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Peggy Raddatz review: Bad lawyer!

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I hired her as my attorney for divorce and child custody. I paid her $2500 of the $3500 that she wanted as a retainer. She blew off 3 out of 4 court dates, didn't respond to opposing counsel's faxes or to mine so the matter could be taken care of. Long story short, all I wanted for my daughter was for her to be safe and not have to spend the night at her father's. I was unfortunate enough to have Judge Blanche Fawell - who cares more about having a clean docket the the safety of children. Judge Fawell is very impatient and Peggy Raddatz made her so angry that I had to borrow money to hire a new attorney or risk harm to my 8 year old daughter. She padded the bill and charged me twice for the same court date - the only one that she went to.

Bad lawyer and bad judge. Beware.

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Mar 18, 2008 4:45 pm EDT

I hired Peggy Raddatz as my attorney and was very pleased with her services. She did an excellent job handling my divorce and custody case. I have three children and she made sure that they were protected from the court system. She appeared in court five times for me and was always prompt and prepared. Peggy always called me the night before to calm my nerves and prepare me. I was VERY happy with the outcome of the case. I could not have found a more professional lawyer. Peggy Raddatz was recommended to me by two people I knew who did not even know each other. I have since recommended her to many others. I think you should hire Peggy Raddatz to represent you in your divorce case. You will be glad you did!