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Peter Degennaro / Cadli Builders hired us as a sub contractor for a job he was working on in Somerville, MA in june of '07. We have only been paid $500.oo in Nov. of '07, out of his personal account, on a $3553.00 invoice. He then dissapeared on us leaving us to sue. If anyone knows of his whereabouts currently it would be appreciated.


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    Salberto Feb 24, 2010

    I am a victim who is a home owner-- since 2006. What a mess. Peter is currently awaiting criminal trial for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from homeowners and not giving them to the sub contractors and not giving it back to the homeowner as well.
    If you go into the Boston Globe archives-- August 2007, the consumer section, there was an article about it, and another one a month later to follow up.
    It's been awful, he opens and closes companies, so you don't catch up to him.
    He is in Woburn now, don't count on the money. I went to arbitration, he never showed. He just thinks he is above the law-- and unfortunately-- the way the law is written...he is protected...
    Good luck

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    smasec Mar 27, 2010

    Hi all, This guy is ###. He tried to rip of my Dad but fortunately we had a good lawyer and in the end we came out OK. This was about 12 years ago, I'm sorry to hear he's still managing to rip people off. He almost ended up in jail with my dads stuff but my dad felt sorry for him and let him wiggle out of it. This guy has a history that goes back a long way. Charlene was in it with him back then. I heard he was up in Cape Elizabeth, Maine pulling the same stuff. Don't show him any mercy, this is one guy that deserves jail.I hope this warns others about him. Thanks ...

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    dsgstd Aug 21, 2010

    This piece of crud ripped us off for about 40000 several years ago. Part of the problem is that the local police choose not to do anything, Apparently too much like work. He was living in Wilmington at the time, and preying on trusting souls like me.

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    secetal Dec 07, 2011
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    Hi All, Good news. Degennaro is serving 4 to 6 years at Cedar Junction and Conners 3 to 6 at MCI in Framingham. I'm sure they can be reached at that address!! Info. per Tewksbury Town Crier 8/15/2010. Thanks...

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