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CB Cryptocurrency Orbest Investments Ltd The incident: hacking and theft of my wallet balance in perfect money
Orbest Investments Ltd

Orbest Investments Ltd review: The incident: hacking and theft of my wallet balance in perfect money

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Incident details :-

Name: Mohammed Yousef Ahmed Naim, I am Palestinian and live in Gaza City, Palestine. My ID number is: [protected]. On Saturday 08/04/2023 my Perfect Money wallet was hacked and stolen, and I was shocked that the entire balance in the wallet was stolen with a Total Amount of $ 1787.42 (one thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven US dollars). After reviewing the wallet's transaction history, it was found that withdrawals were made to these Perfect Money wallets (U7777777, U5035973). Below are the details of the withdrawals that took place.

14:10 08.04.23 Transfer [protected] U5035973

Account -8.33 0.04145 0.79 Sent Payment 8.29 USD to account U5035973. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. 8.29 USD to 0.000259 BTC - 1N579goy6vGbMECxAMZ2kcebNXLzW1zUGh

14:06 08.04.23 Transfer [protected] U5035973

Account -70.59 0.3512 9.13 Sent Payment 70.24 USD to account U5035973. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. 70.24 USD to 0.002186 BTC - 1Ngz1y6cBYRQPmyuRZuX5bD81QQ86Gax3m

14:05 08.04.23 Transfer [protected] U7777777

ORBEST INVESTMENTS LTD -1708.5 8.5 79.72 Sent Payment 1700.00 USD to account U7777777. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. 15dJAf657BBJn1XS1e8S8wUo27BcYa1aKb. Payment ID: pm2btc-f3feffb5eOTU3MTIw

I directly contacted the technical support of Perfect Money on the same day, Saturday 08/04/2023, to find out more details about who stole my wallet. I asked them to provide me with all the IPs addresses that logged into my wallet that day, and here are the IP details:

04/08/23 14:05:12 [protected] Lithuania Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36

Resolution: 1536x864 login, account

Desired outcome: hope that you will be able to get us back our stolen money which we worked hard for.Complainant: Mohammed NaimEmail: <span class="replace-code" title="This information is only accessible to verified representatives of company">[protected]</span>

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