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K Sep 03, 2018

Our experience with PET+ER in Towson is nothing short of a horror story.
Our newly rescued puppy ate a small toy, and we took him to our Vet where an Xray was taken and determined that IV fluid treatment and supportive care is needed for 24 hours. The Vet recommended Belair medical center, however, we choose PetEr since it was closer, That was mistake #1. Our Vet Contacted PetEr to discuss availability and they committed to immediate IV fluid treatment.
3 hours later at PetEr Chester is yet to receive IV fluids and Supportive Care.

Dr. Muse finally provides a cost estimate of $2200.00 for an overnight stay, then reduces it to $1760.00

at 6:45 Pm we called to check on Chester, Dr. Muse states that he is in good condition. passed stool and ate.
at 8.00 pm Dr. Muse calls and states that she took an Xray and unless Chester has emergency surgery he will die today.

$7600 later, Surgery is a success.

PetER sends XRays to eVet Diagnostics for Review. An Expert with over 20 years of Experience and currently teaches Radiology to Vets reads the Xrays and states that only Supportive care is needed, specifically states NO surgery was necessary, only supportive care.

At this point, we are out $9000.00

At 10 PM the night of the surgery, Dr. Kim calls our house stating that an NG tube needs be inserted in Chester to prevent throwing up, cost $500, At 6:00 am my wife visits Chester to find out that the NG tube was not properly inserted and Chester threw up. Rest assured they charged us the $500

Pet ER put Chester on a 4-day dose of painkiller that is known for suppressing appetite.
9- Pet ER reports that Chester is not eating and fail to disclose the side effect of the painkiller, upon further investigation i learned the facts from the internet and demand the removal of the painkiller patch.
10- Chester started eating.
11- As a direct result of the initial surgery and failure to eat for 4 days Chester suffers another medical condition requiring surgery.
12- Pet Er makes another demand for $3500, we were able to come up with a partial payment.
13- Tamara Santesse makes a demand for full payment, we asked for a detailed invoice, she states that it will take her two days to prepare, based on that we respond that we will pay upon receiving a detailed invoice. Tamara S. threatens to release Chester from their care, which is a violation of MD law. My wife was scared to death and uses her credit card to pay the remaining balance, about $1100.
14 Two nonprofits agree to help with Chester's invoice.
15- Pet Er refuses to accept payments from third parties stating they are not a payment processing center. We would have received $1900 in grants that the nonprofits had to pay directly to the hospital in accordance with all nonprofit rules.

Our total experience was a $12500 of unnecessary medical expenses due to Pet Er's failure to read an Xray.
Filed a claim against Zurich insurance.
Zurich refuses to pay stating that Pet Er met the standard of care. When asked to define the standard fo care Zurich refuses to answer.

Research into Vet. Medicine Standard of Care reveals that the Standard of Care is not Standard in fact there is no consensus on what is the Standard of Care. Thus Zurich failure and refusal to define the utilized standard.

Under penalty of perjury, the information i stated above is a true description of our Experience with this facility.

What is next you ask?

The standard i am familiar with is called Beyond Reasonable doubt, which is a high standard. Let me be Clear Pet ER, I can substantiate my statements above beyond reasonable doubt.

Dr. Tag I commit to you that i will prevail in court, and you will be held personally and professionally accountable for the abuse my family suffered at your facility under your control without proper cause. Dr. Muse, I commit to you that you will not practice on any other animal ever again. Tamara, i commit to you that i will have criminally charged and convicted with either Fraud or Purgury, i will let you chose the charge.

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