O'Reilly Auto Partscustomer

Mi Sep 27, 2019

Store# 3914 lights was out for (3) days because an electrical issue. I Michael Eaddy (Assist Mananger) was at work when a customer name Roy came in and walked up to me (Michael) at the counter and told me he couldn't see me yesterday because I was so black. Blake Dye (District Manager) walked away when the customer made the comment. I told the customer that was racist and I walked outside of the store to catch a piece of mind. I return in the store and the customer approach me again with items in his hand, I told him we wasn't going to be able to ring the items up and cash him out because the debit card machine was still not working. The customer (Roy) then stated to me he was just going to walk out with it and I told him no he wasn't. The customer (Roy) then told me he could do whatever he wanted and then called me "Boy" . Then repeated to ask me, "did I hear him boy". Again Blake Dye(District Manager) walked away so I Michael Eaddy walked out the store again. The customer was allow to leave the store without paying for any of the items he got. No one not even the store manager said anything to me about the situation (probably because Roy is the store managers friend) Racism shouldn't be allowed in a place of business. I will be reaching out to more resources on this matter because I do treat everybody with respect and I expect respect back and for management to have my back instead my management walked away as if nothing was ever said. Please feel free to contact me in this matter. My number is [protected]

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