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Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission review: ripped off at the toll booth

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I have never had a huge complaint about the turnpike besides their incessant construction projects in every season, but today when my fiancee and I got off at the Carlisle exit (interchange 266) the toll booth worker refused to give us correct change because he "didn't have enough $1 bills". Our toll from Monroeville to Carlisle should have been $12.90; he said that he couldn't give us change and from our $20 bill (my fiancee gave him $20.90), so we received our $.90 back.and only $6 in bills. We should have gotten $7.10 back in change if he refused our extra change; instead we got $6.90 and an attitude. I've never been treated like that by ANY PennDOT worker. Couldn't he have given us quarters instead of bills back? If this is the straw that broke the camel's back about anything PennDOT-related, this was it. I'm so fed up with people not doing their jobs and the government (state and federal) taking even $.20 more of my money with no remorse. How hard was it to call for a new stack of $1 bills? I've worked retail long enough to know the customer would rather wait and get their change back than to be blown off with an attitude like that.

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Sep 11, 2013 9:39 am EDT

Today is the second time I entered an on ramp without a ticket and no way to get one because the are un maned when I got off my exit 20 I was charge $32.15, this is BULL! I'll pay it as I really don't have a choice but why the frick do you have un maned toll booths that can not dispense a ticket to those who used an alternate route and did not get a ticket else where OOOOh that right that makes too much sense.