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Onyx Management GroupMoney stealing company


Please stay away from this company! I caught them red handed stealing money from me and lying to me about it! I am an investor and I hired them to manage a few of my homes! They billed me several thousands of dollars for work that was never even done on my homes and also the owner, marina Foydel wouldn't even pickup the phone and speak to me even after I caught her in the act! I am now suing them in court because they also gave me several phony invoices for other work that was never even done on my other homes...they also over charge you for repairs, ripped off the tenants I have in my homes for their rent and never gave it to me! Please stay away, don't rent from them and make sure they actually repair the homes they rent out to you!


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    TempleGrad Mar 25, 2009


    I moved into a brand new house and it took these guys 6 weeks to provide me with a working fridge. Additionally, I have had several issues with my house, and call and leave numerous messages and NO ONE CALLS YOU BACK!
    There staff is completely incompetent and I am amazed how they are still in business. I have written e-mails to the President and Vice President of the company with no response. This company is truly the worst management company that I have ever dealt with, and I have been renting for the past 8 years. NEVER NEVER AGAIN!

    I am moving out of their house and subleasing the property.

    Renter's BEWARE!

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    consumeradvocate Jun 12, 2009

    Unfortunately I am a victim of the crook Marina Foydel as well. She constantly lies and is a totally dishonest business person. I plan on going after her by way of every tenants advocate group and by any legal way I can. My goal is to expose the scam artist and shut her whole operation down. She is the ### of the earth.

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    El Prejsler Jul 02, 2010

    I am in total agreement with all the people here. Mrs. Marina Foydel, Mr. Andrey Telegin and Felix Portman, the owners of the OMG, are the biggest crooks and thieves one can meet in any business dealing. Unfortunately, they are rich now and can afford to hire very good lawyers, who are willing to defend these crooks. Lawyers are crooks too.
    Good Luck to You, God Bless.

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    Useful Jul 11, 2010

    Totally correct

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    K Garth Jul 13, 2011


    This post is bogus and bashes a company that made the right decision. Alan Weston fabricated these complaints after his employment was terminated due to major violations of the property management code of ethics. He was renting properties to tenants, making false promises, collecting large deposits and keeping the money. Shortly after termination he was arrested and charged with drug possession, properties raiding, misdemeanor and money theft. Hope this helps

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