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Paris Airport review: Theft/money in my purse was stolen

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How to complain if I lost money during security check? They took all my belongings and returned with lost money. I was brought to a distant small body searching area where I was frisked and left all my belongings in the scanning area which included my backpack, body bag, and everything in my pocket. The small wallet (like a coin purse) was inside the body bag. So when they brought me to the searching area, i lost sight of my belongings. I was requested to show my knee support and what is inside because I was wearing knee support for my slight swelling and pain on my right knee. My flight number was EK 076 at 21:55 from Paris to Dubai. They removed all things inside the bags because they said they had 2 alarms and that it might have suspicious items and they did not find anything. But it took so long that I had to tell them I was already late for the flight. That was approximately 21:00 i guess. And I think it was the one in the right. I saw the security guy removed all items inside my body bag too and the small wallet was there, he also opened that and saw money in there. I have $3000, separated in three bundles or group, each fold was $1000. After he searched my wallet, he put it inside the body bag but I did not see if somebody took it again because they took me to the body search area which was a little distant from the security check. When I was allowed to go, ,I took my bags and put all items back inside. I searched for my wallet and looked inside. I saw money in there but did not count it because I have trust somebody will not steal money and also I was rushing to go to gate 26. But somehow I noticed the money has a little fold but still I did not suspect and I did not count. When I reached home and realize something, I counted and they took $500 from one bundle of $1000. Now, that I was trying to recall everything that had happened, I remembered this one security personnel looking at me and my colleague maybe to see if we are talking about him. I realized he looks suspicious at that time.