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The week of 7-1-2019. I started tasting bleach and smelling it no matter what I was doing. It took me three days to figure out it was the cigarettes I was smoking. No matter where I was buying them from In town all I could taste was bleach. I have all the packs I purchased frozen hoping that time won't make the bleach undetectable. I can't smell or taste anything. I have been coughing like never before and am thinking I may need to go to a doctor to document this I can not be the only person complaining about this, pack after pack i got bleach soak cigarettes I have one pack that is not opened and three others that are almost totally smoke because I was convinced it was something else so I smoked them. But after narrowing it doing by changing what I took in I found it to be the cigarettes do you have any suggestions or should I start trying to document everything legally?


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    [email protected] Jul 07, 2019

    I’m in the same boat actually sending a few packs from my carton to A friend of mine at LSU To be chemically tested if pall Mall does not fix this problem with me directly soon.

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