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I am so frustrated, this personal information website, PEOPLE-SEARCH.ORG, is showing up on Google with info that is obsolete (more than ten years old). There is no way to OPT OUT your personal information. They pretend to have an option, there is a hyperlink "request removal" and months ago I selected it, and subsequently, I receive the message "A removal request for this record was already submitted. Please wait 24-48h for the data to be removed before submitting another removal request." So in other words, it is an abandoned website. There should be a way to alert search engines like Google to not index an abandoned site such as this. The information provided is not relevant and feels like an invasion of privacy. Yes, I have done the WHOIS search and sent countless emails to [protected], [protected], people-search.[protected], and someone suggested [protected] There is no response to my inquiries and the information persists at the PEOPLE-SEARCH.ORG website. In a few years, this website will disappear, but why should we have to wait for an abandoned site to expire? Why doesn't Google block it from being indexed right now?

Mar 9, 2019

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