PacSun / Pacific Sunwear of Californiareturning and a unethical behavior from cashier and manager

Al Oct 09, 2019

the day of 09/21/2019 my son bought a windbreaker and it was damaged, a week later he went back to the store to try to exchange the item and my son told me that the manager had a bad attitude he was rude and aggressive he told him that he was the one that damaged the windbreaker, I was not able to believe him because my son was a customer and getting this attitude from the manager my husband and I decided to go with our son this past Monday 10/07/2019 we first talked to the cashier that was working there and he called the manager, as soon as he got there he pointed at my son and told him that last time he couldn't change or return it in an aggressive tone my husband and I were shooked by the way he form he talked to our son ignoring my husband and, my husband asked the cashier if we could speak to a supervisor or anyone in charge and he answered that he was the manager so my husband asked both of them for thier names and the cashier responded with a bad attitude as well he said "we are not giving you our names'' after that the manager told my son 'if you have an issue lets go outside" and he started to walk towards the door while screaming get out of my store and my husband started to follow him and asked him once more for his name and the manager got close to my husband and told him 'I will call the police and my husband said fine call them we will wait for them, as we waited he called security and said we were making a scene when we were all calm, when the security got there to talk to us we let him know what happened he decided to call his supervisor because we were not doing a scandal all we wanted was to exchange or return the windbreaker, the one making the scandal was the manager telling us to get out for good or bad at this point my husband was on the phone with Pacsun corporation and when the manager saw me on the phone with them he offerd to give half of my sons money back when security saw that we were right they did not kicked us out of the store and they adviced us to make a complain to the mall management office, at this point i want to know what is pacsun going to do about this incident because there was racism, descrimination (I cannot speak english and he kepth telling me he didnt understand spanish but he kepth looking at me from head to toes in a humilitive way), and threats which that worries me because my kids go all the time to that mall, in my opinnion, if he acted that way infront of us that are his parents, im scared of what he wuld do when we are not around.
We need to know what the Pacsun corporation is going to do next to fix this so we dont take this a step further

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