Papa John's2 large pizzas

T Sep 30, 2019

Good Afternoon

My name is Tiffany Beebe and I purchase pizza for my kids multiple times a week. I ordered two pizzas online 9/28/19 at about 630-7pm only for the pizza be delivered after 930pm. As soon as my kids call me about the issue I immediately contact the store located on Riverdale Rd. Keep in mind I was on hold 20 minutes only to get hung up on, I called back multiple times and got put on hold. Finally someone comes to the phone and wants to take my order, I ask for a manager only to get put on hold AGAIN(15mins) The guy which he wouldn't give me his name stated that he was the manager and that he apologize for the pizza being cold but it was nothing that he could do because my kids had ate some of the pizza. My frustration comes because since they ate the pizza it was nothing that could be done but if I wanted to spend $21.01 on pizza that my kids had to microwave then I could have bought microwaveable pizza instead. But to not accommodate me at all for the inconvenience is ridiculous. My kids love papa johns pizza but if I keep getting service like this then I'll rather spend money else where.

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