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O'Reilly Auto Partsracial, sexual harassment and discrimination


Several documented reports of sexual harassment, discrimination, racial slurs and retaliation made/and known by managers, HR, Regional managers plus District managers to no avail. ### you ###-### you ### said to Assisst Manager Kelvin Jones, a black male by a white manager infront of another black employee Russell Brown at store 1207 on Sparkman Drive. A white manager at the Bob Wallace store 948 made a comment that store 1207 was "The Hoodlum Store" while a HR rep, Tim Shaw was present that very day. Thru many reports of how unfairly blacks were being treated in this district by upper management, someone from HR finally appeared almost a year later. The ### you ### comment was a sore subject for upper management. I was told that the company didn't want to be known for something like that, they wanted so many statements concerning what that manager stated infront of me and Russell Brown. One HR rep said that it was he's first time hearing about it, but two weeks prior to that he called Russell Brown at work (O'Reillys) discussing what Russell saw and heard. The Regional Manager made a visit to the store on September 30, 2009 asking me for a third statement about the "N-word" comment as he put it and I explain to him that Tim Shaw already had a statement from me. He asked me not to call TIPS Hotline, call him first after threating me in the office about my employment. I felt along with other employees of the company blacks at certain stores didn't get a fair shake as white employees in many ways. Our location was considered as "It's Dark Over Here" stated by one District Manager when a white female employee reported to work to notice that all the doors were locked after 7 a.m. one morning. And that's what his reason were for the store being lock. This comment was heard several times. A District Manager instructed a manager not to hire white employees at store 1207 only hire black employees for that area. During that time Makeeda Clay, a black male was hired in fulltime over Kelvin Jones and paid more, with less knowledge and time in auto parts with the company. Kelvin was instructed by Ernie Golden to train Mr. Clay. Another employee hire off the street was Damien Reynolds, a white male with less knowledge and time in auto parts with O'Reillys was given the pay that Makeeda Clay was making over Kelvin that he also had to train when Mr. Clay was laid off for discriminatory reasons. But to make a long story short Mr. Jones reported harassment, sexual harassment, racial discrimination and retaliation during a two year period of time, and during that time when he started reporting Chris Harrelson the new District Manager Kelvin's employment became threaten even more, Kelvin's employment was threaten at less four times, he was denied to attend many church services on Sundays to hear his children sing in the choir, he was told that if he couldn't work 9-7 on Sundays by management that they would look thru applications to find someone to take his place, Mr. Jones kept reporting Chris Harrelson almost on a weekly basis to HR to no avail. James Leslie and Scott Robertson forged the date on a corrective action document that HR and Chris Harrelson knew about, nothing was done about it. James Leslie started telling customers infront of employees Kaye Todd and Scott Robertson that Kelvin Jones was about to be fired because of what he was trying to do to the company, "Is get something for nothing." A customer called Kelvin on Jan. 27, 2010 and told him what James was doing when customers would ask for tell them that Kelvin was about to be fired. Kelvin reported to HR rep Tim Shaw office to report what was taken place. He also spoke with Chris Harrelson the moment he made it to work that very day and asked Harrelson where was James getting this information from that he was about to be fired. Harrelson tried to play totally dumb in knowing what was going on, Kelvin asked Harrelson to look into this matter, but Harrelson never did. James threaten Mr. Jones's employment several times infront of employees and customers but provided a statement to the company that he never did threaten Jones. Kaye Todd as a witness says that she has heard James say this several times with her own ears and also mentioned this to Tim Shaw of HR in person. After Kaye Todd spoke out to Tim Shaw/ HR about how Mr. Jones had been mistreated for quite sometime, mysteriously she was tranfered out of store 1207 to store 1392 thru Chris Harrelson's contact to her with a raise. Shortly after that Mr. Jones was alone in the store with Harrelson, Leslie and Nathan (1392 manager) in July, Sott Robertson left the store, he states to go to the doctor and Brittney from the Andrew Jackson location was sent home before Kelvin Jones was confronted by Harrelson and Leslie in the office with two corrective actions. Mr. Jones told Harrelson that the corrective actions were false. Harrelson and Leslie got caught in a lie that they fail to reveal to Jones. Mr. Jones asked Harrelson to stop harassing him. Harrelson told Jones that the same rules that apply to every other employee in the company apply to him to...Jones replied back and said if that's the case why do you and James still have your jobs after all the harassment. Jones states Harrelson got pissed and yelled "Who's harassing you!!!" Jones says that he pointed at Harrelson and said, "You are!" plus as many times James has threaten my job you two should be on your third write-up. Jones says that Harrelson told him "Whatever!!" Now notice that James is just standing there not saying anything at all. Harrelson states said by Kelvin "If you're wanting to dispute this put it on here!!" meaning the corrective actions. Jones told Harrelson that he didn't recognize lies and he could gather 5 more write-ups to stack on top of the two he had and they still wouldn't mount up to a hill of beans. Jones says after he said that Harrelson got pissed again and said to him "You know what, I've given you so many chances!!" Jones says that he asked Harrelson, "So many chances to do what Chris, what are you talking about was that a threat Chris" Jones says that Harrelson wouldn't reply to him. Kelvin states he told Harrelson because of his position in the company that doesn't give him the right to harass employees and that he took the comment as harrasment, he asked Harrelson were they done in the office because he's not signing anything, Harrelson says yes, Mr. Jones says that he turned around and walked out of the office leaving Harrelson and James in the office. Now from that point Jones is working putting away stock with a few minutes passing by from leaving the office. James comes out of the office first going back unto the floor pushing the cart putting up stock also moving towards the front, Harrelson comes out last, Mr. Jones states he was headed towards the bathroom when Harrelson asked Jones to turn over his store keys, with no hesitation Mr. Jones pulled the keys from his pocket and handed them to Harrelson saying "You want them now their yours" and turned to walk off, Jones says that Harrelson raised his voice at him, because Nathan was down by the drink machine looking and said "What did you say about these keys!!!" Jones says that he turned around and told Harrelson that you wanted them now their yours. Jones said that he told Harrelson that he didn't have anymore to say about it and he kept working. Jones says that Harrelson kept following him down towards Nathan talking loud saying "I want to know why you gave me yours keys because that concerns me' saying this infront of Nathan now. Jones says to Harrelson again I have nothing more to say, so please leave me alone. Jones says that Harrelson almost ran into him on purpose when he came off an aisle behind the counter, Jones said that he kept working going from the floor aisle to back behind the counter putting up stock. When Jones pulled more items that belong behind the counter off the counter to place them on the shelf. Jones says that he notice that the customer that used the tools earlier on his truck returned them, Jones says that he grabbed both wrenches, taillight star wrench and plyers and walked over to the blue toolbox behind the drink machine, mind you, Nathan didn't move nor turn around my way at all to see what I was doing but passing Nathan that was standing at the first counter in the direction of the toolbox. Mind you, a customer is also witnessing this go on at times now. Jones states that he left the floor to make a phone call to member of the NAACP to report more harassment at the workplace and that the District Manager had take the store keys away from him. Jones says that he couldn't reach the member from that point, so he place a call to someone to describe what was going on at work. This lasted for about 4 minutes or so. Jones says that Leslie peeped around the battery display and said yeah he's on the phone. Jones said shortly after that he finished up his phone message and went back out onto the floor to continue to work, he notice Harrelson and Nathan huddle up whispering to each other by the first counter towards the drink machine, when Harrelson started walking away from Nathan and yelled "Hey Kelvin!! Come here, I need to talk to you now!!! Jones said that he told Harrelson that he couldn't go to the office and talk because he didn't feel safe talking to Harrelson about the write ups anymore, plus he told Harrelson that he didn't trust him. All at the sametime Jones says that Harrelson started walking out on the floor towards him as Jones is asking Harrelson to stop harassing him. Jones says that he notice Harrelson glace at Nathan, then Harrelson glaced over his left shoulder an saw the customer, a black male looking at him, that's when Harrelson charge towards Jones yelling at him to "Get out, just get out of here and go home!!" Jones said that He asked Harrelson for what? Harrelson says because you are refusing to talk to me and you are being sent home for insurbornation because you're refusing to talk me. Jones says that he said to Harrelson I'm talking to you about not harassing me. Jones states Harrelson was very anger and on his way out of the door Harrelson leaned over standing in the door way and said to him "I'll find someone else to work your shift" Jones said he left without saying anything nor reply to Harrelson at all. Now here is where it get interesting Nathan and James wrote false statements saying that Kelvin tried to attack Chris with a screwdriver. Chris Harrelson wrote a false statement about the samething. They also said that Harrelson tried to give Jones the keys back two times in their statements. James and Nathan wrote two different statements about what happen James said that Jones gave Harrelson the keys in the office, Nathan said that Jones handed Harrelson the keys on the floor, but Nathan didn't hear Harrelson ask for the keys at 40 feet away he forgot to mention that in his statement as a witness for Harrelson. James also said he witness Jones pick up a screwdriver on his continued second statement. False!!! Nathan states Jones had a threaten look in his eyes, from what I understand Jones had his back towrds Nathan. Wow!!! Nathan put in his statement that Jones was going to hurt someone. They all said that Jones was very anger. Which wasn't the truth. Thru all the false statements they produce why didn't Harrelson, James and Nathan mention the one black customer that provided the company with his statement of what happen in the store. James and Harrelson's job were at risk to be demoted or lost because of all the reports sent to HR by Kelvin Jones for almost a years time. They wanted Jones and other black employees out of that store by any means possible. Leslie tried several times to set Mr. jones up for missing money and everytime it backfired no one did anything to stop. So thru much more that was goin on Kelvin had already filed an EEOC Charge against O'Reilly so they felt the need to lie and rid Jones of his employment this final way by saying that Mr. Jones gave his keys back voluntarily and refused to take them back several times, so they consider Mr. Kelvin Jones voluntarily quitting by refusing to take back the keys to do his job funtions. The federal lawsuit was filed on Nov. 2, 2010. Mr. Jones states the recordings of harassment will clear up alot of issues concerning the sexual harassing by male managers, additional sexual harassment the company knew about from earlier reportings about a male manager that made a 17 year old male employee take his clothes off to keep his job and offered the same kid $500 to masturbate infront of him, and much more including customers and employee witness recorded statements speaking about James threating my employment several times over long length of time. And don't forget about ### you ###- ### you ### and Hoodlum reports that upper management tried to cover up.


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    Asherz May 24, 2018
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    Verified customer

    I was sexually assaulted working for O Reilly's store 4459 in Belleview Florida, HR Tim Shawl completely covered it up, all the managers, the DM all lied about it.. The person that did the sexual assault is related to the DM.. Lamar Marshall (Commercial parts manager), Danielle Wensley (Store manager), Damion the DM and many others all in on it and all lied about it.. Boycott this store!

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    george245 Jan 22, 2011

    i worked for Oreilly Auto for two years and all i can say is ^ MIDDLE FINGER UP ^ ### EM ### EM ### EM... i have worked for only a few places but Oreilly's is by far the worse. Unless you suck the DM or the SM off you wont get any where in that company. If there was a holiday or any other excuse they could come up with you would not get your check on time we got payed every friday but in two years I didnt get my check untill Monday or Tuesday four times. I also noticed the opinion they had of if you are from Illinois you know all but people from kentucky are a bunch of [censored] hillbillys that think up is a color and north is a food group. The pay for what I did was just stupid they were two busy paying their fav's good money while i was doing alllll the work and takeing care of customers while the manager and his lil d**k sucking bud's were in the back jacking off ### beacuse i didnt answere the damn phone within 3 rings while i had two customers in line, phones ringing off the hook and a pissed off customer who had a complaint about the managers attitude in his last visit on line three. while I was there I went threw three managers the first got moved to another store beacuse they said he sucked at manageing my store witch was a bigger one so they gave him a smaller store so he didnt cost us as much money. witch lead to the Asst. manager to get the job witch conffused me beacuse he didnt know ### about how to manage a company like that. One day he got mad at me beacuse i had a customer and a phone i was trying to answere wile he was looking for a part for his friend who had been there for an hour and who never bought a thing but back to my story i cleared out the screen on a computer that had a part for his buddys truck on it and got punched in the arm hard and got a write up for saying that ### hurt infront of my customet so i called the line they have for reporting things like that called the T.I.P.S line an d they called the DM and told him everything and he went to the SM who did it and told him I called the T.I.P.S line and after all was said and done i got called a p**sy for telling on him. so leads to the ### EM thing thats my opinion thank you for reading :)

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