OYO Hoteleverything

Ha Oct 07, 2019

I am not one who complains about many hotels, but the entire stay not a single employee is able to be found on the property. Myself and a few other guests searched the property to speak with someone and called the front desk and no one is to be found. My Tv will not work, the sink is leaking and soaked the only towel that was provided. 2 adults and 1 child staying in a king, only given 1 pillow and put in a smoking room. After we checked in, they gave the same room to another guest who entered our room in the middle of the night. The carpets do not look like they have ever been cleaned, and have been ripped up in several places, the bed sheets are dirty and covered with holes from cigarette burns, Bugs in the bathroom area. The coffee maker provided in the room is so filthy, even after attempting to clean it out several times the water was still brown and has rubbage floating around. Even low priced hotels should have standard cleaning policy's, especially when remodeling under a new name.

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