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This morning when my alarm clock went off, I had a strange feeling to look up this company which does not have an official company name. So i google the names of the people in the office and All i found was reports that this was a scam. So i read the reports and they were all the same scenerio.

I found the Job on Craigslist, called at 8:30pm got an interview the next day, then showed up the next day with 27 other people. They kept saying this was not a JOB it was an OPPORTUNITY. That there was a 6-8 week training period and it can be shortened based on the number of soliciting sales accumalted.
Asked to purchase a 3-ring binder to take notes which gave you no information on what this job entails. Using faul language claiming this was not corporate america.

Well Yesterday when i went to "Class" there was a guy named, Moss. Well a week ago i saw this guy outside of Publix trying to sell me perfume and cologne for me and my girl. Well in the class he said he was a "Senior Manager", if so why is he still soliciting in local areas. Claiming he just got back from a perfume show.

Beware of this job. It sounds lovely and like everything you would want. BUT they are just using you to do the dirty work for them. They want you to scam your family and friends into purchasing this perfume. Yet if they write a check it has to be writen to myself or cash, and i would have to cash it before i showed up for work the next day. Fishy huh? All im saying is look it up and find out all the info before going back.


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    Moof2 Jul 20, 2016
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    Hey everyone, wanted to give a more update response on this issue. I had a interview today with this company " The Regions" at 4619 NW 103rd Ave, Sunrise, Fl 33351.Everything that is explained in the above post are true about what they explain about the company in the first interview. I was interviewed by this man name Damon Williams and he came off very genuine but based off how long he stated the company has been open there should at least be something on the internet about them right? I mean it's 2016, but nevertheless I was really skeptical about working 4 to 6 weeks potentially only making 200 to 400 a week. I have two children to feed, a 1300 mortgage and etc, i didn't want to waste my time. Glad i was warned, I really couldn't afford to be scammed or even shorted.

    This is what the post on Craigslist look like
    **************************************************************************************************************************************************************LOOKING FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS!!! (BROWARD COUNTY) hide this posting

    © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap
    (google map)

    compensation: Up to 40k (after training)
    employment type: full-time

    Need individuals who are able to work in an UPBEAT, FAST PACED and RAPIDLY moving environment!!!


    : Customer Service Reps
    : Front Desk/Administration
    : Entry Level Management
    : Stocking
    : Marketing/Sales Team Leaders

    **NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!!!( will train for all positions at the companies expense)


    Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm and
    Saturdays 9:30 am-5 pm. (HOURS ARE NOT FLEXIBLE). The starting salary is up to $40k a year after training is complete.

    :Being able to work in a fast paced environment
    : Customer Service Skills
    : Great Attitude
    : Competitiveness
    : Strong Work Ethic

    We are looking to make some selections as early as this THURSDAY afternoon!!! Please send a copy of your resume or a brief description of your previous work history to [email protected] and someone will respond As Soon As Possible with what interview times are available.

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  • Wh
    whyteGirlHonesty Aug 12, 2015

    FOUND THEM ON CRAIGLIST PROMISING RECEPTIONIST JOBS ! BUNCH OF SCAMS THEY WANTED ME TO WORK 6-8 WEEKS 9:30-6 with no pay which i sadly did till i looked up reviews they call themselves the perfum people but when you call its called the region oh their phone number is [protected] HAHAHAHA EXPOSED YALL MESSED WITH THE WRONG ONE

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  • Mi
    michelle4165 Jan 09, 2014

    Just thought I'd give you the other side of the story from someone who actually completed training. I now run my own office and am making the type of money that I didn't think was possible for me before I came into Smart Management. I figured since I didn't get a college degree I couldn't run my own business. Smart Management has given me the opportunity to do just that. You will never hear anyone say that they finished training and didn't get the position. All you will hear is how people quit. If you quit on your first day or on your second week how can you expect to get an office? The problem is that most people don't really want success. Quitting and getting a job for $8.00 an hour is the easy way out. Like Boss Brad always says "broke people always listen to other people that are broke". Work hard and you can complete training and be successful with the business. You can make excuses and quit or you can finish training but you cant do both.

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  • Ra
    Raymond Abner Oct 05, 2013

    Yea, smart management is just a waste of time and effort. Had my first interview and was hired on da second interview da same week. Rite then I spelled b.s but stuck it out a couple weeks and found that the people who had been there before me was still going out and selling bottles and was at senior management and EO positions. Not including how he (Brad) spoke down on the people who wrote out their ### and left. It's a scam, and there's no paid training da first three weeks, which they advertised on craigslist when trying to explain the 40k pay! Don't waste your time, and most of all; stay off the craigslist jobs!

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  • Ms
    MS.NOYB May 30, 2013

    136 E MCNAB RD

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  • Al
    alize' parrilla Oct 14, 2012

    yessss this is all a lie...they're ghetto and unprofessional...ok i'm ghetto but at the same time very eduucated and i have plenty of tattoos but i know theres a place and time for everything so i would go hiding all my tattoos n dressed professional while alot of people were dressed like wtf and had all there tattoos showing and piercings...i'm not judging anybody because like i said i have alot of tattoos but 1st impression means alot...they bragged about having really nice cars how come in the empty parkings in the front i never seen there cars, they would walk far n leave after everybody leaves, there's no company logo on the building, there's no business cards, they call the boss boss lady so unprofessional...then da bosses brother sells knock off purses and watches after the class is done...what real professional company does that...and everybody gets paid 769 a week yea right some of there girls that work there look like's alll a lie go with your intuition all they do is brain wash people they're super cool smart people but it's allllllll a lie...

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  • Je
    jessica morin Sep 30, 2012

    OMG thank god i googled them before time i was so excited about this job opportunity but know that i know everything something must be done about this .these people are heartless I'm a single mother looking for a grate job to rise my daughter and make a living for us and this is the kind of people that i have to deal with f*** THEM!!!

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  • Po
    poopmaster86 Apr 30, 2012

    well today i went to the "training" and some girl was getting ready to leave and she just told the whole class " everyone please when u go home today look these people up online look and see what they are doing that this was all a scam ... so after that everyone in the class was set p with a trainer to sell on the streets also we had to use our own cars and our own gas wtf gas is too expensive to be driving around it fking b/s so i went for our first stop and i saw this crappy sells basically chasing people down to sell them perfume in the streets sooo five mins of that and i decided to leave a completely misconception of the whole add on craigslist i wish i would of seen this earlier oh well i didnt sell ### soo w.e only thing i lost was my time and money

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  • Cr
    CrystalColon Mar 02, 2012

    Omg theank god I clicked on theis page ! The only reason I found theis page is because o tried looking for a website for theese people because in thee "First interview" theey didn't really give me any information on thee background of theeir company and well of course anyone would want to know who theey are working for . I feel really sorry for who ever falls for theis. I found theis add of Craigslist and it was titles front desk/admin. I called because I was really desperate for a job . When I called a Olivia answered thee phone and asked of I was looking for a full time because theat was all theey were hiring for and theey needed people to start theat same Thursday . I was really excites to hear I got chosen and theat I was invited back to thee second interview . I went two days after thee first interview and theey're were like 30 people in thee room and thee class was given by a guy theat supposedly just finished thee training program we were about to start and his name was Jeffery. He was super unprofessional talking about drinking and joking therough out thee whole theing !! At thee end of theat class theey gave us a paper for a background check (theank god I gave none of my critical information) but thee ".Damon " said theat he didn't care what we'd done in our past theat he didn't care if we were crackheads he didn't care of we were on probation I mean come on now seriously what type of job works like theat ?!?!?!?!? This is suck crap saying theey'll pay you $769.96 before taxes after training and during training you'll get incentives and you travel 10 times a year and its paid theat you can talked your kids and husbands or wives and theat theey give you dental and healthe insurance Omg I can't believe thee nerve of theese people like really I can not . And thee poor people theat fall for theis theat actually need money for theeir families its disgusting ! So today o decided to go to thee 3rd class and tell EVERYONE about theis . I couldn't watch all of theese people coming for far as hell for theis crap, people withe kids also oh my goodness I just couldn't . Please don't ever be taken as a fool by theese people !!! By thee way theis office address is 7798 NW 64 the street and on thee door it says southe regional management but theis is on of thee many names theey go by !

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  • Cu
    cutie1857 Oct 28, 2011

    you guys are so right I went on craiglist on monday got an interview same time got there to interview I know I sucked at the interview but I still got the job.and etc...The guy Damon would never go into straight detail, and for his "perfect" example about the training program he brought in this lady named chanel about her fake story being in chicago blah blah and she only been there 5 weeks and is already the lead mamnager bull ### everything about that place and the people there is hell of odd people stop while your ahead dont fall for its an opportunity not a job the whole getting your own offices that is opening up with the management and administration and getting paid the $796 weekly also the whole 9-5 woprking monday-friday sometimes saturday and dont sell the perfumes to your family and friends you will get ripped off.

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  • Yu
    Yujuyh Jun 07, 2011

    I sat threw a week of the BS and after listening and taking notes that were supposed to help out in the future...ha wat bs for this type of s### go to a flea market n sell not drag ppl that actually need a job into it. I wore my dress cloth long pants black with a nice dark blue dress shirt, to my "car vs car" contest or watt ever it was. Next thing I knw me n 3 ppl r out there selling these perfumes n don't get me wrong it's fine for ppl to sell stuff on the street n get money n the perfumes sell great but don't mislead ppl that's very wrong. I have bills n loans to pay this was a weeks worth of waste to sweat in the hot sun all day! N for watt to sell 4 bottles I swear I was about to pass out! Day 1 was ok it was a cool environment if I wanted to work in like a shoe store or some small part time job nice ppl loud music relaxing boss, they seemed happy to hire me and made it seem like this was the best job of life! I got the interview and the same day came back for class, that was a lil fishy, I went to the
    Is room filled with 30 ppl . then day 2 it was ok we took some notes they told us we would get payed 200-300 in training and 769 before taxes wen were out of the training that can last 6-8 weeks but if u get "promotions" ur training can last ONLY 4 weeks. Keep in mind theres still 30 ppl. Ok not so bad right? Well day 3 Saturday we went to go meet the head boss lady
    Unfortunately I was feeling sick so I asked to leave n they just said I'd be missing a lot. Yea ok! So day 4 Monday n those 30 ppl i mentioned about are gone it's only me n like 7 other ppl n that was were I was gettin a lil concerned. Today I went around everywhere in doral Florida cuz there new location is on 7798 n.w. 64th street doral fl. I came home today upset, dehydrated, and again with no job. This is a huge disappointment and it not right that these ppl are falsifying a job description, and misleading so many ppl it's very wrong. My main concerns is how or what am I todo about the money my family wasted on the perfumes either I get my refund or the perfumes idc but if I don't I'm willing to fight for it it's a big rip off!

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  • Re
    Real women May 27, 2011

    It's a ripeoff they put on there ad stating administration, stocking etc as their job title but when get in the dirty office door your betrayed by 99.1jams blasting in the back ground.Then tatianna the receptionist brings a so call application and disappear, well there goes the gangster interview and the asking about your personal life not your experience.its a big scam that needs to be reported to the better business bureau.just because your unemployed doesn't mean you deserve to be mislead and misguided by unprofessional people and false information at all.I sat there with a educated mind knowing well this was a ripe off and will soon be on for the person that's trying to call it slendering its not its let hardworking selfdriven people no the true meaning of customer service and a administer position.the people who sat down listen to lies need to file a lawsuit for misrepresention and false information provided.

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  • Au
    Authenic Dec 17, 2010

    Its all a scam dont waist ur time I read the n4 and everything match from the training period to hw fast we could get out of training if we worked faster. THEY JST TRYING TO ROB YOU LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE RUN WILE U CAN

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  • Po
    positve person Oct 30, 2010

    Its amazine that people with no jobs have all the time in the world to sit an type such foolishness about the a company that you never worked for. This is all you opinion. It seem to me that you would found out first hand that it was a scam had you experienced the training program first, but you didnt. However I went to the second interview as well as the first I never felt uncomfortable. The interview was very professional and the people was very friendly. I returned to the second interview as well and I received the name of the managers. You must not have been paying attention. Regardless if it for me or not I see no wrong in what they are doing. People sale stuff all the time. Its just a matter of what you choice to do. People need to read more positive things. Most of the jobs today making real money is in Direct Sales.. People stop talking what you don't know they need to find a way to sue those of you for slander.

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  • Mz
    Mz.Pr3tty Aug 05, 2010

    Regional Management! yep that is the fake aka name that these people has provided people in broward county fl with. Once I read the add on craigslist i was a tad bit skeptical because the company provided no name and base pay just a phone number i was jobeless so i had nothing to lose. I called they told me to come in for an interview right then i asked for the salary or hourly pay the receptionist said there is no base rate you get $769 a week. So right when i walked in the front door in the pompano beach plaza suit 138 off cypress creek rd I knew something fishy was going on music was playing loud ( hip hop rap music) sooooo unprofessional. one older white lady came in and stated something i will remember for the rest of my life" BE CAREFULL COMPANIES will TRY TO SCAM YOU". she also stated what kind of work environment is this. they hired me told me come in 2morrow they like my personality and smile. so i came in it was a room full of people when the receptionst made it seems as though i was only pick n it was limited positions avaliable. it was a room full of pple we sat there for 2 hours the manager was cursing it was basically a comedy show if i wanted to watch someone make jokes n curse i would have watch deff comedy jams he describe how they take you shopping and provide their employees with paid vaction trips but i saw right through the BS. mon 08/09/2010 they wanted you to sale fragrance b4 you get into the office location they say woman can wear what we want no stalkings or long sleves????? if we r going to be in a office why cannt we wear stalking and long wouldnt it get cold in the office????? oh i get it u meant outside will b to hot to wear stalkings or long sleves while we sweat in the sun chasing potential consumers lol. IM glad i saw right through all of this foolishness I had nothing else to the older white lady did not come to the second interview she smelled a scam right away and followed her gut. N U DONT EVEN GET PAID THROUGH THE TRAINING WHAT A RIP OFF AND IT SUPOSE TO LAST 2- 8 WEEKS????? isnt it illegal to sell fragrances and place them into ur own box n sell it for $27?????? we dnt even know the managers real names if we get stop by the cops i guess ur [censor] out of luck..they also have no website i find that odd a company that has been in business for 35 yrs has no website...

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  • 86
    8675309 Jul 29, 2010

    This totally saved me from wasting my time and gas for a pointless job. At the interview the interviewer was very unprofessional, kept yawning and complaining about a zit on her face. Definitely doubt that a company that has rude people like that working and training can afford to pay someone 40k a year. I call B.S.

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