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Pangea Real Estate review: Complaint

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Pangea charged me and my wife after we moved out. We explained to the landlord we had no money and no where to go and couldn’t take much of our belongings. We Also explained to her landlord than that join the movie, lost both sets of keys because we were trying to hurry up. He explained to us that that was OK. As long as we were out that he wouldn’t charge us nor give her information to any creditors or put it as an eviction, we paid our bank went through Illinois help and assistance program for COVID-19. So all the money that we owed him in the past from me back was paid for in full over $3000. He knew that we had moved out because we told him we had moved out. He went and checked and saw that we have moved out. He called and asked us where we gonna move our stuff. We told him we were living on the street and had nowhere to put it we didn’t have anybody to come get it and didn’t have any money for movers or any trucks or storage. We told him please just throw everything away we had two TVs flatscreen. We had a brand new queen size bedroom set with dresser couch, set two piece dining room set for peace, clothes, shoes, personal items that have to be left behind which cost us over five grand we had to leave behind and we had no way to get it. He lied and now wants $2000. From me and my wife and gave our info to creditors and now we have an eviction on our records.

Desired outcome: He told creditors we owed he rent and we didn’t because we left May 14,2021 @ 9am! He lied and said it wasn’t gonna be and eviction on our records it is and he says we owe him $1800-$2000.

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