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Parking Access review: Long term cruise parking - fort lauderdale

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I made a long term parking arrangement with Parking Access dot com and was scheduled to park my car at the Springhill Suites (FLL) hotel located at 151 Southwest 18th Court, Dania Beach, FL 33004 from 19 November, 2022 until 19 December, 2022 (30 days). For this service, I paid $313.17 which was a fee of $8.99 per day ($278.69) plus $34.48 tax.

I spent one night at the Springhill Suites hotel at the same address as the Parking Access location and upon checking in needed to show my reservation for the parking to the hotels' receptionist and upon doing so was given a Parking Pass showing company SHS, Folio # 51941 and agent initials RVJ.

Even though my parking started stay was booked the night of 18 November, my parking was to commence the following day. I was booked on the Enchanted Princess Cruise ship for 3 ten days back-to-back cruises which the first leg started 19 November, 2022. On 28 November, my wife tested positive for Covid-19 and was ordered to be quarantined. Being that the first leg of our journey finished the following day, we decided to disembark early and cancel the remaining two 10 day legs of our trip. After this diagnosis, I notified Parking Access via an email ([protected] while at sea that I was going to be picking up my vehicle early from the lot on the 29th of November and needed to modify my parking to end the following day and that I would no longer be at the lot after 29 November.

We returned to Springhill Suites on 29 November, 2022 and informed the front desk at the hotel that we were going to pull out early. The receptionist stated that it was no problem however that the parking arrangements needed to be addressed directly with parking company. I attempted to make contact with Parking Access at the number provided [protected]) but was only able to hear a prerecorded message for shuttle service and to contact the hotel directly for this service. I again sent an email on 29 November to and stated that I was departing the lot and wished to obtain a refund for the unused parking fee.

I later received an email reply stating that my request had been received and that a refund request was forwarded on to the parking lot and that when they heard back, I would be informed. After hearing nothing for several days, I sent another inquiry via email on 12/3/22 and asked for an update.

I just received another reply stating that being the parking fee could not be refunded being that my parking has already been used and that it was outside their 1-hour prior cancellation policy. I am not cancelling my reservation; I am only trying to modify my reservation. I used 10 days of parking out of the 30 originally planned and should not be charged 20 days' worth of parking as a modification fee for the unused 20 days planned.

On my parking receipt - invoice, it states a "Cancellation Policy" as follows:

Reservations must be cancelled at least one hour before the above arrival day / time to avoid any cancellation fees. Whenever possible, call us directly at [protected] to make changes or cancel. If a reservation must be cancelled while our office is closed, please send us an email to [protected] Our hours of operation are 7AM-11PM EST - Mon-Fri and 9AM-8PM Sat / Sun. No refund or adjustments will be made for No Shows or Portions of services not used.

I don't understand how a company can list a phone number that does not allow you to communicate with someone and that they can charge the entire fee charged for unused parking as a cancellation fee.

I strongly feel that this is unreasonable and the company needs to be cited for poor business practices.

A reasonable cancellation fee is understandable if the parking is not cancelled prior to the start of the reservation. Not refunding unused parking in cases of modifications is not reasonable.

I feel that under circumstances, charging a day's parking to modify an existing reservation is more than reasonable and that the rest of the parking fees charged should be refunded.

By stating on their cancellation policy to call their number directly to make changes implies to me that it is possible to modify a reservation. Listing a number that you cannot get through to talk to someone is bad business and a refund of my unused parking should be paid.

I notified the company a day prior before returning to port and picking up my car.

Desired outcome: Refund for unused parking (20 days @ 8.99 per day plus tax)

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