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I have heard that ocwen in on the verge of financial disaster. All caused by their portfolio of sub prime loans, foreclosures and inability to rebound from the current economic times. Every seven seconds a home owner will lose their home to foreclosure. The effect will be two children in every class room throughout the united states will be homeless. Government statistics indicate that 1 in every 200 households will be foreclosed upon. How much longer can ocwen continue normal day to day business? It’s all a sham and we’re the ones that will ultimately pay. I believe that we need to see some more banks and financial institution fail. The government can’t protect them all without borrowing more monies from foreign countries, china, japan, or social security. Like all those homes that have been foreclosed one day soon you’ll drive down to west palm beach, fl to see an empty ocwen building. What goes around comes around!!!


  • Xx
    [email protected] Aug 20, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    James Russell Giles
    1455 Horseshoe Road
    Arrington VA 22922

    August 16, 2018
    OCWEN Loan Servicing, LLC
    1661 Worthington Rd, Suite 100 Mailed Certified
    West Palm Beach, FL 33409

    ATTN: Office of the OMBUDS

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    In following up on our multiple written and verbal communications, regarding removing my ex-wife’s name from all loan documents as per the agreement prior to signing the loan modification dated 07/25/2016, I am out of patience and so is my ex-wife regarding the above referenced matter.
    At the signing of the modification, I was advised that my ex-wife’s name would be removed from all loan documents however, within the last 2 to 3 months it has come to my attention that you have not removed her name from the liability for repayment of the loan. I have had several conversations with individuals within your department advising me that the matter was being handled and action would be taken to bring about closure. As you are aware my last conversation held on Thursday, August 16, 2018 with a relationship manager, the removal of the reference signature is still pending. What is most confusing is the loan modification documents stipulate that both borrowers’ signatures are required prior to approval. Since my ex-wife refuses to sign a Quick Claim Deed, I was advised by one of your relationship managers that since the property at 1455 Horseshoe Road, Arrington VA 22922 was awarded to me in the Divorce Decree, I was to submit a copy of same, and OCWEN would move forward with the approval of the modification with my signature only. From that day forward all documents from OCWEN coming to me referenced my name only. So I was truly under the impression that her name was no longer associated with the referenced loan.
    At this point you are asking me to move forward with a formal assumption which again is confusing, considering the fact that a loan modification has taken place.

    Point of Fact:
    OCWEN moved forward with the modification without notifying my ex-wife which negated her contesting the modification. Here is the contradiction, as a requirement for a formal assumption you are requiring my ex-wife to submit a Quick Claim Deed as well as her approval to move forward with assumption, which legally makes no sense to me.
    What I have gathered from the conversations and the documents that I have received lately, OCWEN is making an assertive effort to cover up this grave error.
    This is my last attempt requesting that OCWEN makes this right by removing my ex-wife’s name from the loan document and submit a letter of apology to me on your letter head.
    Should I fail to receive the afore-mentioned by the 1st September 2018, I will move forward to bring about a resolution within the Courts.

    James Russell Giles

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  • Ja
    Jana King Jun 26, 2017
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    Verified customer

    After a year of waiting to get an approval for a short sale we requested an extension to close escrow last week before it expired and were told they had a 5 day grace period and if title sent the HUD for approval they would still allow it to close. Title sent it over on Friday and then again this morning and this afternoon with no response. Now they are telling us we have to wait 7-10 days for a new approval. We have buyers funds and all required documents to close and the buyer will have to have new docs drawn and additional fees to be able to close and thats if we actually get a new approval. By the way Ocwen is getting a payoff of almost 100 percent. You would think if you wanted your money you would get us a simple extension or approve the HUD that you had before your approval expiration. I have talked to several people today with no help.

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  • Jo
    jodysgirl96 Jul 29, 2016

    I am in need of assistance concerning Ocwen trying to forclose on a property that a judge ordered the proceedings closed and dismissed. Can anyone assist me? I have a copy of the court order stating that the bank was to stop the porceedings at once. Help!! Thanks!!

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  • Fi
    Fizdole Jul 29, 2016
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    I recently got transferred to Ocwen, I was told not to make the september payment as of yet since I would be receiving paperwork from this company. I never got anything from Ocwen. I was contacted yeterday 9/8 by phone with an automated message to call back, when I called them back all I got was an automated service, asking you to make a payment. and they also want to charge a late fee because is past due as of the 5th of the month. wth? is that they way the conduct business. Are they for real?

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  • Sd
    Sdolle Jul 29, 2016
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    My loan was given to ocwen from saxon. our rates had gone from 4.25 to 8.25 500.00more month on our home. since my husband is in construction hard time paying. saxon was working on a home modification they sold to ocwen. for the last 5 months or so i have sent them all they asked me too... They kept telling me they would send me paperwork for a lower house note never did.. i kept calling them they would never return a call. i called them last night they told me i was reason?? They are based in India and as far as i can tell by all the other complaints they are trying to take American homes from us...

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  • Th
    thefreshstartfirm Jul 29, 2016
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    Verified customer

    How to beat Ocwen and get that loan modification you deserve!
    In all the years that I’ve worked on mortgage and debt resolution matters, I have never encountered a firm that is as challenged as Ocwen. Ocwen uses a mixture of “old school” collection tactics & modern technology to harass homeowners and drive them crazy. Ocwen is notorious for padding the mortgage debt, inflating escrow accounts, misapplying payments and illegally forcing foreclosure action. Embarking on a solo mission against Ocwen is definitely a very daunting task. Unless you have an affirmative defense that will stop Ocwen from collecting on the mortgage debt, they will steam roll right through you and the foreclosure process. We have been battling Ocwen on cases for the last 7 years. We know how to file the necessary Federal and State level complaints that are proven to force Ocwen into cooperation. These complaints are focused primarily on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as well as RESPA. Remember, if Ocwen is blocked from collecting on the debt they will have no choice but to cooperate with you. Please feel free to contact our office at 877.297.7011 or visit for more helpful information

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  • Le
    Leondra Mar 14, 2016

    During my loan modification Ocwen failed to pay my insurance and it was cancelled! I had that insurance for twelve years and Ocwen put a forced insurance on my account I got my own insurance which was higher then the original. Ocwen admitted their mistake but did not keep their promise to pay it for a year and they went up on my mortgage!!! They are scandalist crooks and they know nothing can be done about it!!!

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  • Ma
    Mary Ziegler Jul 24, 2015

    In April 2006, we took out money on our home. In June, I lost my job and we were forced to file chapter 7 bankruptcy, which was finalized in Nov. 2007. Ditek sold the equity to Ocwen. We reaffirmed the the money borrowed in order to not lose our home. We were never late with our payments. In May, 3014, Ocwen discharged the monies owed which turned everything to zero. I just recently found this out after trying to execute my husband's estate. I found out my credit report was poor to fair. Why? After May, 2014, even though we had continued to make payments, none of the payments were reported to the 3 main credit agencies. They said that the borrowed equity was never reaffirmed after the 7 years had passed and the monies was put in delinquentcy account and that they did report to the credit agencies. I said since my husband had died all I should be able to do was send them the death certificate to them and I could then renegotiate the monies owed. I also asked why my payments were never reported to the credit agencies. Well these people in India who can't speak the English language with any fluency refused every suggestion I made. They referred me to their research department. Also they informed me that the payment statements would not be sent out til the end of the month and my payment is due the first of the month! I called my lawyer and he said send a payment in with a letter and the account number. My family bank when I told them my story said that they never heard of such inaccurate and wrongful banking procedures. They suggested that I call each of the credit agency and tell them my story about Ocwen. The agencies were very understanding and were surprised that Ocwen never reported my payments or removed the chapter 7 from my name since more than 7 years had passed. They themselves removed me and told me they would investigate Ocwen themselves. At least they spoke English fluently. All Ocwen is doing is having me jump through hoops. I'm hoping the credit agencies will get them to straighten up or sell the monis owed to a REPUTABLE bank. At least I had some satisfaction. Mary, taken for a ride to nowhere.

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  • Kr
    Kroger H Jul 04, 2015

    What one can do is get a recording of their conversations - but don't tell them you are recording it as they will hang up, give the recording to your attorney or better be have your attorney join you on the phone, when Ocwen calls you - you can nail their lies - upload the conversation on youtube

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  • Bo
    Bob USNR May 16, 2015

    I am going through ocwen's "no communication" ordeal right now. Not that I haven't gotten ocwen's excuse for a written "answer" occasionally. They just keep sending papers even my CPA cannot understand. All info ocwen sends to the credit reporting agency s is false.
    The real hell here is once ocwen files for foreclosure the govt of many states steps in and HELPS (actually the gov't guarantees) ocwen the win before ocwen has even filed the foreclosure papers!!
    This is usually done in a courtroom that was specially setup to take your home from you with the judge not verifying anything before he/she rules against YOU. In Florida and I hear Virginia too, to name but a few, they even have a "cute name for this government sponsored theft system... "The Rocket Docket". That name refers to the speed the judges in Florida rule >>>against the home owner<<< it is said to be One foreclosure per 2.5 minutes!!!
    I have sent a line itemized summary of all my payments, since 4 months before ocwen was involved, arraigned so even a 5 year old could understand it, with the name of the bank plus transaction numbers. All ocwen's answers have been incomprehensible, so far and do not address the problem.
    I was just told by a practicing RE Broker that this is what CFPB was setup to stop. She said CFPB are the best people to contact on this kind of issue. CFPB >>>automatically<<< sends copies of your complaint to police and other agencies that are interested in this sort of criminal activity!! Ya gotta love that!!
    So, the best of luck to all of you in whatever company's loan financing hell you are in. May it end soon!!
    I hope you get the chance to do them irreparable harm in the process! ;-)

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  • Ge
    George Farkas Dec 04, 2014

    Ocwen acquired the assets of GMAC after GMAC filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2012. The above property was sold prior to the bankruptcy but Ocwen refuses to honor the acknowledged purchase agreement and close the transaction.

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  • Ch
    Chief T Nov 20, 2014

    Call the Office of the Consumer Ombudsman

    They are a company that has been created to help ensure that Ocwen's servicing remains fair, reasonable and proper.


    I just fixed a problem with Ocwen from Dec 2013 in 20 minutes! This works!

    US Vet and Ocwen hater!

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  • Su
    super pisd Sep 15, 2014

    My husband and I have and escrow account that we pay for insurance and taxes, well we had some damage done to our home and so we call the insurance dept at Ocwen to find out we haven't had insurance since Feb that they left it lapse. Then they said that they were going to get us insurance that still hasn't been done yet. Then I asked were our money was and they said in the escrow account . Well to find out what we had been paying for 2 years minus our taxes there isn't that much money in there. So I think I need to call the news channel and hire and atty to take care of all this bull crap.

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  • Dana Shafman Sep 04, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello JDHICKLEN,

    We have successfully dealt with these exact Ocwen situations in our office just as you have stated above and we were able to successfully assert the rights of our clients and put them in a position for HAMP!

    While I am sorry for the abuse that you have suffered at the hands of Ocwen, it is not surprising as we have the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with Ocwen on a daily, if not hourly, basis for our clients that have experienced the same or similar mortgage servicing issues that you have stated in your valid complaints to include CFPB violations for payments not being promptly and properly credited, restricted dual-tracking, fair review process, no runarounds, notification of foreclosure alternatives and most importantly; unfair, deceptive and abusive acts and practices (UDAAP). Can I say that there are multiple consumer rights violations under Federal law that I found in your complaints, to include FDCPA violations, and I am on a mission to educate consumers on their consumer rights.

    I routinely look for posts to answer in hopes that it will not only bring optimism to those homeowners and borrowers in distress but also some basic information to assist in fighting the banks like Bank of America, Chase, Citi and Wells Fargo that are "too big to fail" but yet don't appreciate the bailout that we provided in their time of need. The debt collectors like ASC, SPS, SLS, GreenTree, Bayview, Caliber, Ocwen and Nationstar are simply just piranhas but they can be beat at their own game too just like the big banks can be defeated.

    It pains me that you have fallen victim to the illegal, unfair, deceptive and abusive acts and practices of Ocwen but I commend you for seeking help; too often homeowners do not fight for their consumer and constitutional rights! With that said, you have overlooked a key aspect to your fight, which is putting it in writing in the form of a proper QWR and submitting a formal complaint to the FTC or CFPB for immediate response; it’s sad that it takes regulatory muscle to affect change but it is true. Also, Ocwen should have advised you that you could write a Letter of Explanation (LOE) to provide you with additional time in which to receive the SSA information, but they didn’t, which warrants a QWR in and of itself.

    My firm routinely seeks out complaints online so that we can educate as to how to fight back on our weekday show called "The Daily Complaint" where we review a complaint and how to tackle it successfully. We reviewed your complaints on the show today if you would like to listen, visit

    Let me point out that Ocwen has violated your rights under the "Strong Protections for Struggling Borrowers" section of the CFPB's new mortgage servicing rules as afforded you under the CFPB and Dodd-Frank Act. Here is a link to the CFPB's new mortgage servicing rules

    In the event you have further questions, you can contact me via email at [email protected] or via the website at or via phone (my full contact information is below) as I would be more than happy to contact Ocwen on your behalf or with you to determine the status of your loan as well as what options exist for you as a borrower/ of charge to you!

    END Consulting is a full service strategic debt and credit consulting firm started in 2006 with expertise is debt negotiations coupled with an exceptional track record of strategic consulting to include the real estate industry with a formidable business foundation. We have successfully assisted hundreds of clients in the past year alone in achieving desired results with regards to their mortgage loan(s) to secure ethical, legal and affordable mortgage solutions. The results that we negotiated for our clients were not on the table for most when we took on the client as it took regulatory muscle and aggressive communication to achieve the desired debt restructuring resolutions.

    I would be happy to elaborate for anyone reading this as we always offer free consultation until we can determine if we can assist you to include contacting the bank and/or servicer for you for free to uncover the options that exist for you in this situation. You can reach me via email at [email protected] or via the web at I have had the pleasure of educating thousands of consumers on their rights and how to assert them to get what they firm is exceptional at what we do!

    Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's END


    Dana Shafman
    Owner/Managing Member
    END Consulting

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  • Ti
    Timothy M. Stull Aug 24, 2014

    Ocwen is currently under an incredible amount of pressure because of past and present litigation. If you are aggressive, file the necessary complaints and hold Ocwen accountable, you can complete a loan modification with them. However, Ocwen is notorious for dragging out loan modification cases in an effort for wear you down. HUD counselors simply don't have the time or resources to get aggressive with Ocwen. We will contact Ocwen free of charge and offer up real free advice. Feel free to call my office at 877.297.7011.

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  • Im
    IMGJOHN Jul 21, 2014

    Their customer service is all based in India. I am very upset with this. Giving our Social Security Numbers and other vital information to people in India. No thanks. I am very upset. When GMAC Mortgage sold our mortgage to them I had a great working relationship manager. Now I can not talk to him right away if I need to.. I need to schedule a time that is a few days or weeks away. Very hard to understand the bad accents of these customer service reps.

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  • Aw
    awefull company Jul 06, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is awful and has put me in debt and I'm about to lose my house because of this company. After trying to work with them and everything I've been thru I get a letter in the mail the other day offering me a Home Affordable Foreclosre. WHAT !!! I've been trying to save my house not lose it !!! Stay away !!!

    This company needs to be exposed to the media and in Rhode Island we have Susan Hogan from WPRI
    Susan Hogan is the Emmy Award-winning “Call 12 for Action Problem Solver” on Eyewitness News Live at 5:30.Susan has earned six Emmy Nominations, including one Emmy for her investigative reporting.Her continued commitment to solving problems and helping her viewers goes back more than 16 years.

    Email I sent to the CEO and of course did not get a response.

    Dear Mr. Erbey,

    I have been working with your company to get some sort of mortgage assistance since last November. I still have no answer. I applied for a modification and was denied. After that long treterios process I was then told there is a program for the unemployed and that's what I should have applied for. Your company knew I was unemployed so I don't know why that wasn't offered to me from the beginning instead of the months I wasted applying for a modification that I wasn't even eligible for. So now a couple of months have gone by waiting for an answer on the modification and I'm getting deeper in debt. I now apply for the program for the unemployed and you company keeps sending me letters saying my bank statements are now 90 days old. That went on for at
    least two to three months now because the process takes so long. Lets see, rental receipts needed etc.. Mind you the requests of information your our company already had from me. Your company also had all this information from my modification package I applied for, Your company just keeps asking for something every month putting me further and further behind in my mortgage. I am now behind over $5, 000 dollars because of your company and the way you operate it. I'm on a fixed income. My husband is 100 percent disabled and I am currently unemployed with no income.

    What is with a relationship manager when you can only talk to them via an appointment? What good is that. They don't
    even contact you before your scheduled call to let you know if and what is needed to quicken the process. No one contacts you to you know whats going on. hen you have to make another appointment for a month later to just be told they need something else from you. Its a very sickening process and I can't believe I am still trying to get assistance from your company since November.

    I don't feel that your company and its process is helping me get assistance. It has only put me more and more in debt. Your
    operations process is not effective or helpful. I am very disappointed and disgusted with Ocwen. I have NEVER gone through such a brutal, exhausting and frustrating process to get assistance from a company. This including the way your process of conducting business being non-effective and definitely not helpful. Your motto is you want to help people. Well your not helping me since every month that goes by I'm getting deeper in dept Unfortunately, my mortgage company was taken over by company and after reviewing your company, I can see your company does not have good ratings which is concerning to me as well.
    All I wanted was mortgage assistance so my husband and I do not lose our house and all I'm doing is going back and fourth with your company getting NO WHERE !!! I had my one of many calls today with my relationship manager and of course now another month is gonna go by because your company needs another piece of paperwork from me so which means another month getting behind. I am not a happy customer by any means with your company and I will not recommend your company to anyone I know.

    It is SO UNFAIR !!!

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  • Jd
    JDHICKLEN Jun 20, 2014

    My loan servicing rights have been sold to many a companies in a 20 year period, but now this service truly is the single worst. I tend to think and have found online proof of their deceptive practices and ways of lying to you! And i am no racist but they mosrly speak hardly any english and not broken english. The right hand of this company does not even know what the left hand is doing either!!! My problem began when i said for the 1st time ever had to call and tell them my wife had been laid off, and that i could not make the payment for the single 1st time in that 20 years and though all of the comonaies i have dealt with they are the worst. I unerstand companies wanting to save money but why not us people of the phillipine nation? They have spoken better engliah than most os usa folks. Simply true! Most all of the att personnel are just that! Well to furhter things along i learned about the "hamp" and my so called "relationship" manager which i think shoud keep in contact with me but he only calls every 4 to 6 weeks! He himself speaks very bad english and does not evenr truly comprehend. Now i may be a texan but i tell you i speak better and more proper english than counter parts here in texas. I was raised this way, to be very propper! So ino the "hamo" process i am told on april 16th, 14 all i needed were some typed up ltters of hardship for me and my siuation. Since my wife did not wok we could not use her info. Was told the 6th that i needed that i needed a copy os my ssa direct express card as the ssa hardly sends checks anymore. Well, in the most recent conversion in the month of may he told me that i neded 3 more vaious lettiers from the ssa office and a list of monthly payouts forms and 2 other that they had to custimoze just for me. It was suppposed to take 20 days or less to get them as the local ssa offices are to stop doing this type of letter effective oct. 2104 now. Most all have stopped already! So i had to call the national occie of the ssa. He now demanding thes letters he knew that i would not have them by 17 - june - 2014 which was my deadline according to him, and the final last time i could ever do the hamp. Well i have still not gotten my ssa documents that they promised. He admitted to me that he knew they more than likely would not be there by then! Is that not bad info or deceptiveness? Now i can either way till my wife goes back to work and do another hamp! Which i was told by my hud counseor that this man had been flat out lying to me now. That just is not true! You can fill a hamp put 1000 tmes if you wish too! Now because of that i am up for possible foreclosre if i cannot make a payment on 23 - june - 2014. I have been disabled since 28 - june - 2009 now. I am failing about what to do! I cannot do bankruptcy as for myself without the wife cannot afford to make th payments muchless filing monies, or even get a lawyer. I have no other living family and no where else to go!! This is my prblem with them and it goes much deeper but an company that rgows at the rate they are and have, 500 percent in 4 years"? They need truly competent workers and customer service agennts. You can never speak to anyone but those of hindu / indian nationalities! Have any of you ran or had this same tpe of problem?> if he would have not change or demended things after the first time i spoke with him which was 16 - april then i could turned my app into them. Since he did what he knew and admitted to it, rather blatantly too~ i could of had my hamo in then by 20 - april - 2014. Can anyone advise me of anythung else to try or do or your experiences with this tyoe thing from ocwen?

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  • Sj
    sjcr Jun 02, 2014

    June 1st, 2014

    Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC
    Attention Research Department
    P.O. Box 24736
    West Palm Beach, FL [protected]

    Regarding Loan Number: XXXXXXXXXX

    Dear Research Dept and Richard Hoenniger:

    I am VERY UNHAPPY with OCWEN's customer service, and Research Dept, which is a joke.
    I contacted the company about not getting statements, and they retaliate by loosing my May 2014, loan payment...!!

    I have not had an account statement sent to me since Sept.2013. I want a statement EVERY MONTH..What is so difficult about that??

    I called your customer service on Sat. May 31, 2014..and asked for every statement to be sent to me since January 2014..It was never sent.

    Every month I mail my check to the address on the back of the last statement that I got from this [censored] company..Copy attached.

    I was never informed that my payment that I sent for May has not been applied to my loan. What the hell is going on here? My check cleared my Bank. Check number XXX, for $xxxx.xx. cleared my bank on May 13th. Now I get this nasty gram letter from Richard Hoenniger, stating I haven't paid my payment. This is a lie.Where is my payment??

    I also got a letter stating that my insurance was accidentally DROPPED..!!! WHY??

    I have gone onto your website, and find out I have a late payment, and I better not have a late fee. I haven't been late in over 10 years..

    I contacted Owen about not getting statements, and they come back with : a bankruptcy being rubbed in my nose (from 2005)?? My husband died of cancer, I had no other means of income.If it's any of your business

    You have not fully addressed my concerns,

    In the letter from May 23rd, it states "account statements were not sent to me" since the discharge of my Chapter 7. LIE LIE LIE, as you can see by the attached document I have a statement from September 2013..I cross out on the old statement the due date for the current payment I'm sending.

    How can you company lose my payment???????????????????????????

    This company is so inept I cant believe it. I want to know where My May/2014, Payment went, to whom was it applied, and a credit sure as hell better get applied to my loan.

    My loan payment was sent to Ocwen Loan servicing, Attn Payment Processing, P.O. Box 79135, Phoenix AZ stated on the back of the statement. On the statements I DO NOT ANY long receive any more..!!, so I have no tear, or return envelope..!! off, I have seen sending the last month's payment of Phoenix..

    I am going to send emails, and letters to everyone I can find to get this resolved.

    I have been using an "OLD" statement sent with my payments.. I never get new how would I know that OCWEN lost my May payment, and has charged me a late fee, and counted me with a late pay.??? I have asked many times to have copies sent to me, and I get nothing.

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  • Ma
    maruthu pandian May 18, 2014

    not received my British fund in RBI please remind for RBI

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  • Ap
    Aprilpissed Apr 30, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Its been a nightmare. I hate this company. And I am doing everything I can to make sure that the government looks into them, You all have to get together and contact the BBB, CFPB, Make a complaint. There are websites and people out there that will listen if you ### loud enough.

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  • Lu
    Luigi dececco Apr 21, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My loan was also sold to Ocwen. It has been nothing but a complete disaster. In December I changed homeowners insurance and was able to save $1000 a year. I received an escrow analysis that my payment went down by $35. My taxes remained the same for 2014 and in February I got another escrow analysis stating I had an escrow shortage of $3000 and that Ocwen wanted an additional $3000 in cushion. My payment went up $300 a month. A few days later I get a call from my flood insurance company telling me that my flood insurance was double paid ($3000) and they asked me what to do with the additional funds. I got in touch with Ocwen and arranged the funds to be sent back to them and they still haven't credited my account. April 18, 2014 my bi-weekly payment came out of my account and I noticed it was $280 more than the last payment. I again called Ocwen and long story short they supposedly did another escrow analysis on April 10, 2014 and now my escrow was an additional $2000 short, so they took it upon themselves to steal additional funds from my personal bank account. I was told that I should have received the new escrow analysis in the mail but I haven't and I'm still waiting on the email of the escrow analysis. And to put icing on the cake the additional escrow shortage is because Ocwen decided to pay the homeowners policy that I had cancelled. I am calling a lawyer today I can't deal with it anymore!

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  • Ca
    CandaceE Apr 03, 2014

    I feel like breaking down in tears right now. Ocwen has the WORST customer service I have ever had to deal with. My father passed away leaving me the house and all I've been trying to do since January is assume the account manager Alecia tells me the same thing each time...I'm sorry but I've sent an email the assumption department but they haven't responded...this is the same line I get each time. They then ask me for the same information and paperwork ever couple of weeks and each time it's like it just disappears. Today I actually got someone that spoke english and after being on hold for exactly 32 minutes...she came back to the phone and says, I'm sorry but we don't have you listed on the account as someone we can talk to. I said to her that I've been talkign to you people since November and NOW you're telling me you can't talk to me? She just kept telling me the same thing...and then offered me a fax number to send to them again, the same paperwork I have sent 4 times prior...I feel like punching her in the face.

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  • Do
    Dorlynmil Mar 19, 2014

    Same thing here. My loan was sold to Ocwen by Chase. It has been hell every since that day. Applied for a loan modification, they lost the paperwork 2 or 3 times. Then they said they didn't get a payment and on and on and on...

    Now that I have found someone to buy the house, the only thing holding up the sale is that Ocwen will not send the payoff. This company is real bad!!! How can they continue to do business???? Check out the link below

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  • Ne
    Never been a customer Mar 10, 2014

    Keep sending bills to a FALLEN SOLDIER. What the heck is wrong with these people.

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  • Yv
    Yvania Pompilus Mar 03, 2014

    Hi my name is Yvania Pompilus, I was calling many times for my 1098, tax 2013. I talked to many people and none of them are able to help me about it, they said they will mall it to me, or fax it in 3 week ago .The account # is [protected] and each time i call now they make they request to mail it or fax 3 times i need to do my taxes also the house # is 3926 SW Kabane ST Port St Lucie Fl 34953 that not nice i don't like it ?

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  • Va
    Valeriebr Dec 18, 2013

    They told me I didn't pay in November 2013. They cashed my check on November 18 (10 days after receiving it). Where did it go for 10 days? So now I have a late fee when it was paid on time? Please tell me why they continue to get away with this and no recourse? I have sent complaint to Oregon Dept of Justice (where I live), Office of the Comptroller that regulates mortgage companies and the Ombudsman at Ocwen several times with no response or very limited response that they will look into it and then nothing!

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  • Tr
    trmcccccc Nov 15, 2013

    We surrendered our property in Bankruptcy Court to Litton Loan, they sold Co to Ocwen. Now Ocwen is trying to Foreclose on property they already have...CAN YOU SAY STUPID!!!

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  • St
    stephy Jones Nov 03, 2013

    Horrible company. I made two payments and they are stating that they received the funds but have no clue where it went. This has been an ongoing situation. No one helps. They steal and are the biggest crooks. Even with double payments it doesn't help. Goes back to 1400.00 with fees that shouldn't be there. How does a company stay in business with so many complaints? What can i do? They have threatened me with foreclosure. I am not behind. The payments went through.

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  • Wa
    Wanda Fahr Sep 24, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having problems with late charges. My mortgage is due on the 15th of every month. I send my checks on the 5th of every month, but doesn't seem to get to them by the 15th. I send my payment to an address in ILL. I can't seem to talk to anyone about the delay in processing my checks. I too would like to change mortgage companies, but have you tried. Forget about it. My husband and I both have our credit rating @ 800 or better and still can't get anyone to refinance our loan. Now they lost one of the two checks I sent and they said I never put the check in the envelope. I have been doing it this way for about 10 years and this is the first problem about my check. I had to pay late fees and Wells Fargo to take the money out of my bank so I didn't get anymore late charges. I called and talked to three different employees Pradeep, [censored]al Rehenwine, always seem to lose the connection and had to start over again. I finally just pushed #1 and paid the late charges.

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  • Sh
    SherBear2013 Jul 25, 2013

    Just been informed Chase sold our loan to Ocwen. No time to sent to a P.O. Box address.
    Has anyone sent their mortgage payment to an actual address via certified to Ocwen? If so what is the address?

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  • Sh
    SherBear2013 Jul 25, 2013

    Has anyone sent their mortgage payment to an actual address via certified to Ocwen? If so what is the address?

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  • Ma
    Mad2013 May 29, 2013

    I am having problems with Ocwen also, can not get a phone number for the US Company in the US, every number I find it is either in the Phillipines or India???????????? I am beginning to wonder where my monthly payment really goes???? GMAC sold my loan to Ocwen, to bad we don't have a say in that? After all I have read, I DO NOT feel any better, infact I'm even more mad about it!!! I need a approval letter to change the boundries and the people in the Phillipines don't even know what this is???? I don't have a lot of hope that this is going to get done, he said he would open a work order??????????? He WOULD NOT give me a phone number in the US and when I asked for a manager, ofcourse there was not one available at this time?????? I will be working on getting my mortage to a different bank ASAP!!!

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  • An
    angry john May 17, 2013

    I used this when i complained spoke to the guy in charge .

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  • Pu
    pulsemediainternational Mar 20, 2013

    I have just found out that our 2 loans have been bought by Ocwen. As a former Investigative Producer I decided to look into the company that I will be giving lots of $$$ to. Well...well... BINGO... SCAM written all over it! From the above complaints to speaking to Outsourced workers in another country. They tell me there is no phone # for the office in the US and when I did find a # all you receive is a generic voicemail system. Is it a Virtual Office? Well Im not taking any chances. I will pursue speaking to a real person and get my loans refinanced with a company in THE USA!!!

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  • Jo
    john burtis Feb 27, 2013

    I did a loan modification four years ago. I haven't been late on a payment for the four years that the loan has been modified. A few months back I checked my credit and noticed that I don't have a credit score (my mortgage is the only debt that I have). The reason is Ocwen is reporting it as current but with a zero balance. I can not get them to change it. I can not find one service agent who can explain why it is being reported this way. And they are not willing to fix it!

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  • Ju
    Julie Tu Dec 20, 2012

    My loan was purchased by Ocwen in June. I have never been late on a mortgage payment, but they transfered a huge late fee stating it was from my previous lender. I called my previous lender and they sent confirmation that I was not late, never had been. When I try calling Ocwen I am given 5 different numbers to clear this up, yet nothing happens. The call centers are in India. I am out of ideas.

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  • Re
    rell717 Oct 30, 2012

    you do not pay until your modification is approved!!!

    only company available that does this!!


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  • Oc
    ocwen sucks Sep 28, 2012

    I agree with all the bad statements that are being made about the thieves at Ocwen. I have been dealing with the people in India since August 15, 2012 and not a thing have been taken care of. All these people do is say it will take 5 days and the next person I talked with tells me the very same thing as if they were reading from a script. I have been lied too from these people and just giving me the run around. This company is a joke, I'm tire of all the lies and being put on hold every time I call Ocwen in India.

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  • Ka
    kAS1 Sep 05, 2012

    I paid my mortgage in full in July of 2008, Ocwen sent fraudulent documents and committed perjury in a sworn affidavit. The clerk of my County never received any Satisfaction from Ocwen, and they lied in a letter providing a fictious filing date and page in the mortgage recorder's office. Federal and State investigations are being commenced and a class action is on the table. They must be stopped from ever causing misery for homeowners and taxpayers.

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