Mr
    mrm Nov 06, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dude you are so right. this is showing EXACTLY what is going with me and my mom AS WE SPEAK with primerica.

    TG is a [censored] one of those hard headed fanboy of are so damn right and yep you msut have taken lot of times to build that'arcticle' but it wasnt spend for naught

    0 Votes
  • Tg
    TG Oct 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    WOW! Imagine how successful your business could have been in Primerica if you spent as much time building it, as you did writing this outrageously skewed and quite honestely, incorrect review of the business. It's no wonder you're having a hard time being successful - you tear people and opportunities down rather than creating one for others. How many hours or days did it take you to write this? You probably could have had like 4-5 appointments with families who actually needed help, and gotten paid a good amount of money for it. But instead you chose to sit in your quiet little room and bash tons of successful people who have helped literally millions of families get out debt and improve their circumstances. People like you make me sad.

    -2 Votes
  • St
    stephen black Oct 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thanks for the info, I decided to google the company name prior to my phone interview after being contacted in regards to my online resume posting. I was laid off from PwC (one of the big 4 financials) after 10 years. I am an IT person and wanted to make sure I had some background on this company before walking into a phone interview blind. Well, the first 3 pages of google were nothing but scam warning similar to this one. I found this post to be the most informative and helpful. Thanks for sharing this info and helping others avoid being taken advantage of.


    1 Votes

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