Beware of, aka, aka, aka,, aka,, aka, American Home Painters, aka, The Painters, aka Denver Painting Crew, aka, Travis Reid, LLC, aka, New York Painting Crew, The owner Travis is a Scam Artist.

I writing this report because I luckily averted a crisis with this company because of other reports I read from other consumers online, but let me explain how I got to this point.
I found online on craigslist and called them to get some information on how they work. I originally spoke with a young lady who gave me all of the information and I was satisfied by what I heard and decided that they were the company I was going to go with. When I was ready to start my job I called and spoke with Travis who initially hung up on me, and I called back thinking it was a mistake. The second call prompt a voicemail in which I left, and it was on the 3rd call that I finally got him.
I began questioning Travis about the information in his ad regarding 1 painter can paint 2 to 3 areas or approximately 375 sq. feet in an 8 hour day. I asked him what was the minimum a painter would paint in an 8 hours day and he began to tell me that he could not guarantee a minimum or a maximum. I still began to push and asked the question again asking if I had a room that was a 100 sq. feet can I expect 1 painter to complete that room and another 100 sq. ft. room, or is a possibility that he will only complete the (1) 100 sq. feet room in an 8 hour day, he again told me he made no guarantees, because if he guaranteed that and the painter did not produce that he would get in trouble. He tried to out talk me by telling me his crews worked very fast and that they normally can paint 2 to 3 areas in a day but there were no guarantees. After getting frustrated with all my questions Travis hung up on me.
After the second hang up and him being very evasive and averting my questions, I became suspicious, and began to scourer the Internet for anything on this company and came an abundance of complaints. had several complaints regarding Travis and the various company names he has worked under,,, and /link removed/ had a wealth of information regarding the different cities he has pulled this scam in, Washington, D.C., Virginia, New York, Colorado, California, Arizona, and now he is in Texas.
This was Friday, 10/11/13. On Sunday, 10/13/13 at 10:00 a.m. in the morning, Travis called me responding to his voicemails trying to set up a crew and I told him I wasn't interested. Not remembering he had spoke with me on Friday, he began to tell me how he would give me a discount if I would reconsider, and I told him I had spoken with him on Friday, and he hung up on me and I had already found someone else. Travis, began to get indignant with me and started screaming, "Look you [censored]g n**** you called, me I’m trying to help your ### ###!" I chuckled and hung up.
From my research I discovered, The SCAM with this company is they advertise 5 guys for $850.00 with the notion that each guy can paint approximately 375 sq. ft. in an 8 hour day, giving you the impression that you can get your entire home painted by 5 guys in 1 day, but since they make no guarantees to that, 1 guy may paint 25 sq. ft. in a 8 hour day, by the time he tape, remove your wall plates, move your furniture, cover everything, and fix whatever holes in the wall you may have. The trick is you are renting a crew by the hour, not by the job, and what they finish is what they finish if they finish 1 wall in an 8 hour day you still have to pay them. You are better off hiring a painter for your entire job.
A better idea is to use Travis website against him. I showed several contractors website and they were willing to Match and guarantee the entire job for the $850.00.

In other complaints I have read, Travis had tried to respond to complaints to throw consumers off, trying to explain the complaints were from his competitors. I assure you I am a real consumer, If you still decide to do business with this guy without any guarantees as to what his workers can and can not produce, you do so at your own risk, and in the long run it will cost you way more than you bargain for, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!

Best of Luck, & I hope this helps you make an informed decision.


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    Deesgusted With Yoo Jan 12, 2014

    I would like to request that Mr. Travis Reid please put his money where his mouth is. Post a copy of your current company registration and licenses with the state he resides in, post a verifiable business or home address Additionally since he is doing business in all these other states I think it's also right to request a copy of license and insurance as he claims in his ads for every city he advertises.

    He claims to be totally legit. If he is he will have no problem presenting these documents and his Federal EIN which would be required to employ this many people. If as it seems to be all over the internet that this guy is a crook of monumental levels then he will not. No legit business I've ever come across would refuse to post that kind of proof. Only crooks.

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    ADP Properties Jun 05, 2014

    I fell into this same scam by Travis Reid from "". They showed up sloped paint over everything including floors, blinds, doorknobs and appliances. Demanded more money, threatened bodily harm and eventually I called the cops. The "employees" ran stealing my briefcase in the process. If this wasn't enough Travis called, threatened to find my family and "bash our heads in with a bat". Complete and utter criminal organization who hires day laborers after you pay them $200 via pay pal. I would under any circumstances let them near my home or business.

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    PAINTING CREW Jun 12, 2014

    The above complaints are obviously by a competitor to slander us.

    Just mention you've seen these false reviews online and we will extend a
    $50 discount to you. Remember you don't pay the balance of the job to
    our painters until you're happy with the work so we guarantee your
    satisfaction. This is absolutely a honest day's work for a honest day's
    pay. Don't let a angry competitor make up a false review online and make
    you go somewhere else to spend more money. That's eactly what they want
    you to do so they can get your business!

    If your looking to save money on your painting project Please give us a
    call for a free no obligation phone consultation. (8OO)376-4066 CALL
    TODAY! PAINT TOMORROW! We work 7 days week.

    We offer affordable painting crew for the day rates. Each painter can
    paint approximately 375 sq feet of production per day. Typically that
    would be 2-3 rooms per painter on average. We cannot guarantee that type
    of production but we do guarantee the quality of work will be done
    professionally. Wall repairs, multiple coats. ceilings, trim and doors
    take away from the overall production. Regardless whether you hire us or
    someone else to do your painting it should take the same amount of time
    and with our lower overhead costs we are able to help you save more

    Please feel free to compare our prices to others. We do not have the
    extra overhead costs other companies will have. We receive a high call
    volume if we had to do an on site evaluation for each person who
    inquired about a painting project we would certainly have to raise our
    prices. For instance we do not have to pay estimators salaries, gas
    costs, parking fees, Maintenance on estimators vehicles, sales
    commissions to salespeople and the list goes on. If you are receiving
    other quotes simply ask the salesperson how many painters are needed and
    how long the job should take and compare their price to ours to see
    which best suits your needs. No reason to spend more on an overpriced
    estimate. Rent a painting crew for the day and save!!

    We also get substantial paint store savings up to 60% off at Sherwin
    Williams. Our best discount is on Pro Mar 200 brand paint. Some paint
    contractors will offer to include the cost of paint in your estimate.
    These contractors will be making money off purchasing your paint. You
    should use our discount code to save money on your paint. The paint
    store salesperson will be happy to give you a color consultation and
    they are trained to tell you how much paint to buy and which kind of
    paint would work best for you.

    We are a fully insured full service painting company. We can do anything
    you need done painting related. Our painters are also able to do minor
    handyman tasks at no additional costs at the crews discretion. It's a
    honest day's work for a honest day's day pay. If you require an
    additional day of work we would be happy to get you on the schedule for
    the following day or another day that works best for you.

    We can do any job big or small but we specialize in small jobs. We
    started our painting crew for the day program after researching that
    many of our customers weren't getting any return calls from painting
    contractors willing to commit their labor force that didn't return
    larger dollar amounts. We focus on small jobs ranging from a couple
    rooms to a deck that needs to re-stained. Anything that's small that can
    be done in 1 day. Another way we help homeowners save money is we
    provide all of our top of the line painting equipment so they don't have
    to purchase expensive painting equipment that they would not use on a
    regular basis.

    If you are shopping around with other companies please beware of
    companies with no websites, language barriers, or ones who show up with
    no company trucks or uniforms these could be potential red flags for fly
    by night contractors. Also avoid high priced estimates with contractors
    who may rush to complete the job to maximize profits. If our painters
    your job early please feel free to find them something else to paint for
    the remainder of the 8 hour day.

    Our prices can't be beat by a reputable painting company! Why pay
    someone else more? You pay our painters at the end of the day once you
    are happy with the work so there would be no reason to spend more
    anywhere else!

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