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4:28 pm EDT
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Don Winner of PANAMA-GUIDE.COM is a fraud and continues to discredit honest people to coverup his criminal activities with new arrivals to Panama. I would not purchase a thing from his advertisers because most are scams of some sort benefiting this Don Winner person who runs this web site. He claims to have 5, 000 readers per day, yet we could never see more than 4 people on his web site at any given moment. He pledgerizes articles to attract readers and puts sex stories on to attract the hard core people. Very bad site and scam oriented. My client lost over $100, 000 with one of his advertisers before the guy was sent to Federal Prison in GA.

Update by texasdt
Jan 20, 2020 12:55 am EST

Well the is finally down, the crap that Don was spewing is gone and maybe he is too, disappeared from the Toyota Dealership in New York he has his name blocked on the old web site and no one has heard a word from him. He was getting ready to be prosecuted in Panama for his lies and dealing with the AUC a criminal Columbia group he was laundering money for. Maybe they got him who knows but off the radar I hope for good. It has been 10 years of crime fighting to get this guys site taken down. No more bad reports except what the Dallas Morning News still has on their web site.

Update by texasdt
May 30, 2017 9:24 pm EDT

Don winner now is working in ny at johnston toyota, so they must be crooks as well, don has fabricated comments about him to make him look like a honest salesman, he is running from prosecution in panama, I am personally reporting him to the fed. He was involved in money laundering with the wake family who is credited with one of the largest money laundering organizations in the world, don winner right in the middle had to run from panama to protect his butt from being inprisioned in panama. Give him a call and say hi, I am sure he would love to hear from all the people he has discredited.

Update by texasdt
Jan 22, 2017 7:20 pm EST

UPDATE Don Winner of the Panama Guide is on the run from prosecution in Panama for Money Laundering, he is reported to be hiding in the US to prevent his incarceration in a Panama Prison, Clyde Jenkins has been reported to have been killed in Columbia for molesting children. Don Winner has violated so many money laundering laws and was aiding and abetting the Panama Money Launder Wake who was recently arrested in Panama for the Worlds Largest money laundering scram Don Winner was right in the middle and now is trying to avoid arrest. Don Winner posted both of these pictures and rightfully show his crazy behavior.

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Update by texasdt
Feb 16, 2011 4:37 pm EST

If you want the truth about Don Winner don't trust one source trust many go to to see where many reporters and other people have pointed to this Don Winners Continued Scam associations in Panama. And Don Winner, lets just explore his life, has threatened another reporters wife with a Tazer chasing her down a street her and her daughter, because the reporter wrote honest articles against this Don Winner check out you will find tons of stories about Don Winner the Con man, the lier the thug, this is who Don Winner is. So believe the truth or believe a Crook Don Winner it's your decision but Don Winner is A Crook. Other Locations of articles about Don Winner
Winner threatens Ornstein's web server, files charges

Ex-US Air Force intelligence officer stalks journalist's family with stun gun

Update by texasdt
Feb 16, 2011 4:25 pm EST

Don Winner continues to make up gossip and continues to lie, Jerry Hall working with the US Department of Justice is investigating Don Winner for Money Laundering, Don Winner's associates are Eddie Kahn the man that caused Wesley Sniped to go to Jail for tax Fraud Don Winner and Eddie Kahn were running the Expats of Panama directing all new arrivals to their money scams such as land scams with Tom McMurrain, and Eddie Kahn. So needlessly to say Don Tries to divert his criminal activity to anyone who can stop his actions. Jerry Hall has done that time and time again sending Many criminals to Jail Check YouTube Al James, and Then Tom McMurrain and then Eddie Kahn all in Prison thanks to the help of Jerry Hall. Don Winner makes all these phony claims and can not show one bit of proof against Jerry Hall, however the proof is mounting against Don Winner for the truth about Don Winner the Crook. Regarding the Dallas Morning News, a subset of Rockwall Herald Banner, (Controlled by Congressman Ralph Hall) who Jerry was Running Against, The Dallas Morning News never contacted Jerry for any of this just ran what Don Wrote, totally fabricated. Jerry Met Don Winner one Time in a Computer store the next contact on a street in Panama where Don Winner shook Jerry's hand but had no idea who he was this goes to show you the length this Don Winner will go to to make lies up. Jerry Works for and with the US Department of Justice, Texas Department of Criminal Justice and is still a Advisor Constable in Texas and still carries his badge. What Does Don Winner carry, his blog that is all the credit this guy has in his life. No creditability at all except associations with Criminals. All articles written by Don Winner on his page are lies and Don Winner lost a law suit for Defamation of Character against him to Jerry Hall and now Don Winner owes Jerry Hall $350, 000.

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Jun 26, 2017 2:59 pm EDT

Wow! I just saw the show 48 hours and wanted to find a web site of Don Winner, hoping to let him know how I wished the world had more men like him! I was shocked when I found this article! He bragged about solving 4 murders in one year that no one else could. Maybe he had more to do with them than anyone will ever know and that's why he was able to solve them so easily, only needed to pin them on a [censor]. Thank God for Internet!

May 30, 2017 4:32 pm EDT

Well he is hiding in plain site at Johnstons Toyota in New Hampton New York Not sure if his employer knows of the allegations against him. But if you have need, fire up the Subpoenas and we will soon find out.

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Mar 12, 2016 4:37 pm EST
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How can any one say Marco Shrem is Honest he is a crook and a liar. I am a investor in his Malibu project he took our money and ripped us off plan and simple. Now hiding behind the Panama laws if these was in the USA he would be in jail and all his assets takin.

Dec 28, 2013 12:04 am EST
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Don Winner is a a compulsive liar pretending to be someone he is not.
He discredit people to get more traffic on his ridiculous panama guide site.
Invent stories.
And try to destroy the credibility of people he doesn't even know pretending
they are murder, thief, scam like him.

Oct 13, 2013 9:29 pm EDT
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Clyde Jenkins is an running from prosecution from USA, to Costa Rica, To Panama and now Colombia to avoid prosecution for Child Molesting. That why Clyde Jenkins is attacking Jerry Hall. Brought to light this criminal and so that is why Clyde continues to make false claims about Jerry Hall.

Oct 06, 2013 11:42 pm EDT
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Don Winner is the biggest scam artist in Panama. The entire website he owns is complete garbage.

Jun 22, 2013 1:35 pm EDT

Jerry Ray Hall is a fraud. He only attacks the messenger and never the message. He never gives specifics such as what their crime was or any evidence to support his accusations. He also never responds to honest questions put to him such as where he received his PhD or his JD.

Jun 20, 2010 8:01 pm EDT

This complaint was posted by Jerry Ray Hall, a disgruntled scam artist who tried to run for US Congress in the 4th District in Texas. He is a compulsive liar and a fraud. He calls himself "Doctor" Jerry Ray Hall but he has never graduated from any PhD program, although he did pay an online diploma mill for his degree. He attended a one day seminar at Harvard and since then he calls himself a "Harvard educated lawyer." He is not a lawyer and has never graduated from law school, anywhere.

Jerry Ray Hall is currently under investigation in the Republic of Panama for defrauding newly arriving English speaking expatriates out of money - supposedly to obtain their residency documents using forged paperwork he would create. The residency permits were never delivered and Jerry Ray Hall would just keep the money. is the #1 Source of English Language news in the Republic of Panama. If you want to know why Jerry Ray Hall is so pissed off, just do a quick Google Search for "Jerry Ray Hall" - Besides the articles I've published on my website, you will find similar articles published by the Dallas Morning News and the Rockwall Herald Banner.

So thanks, Jerry, for giving me one more opportunity to expose you for the fake and ### that you really are.