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Paragon AcuraAwful place


I am an ex employee of Paragon Acura. It was the worst job that I've ever had so far. Complete torture to get out of bed everyday and go there.The most unorganized dealership by far. Employees are treated worse then garbage. It's pathetic. They can't even throw their employees a Holiday party the employees throw it for themselves and have to pay $50 each.Also no employee parking at all so everyday you have to search for a spot or deal with getting tickets.

They also have a big problem with women in the dealership. They believe women should be cashiers or receptionists totally chavanistic. Pigs...that is what this dealership is run by. We are in the year 2009 and this is how it is? I don't think so. They also have a big accounting problem. They are cheap and can't pay people. They won't pay any employee over time they will make you work extra then not pay you. ILLEGAL I got f**ked on my check every single still owed money its ridiculous!!! But thats ok..The girl that does payroll is Jen Bailey and she is a miserable c**t...she has a problem with everythinggggggg and is a nasty b***h..real professional..

actually nobody at paragon is professional no wonder why its the worst acura dealership in new york hahaha makes me laugh they can't figure out what they are doing wrong...maybe if there employees wanted to come to work then customers would want to come there and buy a car or service their car.

They have a big scam going in sales so customers looking to buy an acura beware...they list cars on their website and customers call into the bdc and are lied to and told that the car is still available. when the customer gets to the dealer there is no car so they make the customers wait for hours while they pretend to look...and then there is no car u can figure out the rest...Also if you the consumer decides to buy a Used car think twice actually think ten times first. They are cheappppp..They sell used cars and don't certify them. Basically a customer buys a car used and comes back with the car two days later because it has problems. Why pay for certification and then have constant problems with the car.

Another scam they pull is they sell the used car with out certification and then make sure they make the customer buy an acura extended warranty so that when the car comes back to service a week after the car is bought all things needed to be fixed are covered under the warranty and the dealership looses no money just makes.

Now it is 2 weeks before the holidays and they are cleaning house and firing everyone...How nice to lay people off right before the holidays...real classy...and then to use the excuse the economy is bad...Yes it is But BRIAN BENSTOCK the owner has plenty of money and no heart. Typical greedy b***ard luckily this world has a such thing as karma. As for the singers Edith and Michelle lovely people but what are you thinking letting Brian do what he is doing. He is ruining everything for you..and eventually the dealership is going to be taken away or go bankrupt.

Everything is a problem at Acura. An obstacle course. A complete s***hole and Paragon Honda is not much better

Lets talk about Allen Blad...He is an amazing person. People don't like to give him a chance because hes different. Well at first I didn't get along with him but things change. Allen helped me in paragon so much. Many people didn't like him but I did. It was Allen that did all this f**ked up s**t to the employees it was Brian and Allen always took the blame...Until the day he got fired. That what they do there make you think they love you and that your doing such a good job then they get rid of you.

Well thank you Paragon Acura for letting me use you for a change instead of you using all of your employees.


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    Rem X Oct 04, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The general manager name should be Brain Laughingstock not Brian Benstock. This place is total mess, when you enter sales people are practically hunting, harassing you in every possible way without any limits. Don't believe me check the number of complaints and legal cases filled against Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura. They are totally dishonest and unprofessional in every aspect - during sale, after sale and when servicing your car. Most of the positive reviews here are fake and written you know by who... Please don't waste your time and shop else where, and don't even try to contact this LaughingStock manager...he is a total joke! Word of advice do your own research online, shop and compare what others paid for similar car with similar features then shop at place of your choice and don't be afraid to walk out and get better price elsewhere. Always print out your research and have it with you when shopping for a car. Spread the word tell your friends, family and relatives to stay away from the crooks at Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura! Also when buying and signing any type of document always quickly snap a photo and have it for your records, just in case anyone wants to pull fast one will have all the proof that you need to easily win in court. Consequently if you feel it is necessary don't feel ashamed to voice or video record the whole interaction without them knowing New York city you do not need other party consent to record. Happy and Smart Buying! On Jun 17, 2015 - Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman Investigation Uncovered Alleged Fraud At Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura Dealerships, Two ... Paragon Motors of Woodside, Inc., d/b/a Paragon Honda; ... They were ordered to pay almost 14 million settlement for deceptive practices that resulted in inflated car prices. If you feel you been scammed or treated bad in any way don't wait two minutes just file complaints right away and report them to the attorney general online or call at [protected] To file complaint with American Honda Motor Co., Inc call at [protected] SCAM ALERT!

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  • Gi
    Giuseppe Fabian Jul 12, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Scammers be ware !! They will play with numbers tell you, you are approved for a low apr% then don't even itemize the contract.

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  • Su
    SUSAN1190 Jun 30, 2016

    This place is an absolute fraud, everyone here is trained to lie, manipulate and cheat you of your time and money.

    Do not come to this dealership, they are untrustful, manipulative liars. They have multiple cases against them from the state attorney. Do not go here!!

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  • Aj
    Ajay V Nov 28, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Paragon Acura is a place you can never trust. I went to this dealer through Costco. After looking an numerous vehicles on line I liked one that was I was looking for. the price for the vehicle was 28, 600, with tax and title it came out to 30, 600. I put an offer for 29K with keeping in mind to negotiate and finalized for 29.500. My Sales man Anthony was trying to convince me, after an hour Shakira called me and asked me to come to the show room and I will get the car the price I offered. I was about to go to the dealer by driving almost 100 miles. I thought let me confirm with the sales manager before I go to the show room. I was surprised with the response that Shakira has no right to negotiate the price. I called the GM of the show room with thinking that he will take some action. To surprise to me he is of the same breed as others and said he cant do anything. if they give me car for 25K I will not buy from the show room, liars and untrustworthy people. Ajay Vakil

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  • Paragon Acura Sep 17, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First off, I want to sincerely apologize about the negative experience you encountered at Paragon Acura. Our main priority is to provide every guest with quality customer service and it is never our intention to provide anything but the best. Secondly, I want to thank you for bringing this to my attention and would greatly appreciate an opportunity to discuss these issues with you. Please contact me at your earliest convenience so we may resolve this situation. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Regards,
    Brian Benstock | General Manager
    718.507.5000 Ext. 271 | [email protected]

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  • Qu
    Queensraised Sep 13, 2012

    Last week I went to get a 2012 MDX- They got me in their saying they will beat the current price I have from another dealership- The sales guy, some JT Owens and Senior/ floor and desk manager agreed to beat my price. We were told to bring in a cashier's check for the DP and pick up the car in 24hrs. When we went to pick up, Ravi- another uneducated sales manager- came to us with a totally different set of number increasing the price $3000 more, saying we were not suppose to get the price - And the guys that agreed with the price will not come and face my questions- what a wuss!!! Paragon Acura is a thief who will mislead you to believe that they are giving you a really good deal- People the can afford Acura are Smart and I did my Home work- These sales manager are ### of the earth- Please do not go there for service or sales- There are 7 other Acura dealership within a 30 miles radius from paragon. We are extremely happy we got our MDX from another dealership.

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  • Li
    Lina Taveras Jun 28, 2012

    I agree with you 100% I just left the dealership after 3 days of them promising me the world and I was the second customer who walked out angry and calling them thieves. It was 12pm and they already had 2 customers walking out and calling them thieves. They cant resist the fact that some people in this world have cash money and GOOD CREDIT they try to make my payments $100 more just because the car deal didn't make sense to them meaning I was going to walk out with a descent deal. This Acura needs some major changes and what dealership listens to rap and has rap videos up.

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  • Ca
    carolann Larsen Apr 28, 2012

    They are awful. lie after lie Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else. They STINK!!! Just bought a car there and I am so sorry.

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  • Jp
    jppd Jan 16, 2012

    I was about to buy a car from them until I found this page. What a con artist those people really are. Thank God I found this site because I work hard for my money and hate to give it to greedy ###.

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  • Su
    SUSAN1190 Jul 28, 2011

    I cannot agree more with you. THIS DEALERSHIP IS COMPLETE GARBAGE!!!






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  • Ju
    JUSTIN C Mar 05, 2011


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  • Ma
    Manny126 Feb 25, 2011

    Despite reading all negative feed backs on paragon acura I decided to go visit them for my self. What a terrible mistake I made for even considering paragon as my first choice. My first impression when I walked in was the sales reps walking around like D**ks doing [censor] acting like donald trump. Im standing there for 20 minutes for some idiot to help me out when sales reps are trying to look cute. Felt like slapping some of them. Finally some [censor]ed rep decided to help me out. He didn't know his head from his a&&. I was looking for a used acura mdx and he didn't even know what he had in his lot. I finally found a mdx i liked. So he pulls out the paper work and starts telling me I need to finance through them in order to get the internet price. Before coming to paragon I called ahead and they said I didn't need to take a loan from them and was entitled for the internet price with my own personal loan which I bought with me to the dealer. Then when I asked him for the car fax he hesitated at first and I found the car had been an accident. So im paying full price for a junk and not a dollar off. I dont think they go through 150 point inspection. This is all bull. The car didn't look clean inside. Out side was good. After spending 2 hours there. Nothing was accomplished except coming home pissed @ paragon. I hope this place gets bankrupt. I cant stand businesses that try to make a living of others hard earned money. And when I was there I saw a previous customer who came in complaining about his acura being messed up and needed it fixed. No one looked like they were going to help him. They kept ignoring him and didn't know what to tell him. They looked like they wanted him outta there. Right now I have my hands full but when I get time, I will get as many complaints as I can from all new and previous customers and try to file a class action against them.

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  • In
    IntegrityintheWorkplace Jan 13, 2011

    Allen Blad is doing the same thing at Campbell Ford in Niles, MI. All the things you described above are being done to customers at Campbells, and his live-in girlfriend, Tracey, has come with him to burn this company. I would bet you were led to believe Brian Benstock was the problem - when it was Allen Blad and his associates who were actually doing a con job, and bankrupting companies in their wake. They are not professionals, when a customer is brought in to purchase, with money in hand, they do their best to turn them away. Don't be conned into thinking Blad was the innocent! Somebody needs to acknowledge his part in companies getting sued. If a General Manager is there and leaves the company in worse condition then when they start - it's the General Manager who needs replacing.

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  • Jo
    John F Baker Dec 30, 2010

    I agree with all the complaints. I recently pruchased a 2008 MDX and I regret everyday. Awfull experience. These sales B****tards are meant to conn you.
    It has been a week and I want to return the car...please share your experience so that I have a loss.

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  • Ju
    Juan lorenzo Dec 03, 2010

    I agreed with the rest of the customer who visited paragon acura, the most really bad experience. very rude, unprofessional management and employee. No customer services skills. Consumer affairs should close this place down as soon as possible before they keep reping peoplet off.

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  • Rb
    RBAFF79 Oct 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I should have listened to this and the other forums before dealing with Paragon Acura and wasting all my time and money.
    I found a great deal on a 2008 MDX at Paragon. Called immediately and put down a deposit after being told the only issue with the car is a small scratch on the right rear and that I did not need an inspection as the car is Acura Certified and they have already done their 150 point inspection. Right.
    Since I am in NC, before flying up I had a 3rd party pre purchase inspection performed. That opened a whole can of worms.
    Sludge in the engine was the biggest issue followed by a shot powersteering pump that needed replacement. Huge scratch on the right rear where rust is forming and a lot of other scuff marks. Sales man tried to downplay this and fudge around the issues.
    Wanted me to try others, but I had seen enough. After a bunch of phone calls I got my deposit refunded eventually.
    Wrote to Brian Benstock and surprise, suprise, no response from him or his staff.
    Also complained to Acura. Acura's response: "Your complaint has been lodged but we will not refund your inspection amount."

    On the bright side I learned a lot from this experience. DO NOT DEAL WITH NEW YORK DEALERS OR CARS!
    Also Acura does not care about the customers or their reputation that is slowly eroding by their declining car quality and dishonest dealerships.
    I really liked the MDX and may still get it if I get a good price on a new one, but right now it's looking like Mazda cx-9 or Lexus RX for us.

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  • I wrote a lengthy email to Brian Benstock about two months ago. I have yet to receive a response...let alone an apology or refund of my money. So much for addressing complaints promptly. Acura is such a great company-- its a shame that Paragaon is ruining it for them. I'm definitely going to Rallye or Valley Stream for service from now on, and even future sales. Paragon and especially their [censored] of a service manager, Mike, can shove it.

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  • An
    anotherscammedone Mar 16, 2010

    Yah those guys are 100% pure scammers. They surely do ANYTHING they can to sell you crap... every sales tactic in the book. A person should read Dr. Robert Cialdini's Influence the Psychology of persuasion before walking in there. These boys took that book and turned normal influence into MANIPULATION!

    They take your money and then later say they can't locate a car with your package and the factory won't have it ready for a long time.. blah blah. In my opinion.. Acura should SHUT down this dealership, investigate the sales and leases they've had even for the last year and make amends to their poor customers...

    Hey Acura corporate office... do YOU believe in consumer confidence?

    Because these guys are hurting your image... OH but then again they are the #1 dealership in the east cost right? I think they are the #1 place a good reporter could find a story to expose Acura.

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  • Bb
    B.Benstock Jan 18, 2010

    My name is Brian Benstock, I am the General Manager of Paragon Acura/ Paragon Honda-
    If you have experienced any problems associated with any transaction at either dealership please feel free to contact me directly and I will address your concerns promptly.
    [protected] ext 276. or e-mail me directly at [email protected]

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  • Dn
    dnice712 Nov 23, 2009

    TERRIBLE SERIVCE! WILL DO ANYTHING TO SELL A CAR!! I purchased a 2004 Acura MDX in 2003. The finance guy, while flirting with me, decided to do whatever he could to sell the car and played with the numbers, SCAM. Long story short, after returning my vehicle I was told there was not enough $ given at the beginning of the deal, 4 years prior, and I had to pay the dealership an additional $15oo. They had played with the numbers to get me the car and 4 years later claimed I hadn't payed enough for the down payment. As far as I was concerned that was there loss, who lets a car off the lot without making sure you have your $??!!After a year of BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, the female financial director (or whatever her title is) was more RUDE than anyone i've ever met, and little negotiation and explination they put the damn charge on my credit and I have had to hire a lawyer!! HATE THEM! I will never purchase from them again EVER!

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  • Ih
    iheartnothing Sep 13, 2009

    The very definition of bait and switch. Called Paragon Honda, asking if 2 honda civics they had listed online were still available. Was told yes, I asked them to triple check as I was coming to the dealer from Connecticut, over an hours drive away. Yes, yes we have both cars. I had a so called appointment at 1PM. After about 45 minutes of waitng I get another salesman, who tells me both cars have been sold, weeks ago. But they had 3 other civics, for much more money available. I told them to keep them, and left. Avoid this dealership. By the complaints on this board, I'm glad I did. Go to Hillside Honda. I had a much better experience there.

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  • Un
    unhappytom Jul 19, 2009

    I agree, someone should start a class action lawsuit against Paragon Acura and Paragon Honda.

    Listen, I know what most business owner who is making money will do... Turn their head away and pretend not to notice the slimy sales tactics and unlawful practices their people will do in order to keep money in their pockets...

    And as long as the owners keep making money... they will keep looking the other way.

    Until it's too late.

    These slime balls lease USED cars put false mileage on the lease agreement and make you "think" you're getting a NEW car. WTF.

    Derrick is a scared stiff manager doing whatever he can to make his salary, Eric is grimy, Joe Rosa definitely has some drug habit and ADD or pretend ADD or something... the women in that place are the ONLY ones that give a ### and are not sales people.

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  • Je
    Jerry R Jul 07, 2009

    did you pursuit any legal actions yet?
    if yes can you tell me where should I go to fight them?
    Thanks a lot

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  • Je
    Jerry R Jul 07, 2009

    I agree 100% I wait for my deposit 3 weeks already and all I hear is steak of lies everytime I ask about my money.I seriously consider going to court too, because in my opinion it's the only way to get money back.

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  • Ca
    cateyes May 20, 2009

    I recently went to paragon acura and they scam me into a car which was adveritise for 14800 and then and additional 300 to be taken off, the car sale price end up on the paper as 15600 and they claim they add destination charge and people i am the thrid ower for the car. they told me the certification, tax and detailing ect was included but on the financial paper they were adding the ceritification and every thing else again plus they add another 3000 for other equipments which i dont know about to this day. they are nasty and the financial person Jean is a thief . I have a great score more than 730 and now they are trying to kill it.I have returned the car and so far they are claiming they found the car abandant on the street...abandant when i gave the manager the keys and told him i dont want it. I have filed a compliant at the better business beau. and will be going the queens distict attorney about them. i am considering a law suit about their business practices, false advertisment and leing about getting a better rate.

    People i dont know why they are in business and y more people dont complaint to the better business breu. they are scammers. How desperate for cash can paragon be...they have no honor and are not trust worthy. I may be on tv soon bec i will be standing outside with my sign, soon and very soon.

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  • Po
    PolarisCorp Feb 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh Wow! I purchased a minivan from Paragon Honda and it was a nightmare. I had to deal with so many people who could care less. They sold me a certified Odyssey, tried to sell me the warranty, and ship me out the door. It was obvious that the van wasn't certified. I then cancelled the warranty and took it in for repairs. That openned up a whole new can of worms. The service managers, Chris and Nick are the crudest people I've ever met. Finally, I got a hold of Allan who was very helpful. He put me onto the Customer Relations Manager, Tracy. Wow! She was super helpful and got everything fixed and even got me a free warranty. My salesman, Ousman was a liar and a cheat. He swore up and down that the car was certified. How can a car that is missing floor mats and has cigarette burns all over the inside be certified? His manager, Najib got mad at me when I questioned him about it.
    She's not there anymore. I have to take my Odyssey into Paragon for service, but am dreading dealing with the circus freak show that goes on there.

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  • Sh
    shoaib Feb 20, 2009

    I agree with your comments. I purchased an Acura TSX "Certified" few days ago, and as you said... they tried to sell me the extended warranty which ofcourse I didn't buy and couldn't figure out why they were trying to sell me when the car is pre-certified and has 36K miles and 3 years left.

    I got the car home and found out the following problems, considering the car is pre-certified :

    - Low tire pressure in rear driver side wheel. I told them to fix the tire pressure.. came home and found out the TPMS sensor is bad.
    - The passenger side wind shield washer doesnt' work. What type of 150 points certification is that ????
    - All tire stem valve caps were missing.

    While there I also found the following problems and got them fixed before leaving with vehicle :
    - Missing spare and spare toolkit
    - Low battery level (depleted).
    - Low brake fluid.

    Also, they gave me car with 1/4 tank of gas. I expect a full gas when I buy the car. The finance manager said, we sell 20 cars a day and if we fill everyone's tank, imagine how much money we lose. My point was, if you sell a car, you make money on it, and as a courtesy they are suppose to fill all cars... since they make money on each of the cars sold.

    In summary, my point is if a dealership is certifying cars, they should do a thorough car.. else what is the point of buying a pre-certified car for so much more money than buying from someone privately?

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  • Cu
    customer Feb 15, 2009

    Sorry Joann is not GUILTY. Jen is the office kiss a***.

    Brian is still a d**k and screwing the Singer family.

    After Acura has a visit from the parent company, threatening to close them, maybe the Singers will buyout Brian.

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  • Cu
    customer Feb 11, 2009

    Were you screwing Allen? How could you say anything nice about him! The biggest d**k is Brian!! He is really screwing the Singer women royally!!!

    Give the place 6 months to 1 year before Honda pulls their right to sell Acuras'.

    Honest hard working long time employees are let go, so Brian can hire cheap, dumb workers.

    Joann & May are just as guilty, being the a**kissers they both are.

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  • Lu
    lunarossa Jan 29, 2009

    i am a customer of paragon acura, and i totally agree with you. this is the worst dealership that ive ever been to. they waste my time everytime i go their for service or even for sales

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