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Old Oak Bible Church in Middleburg Heights has several wedding packages available. The woman running the place is LAURA BUTLER. We have deemed her "The Wedding Nazi" because she is so demanding. I booked my wedding 16 months in advance and promptly provided a deposit. Two weeks later, she told me she misread her calendar and had to cancel my wedding. I got my deposit back, but I was very disappointed at how unprofessional, rude, and unkind she was. She did not treat me with respect and acted as though I was not worthy of her time.

Cleveland, US
May 07, 2015 3:07 pm EDT

Of the three people who 'DISAGREE' one of them (km907) is Pastor Dave and Laura Butler's daughter. Certainly she would disagree because I'm sure everything went swimmingly for her wedding.
I probably wouldn't have said anything except for the fact that she addressed the forum with 'you people'. Who speaks that way?
I did not get married in this church, but did consider it for my wedding in 2002 and was put off by Laura's behavior. I'm glad I passed, because I would not want to have to 'get over' all the dishonest things Laura has been accused of.
I think the church still does well because Pastor Dave does a nice job and delivers a heartfelt ceremony and it is convenient for those who do not have a home church.

Cleveland, US
Jul 07, 2011 1:31 am EDT

First of all, this is a wedding chapel not your home church. They run it like a business and that's why they have their own rules. You need to make sure you discuss everything single thing that's important to you and see if your wishes can be accommodated. Laura Butler is the pastor's wife, not just an employee. I wonder if her 'no nonsense' approach has put you off. It's been my experience that almost no one who complains about it knows what rude is. Telling you what is going to happen just because it's not what you want is not being rude. Rude is offensively impolite or ill-mannered. I personally have not seen Laura be rude but I have seen her run things her way. I was once told I was being rude when I told a customer that I did not hear what she said. I witnessed this mis-use of the word 'rude' many times. Just because you don't agree or dislike something does not mean that it's rude. I believe they do the most weddings of any place in the area, so they're doing something right.

30223, Georgia, US
Oct 27, 2010 12:58 pm EDT

religious NUTS

Berea, US
Aug 05, 2010 1:49 pm EDT

I also could not disagree more. Our wedding was just fabulous and Laura did a phenomenal job at making everything special and perfect. We had our wedding on a Friday night with the candlelight ceremony and it was just beautiful. Laura was wonderful to all of our guests and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Middleburg Heights, US
Nov 17, 2009 7:21 pm EST

I couldn't disagree more. I had a wonderful wedding and overall experience. You people need to get over it and respect that this church has been nice enough to offer their services. Part of utilizing their services is following their rules. If you want to have run of the church, maybe you should've joined one and then had your wedding at your home church and complained to your own minister. The people at Old Oak do a TON of weddings each weekend and have the place running smoothly. Not only did they do my wedding, but also numerous friends and none of us had a negative experience with Laura or Donna. I highly recommend Old Oak.

Parma, US
May 28, 2009 8:37 pm EDT

I agree completely! I just recently got married at Old Oak Bible Church and I was extremely pleased with Donna who does all the reception. Everything she said she stood by completely. Her food was great and everyone that was on her staff was very nice. Now on the other hand Laura Butler will hurt that church. She is completely rude and disrespectful! My fiance and I paid a lot of money to have our wedding there and she was sure to tell my bridal party that so that they would take it seriously. But on the other hand she needs to take her own advise. My photographer is a family friend and was nice enough to take our pictures for free (other then my sister paying to fly her here from Utah). On the day of the wedding my photographer was trying to discuss where she was going to take pictures from and where to stand well that didn't work out under "Laura's Rules". She wanted her to stand in the middle of the church (where she wouldn't be able to get any shots and do what the photographer was there to do and capture the moment so we have it forever). So my photographer came and got me and I went and spoke with Laura who spoke to me like we were stupid and didn't understand the rules she put in place. So clearly I was upset and was venting to my mother, soon to be mother in law and bridal party in the changing room which I think she overheard me because I found out after the ceremony that her and the Pastor pulled my photographer aside and yelled at her. I would NEVER recommend anyone to use their church for a wedding again! I would recommend the hall with Donna she was great! Laura also spelled one of my girls names wrong at first and blamed it on my writing instead of just admitting that she had clearly made an error. She also called my a few days before the wedding that there was an extra charge for the dressing room after the ceremony (while we are in the reception). Why didn't she go over that with us when we signed up instead of adding on all these little extra charges? Anyways like I said the hall was everything I wanted and so was Donna the wedding reception coordinator but for Laura Butler they really need to remove her from her position or she will continue to hurt that church and lose them business.

Nov 03, 2008 1:03 pm EST

I agree completely with the above comments. My wife and I were married in September at Old Oak Bible Church. Laura Butler is extremely rude, as stated, and she almost single-handedly ruined our day. After having everything confirmed early in the year, we found out just a month before the wedding that she had us down for the wrong time. We had already sent out invitations and made all other arrangements. She said the proof was on the check we gave her. When we came to see it, you could clearly make out that she wrote the different time on our check and tried to pass it off as our writing. It turns out, the other wedding that was booked for that time slot, wasn't even getting married until September of next year. When it came time to meet with the priest, he was unavailable. He also did not show up at rehearsal. We were married by a priest we didn't even meet until 5 minutes beforehand. Finally, a videographer was supposed to be provided, but Laura hadn't properly arranged everything and we found out later that he/she never showed up. They had some employee record our ceremony on VHS, then transfer it to DVD. We just recently got the copy and the quality is awful. My wife's name is spelled wrong! She said she notified our parents immediately AFTER the ceremony to explain what happened! What good is that!? After speaking with Laura she said that the videographer also did not show up for the wedding hours after ours, but that that couple was pleased with their video. Everything that comes out of her mouth should be questioned. This whole thing was a scam. We don't believe they even have a real videographer, and that they do this with all weddings as a selling pitch. We are extremely unhappy with the treatment received from Laura Butler and would not recommend getting married there as long as she is their wedding planner. She acts as if she is better than everyone else, and I'm surprised a church would even employ her services. The pastor was very good, but she almost spoiled a great event.