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Paul J. Hooten and Associates review: Unethical Collection Procedure

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In August of 2010 I received a letter from Paul J. Hooten about a debt owed for $4700.00 from Associated Plastic Surgeona. I contacted them and the office person told me it was due to a bill for my son that incurred in 1992 as a result of a car accident, which the insurance company denied, plus interest, original charge was $1780. They said I was served in 1998 in Farmingdale, NY, I had no recollection of ever being served - if I was served I would have had my day in court! They received a court order from Nassau County to pursue the debt. In obtaining a copy from the court the service processor stated that the papers were "served" to a tall sandy haired 21 year old male, who I don't even have a clue that could be. I called a lawyer and he contacted them to settle the original debt for $1780, he received a call back from Hooten stating that Associate Plastic Surgeons would not budge from $4700. Now they have gone as far as putting three accounts on hold. I cannot pay any of my or my father's bills - so under duress I am forced to pay the $4700 just to get a release! How can they get away with such practices? I am going to put another complaint in with the Attorney General's office!

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