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I am outraged that something that has happend over 9 years ago is still haunting me. I was told about 4 years ago before my first deployment, that this home was supposed to be taken off my report after 7 years which would have been in 2008 when I came home from deployment. Here is it 2010 and they are still trying to get something. SOmething that happend along time ago had ocme back to haunt me. I am in another deployment and they start sending things from a so called collection agency. I have explained to them what has happend and tey still bother me. They need to get over it before they really piss me off.


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    Malide Oct 26, 2011
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    I have a small business cleaning residential homes, offices, new construction and vacation rentals. For the past several years I have cleaned for Luv Mobile Homes, a division of Clayton Mobile Homes. They have since changed the name from Luv to Oakwood Mobile Homes. For quite a long time I was given assignments to do new construction cleaning for the company when a mobile home was sold. I have never had any complaints with my work, in fact, I have been praised for the good job that I did. A little more than a year ago the manager was replaced by Mike Stickley who transferred from Clayton Mobile Homes in Hampstead. He hired me to clean the offices of the Oleander Dr. location on a weekly basis. However, I was no longer given the new construction cleaning and cleaning of the "model" homes that had previously been done by the person who cleaned the offices. The reasons: He was involved with a woman who also had a cleaning business, in fact, that is how they met. She started cleaning for Clayton Mobile Homes in Hampstead. So, he started giving her all the extra work. He has for some time now tried to find a reason to terminate me. I have a friend that works there and he actually asked her a few months ago if she would be angry if he let me go...although he admitted that I did a good job. For some reason, the past several weeks when I have been due to get a check I would go to work to find that my check was not there. This has happened about 7 or 8 times. I was supposed to get a check from them on 2-5-10, but never got it until 2-14. I put in an invoice for another two weeks on 2-14 and realized the following Friday (pay day) that once again I had not gotten a check. I found my invoice in the bookkeepers bend and saw that he had written on it to not pay me until the following week, although I was due a paycheck. I called and asked him why I had not been paid and all he said was "I don't know, I don't know." He said that he would call me when the check came in the following Friday and would deliver it to me in person. He never called me on Friday. He called Saturday and I was not at home and without transportation. He became angry with that and said that he was getting ready to go to Hawaii and that He needed to get the office key from me. I asked why and he could not tell me. He further stated that since he could not get the key from me he was going to have to have the locks changed and he was going to charge me for that. As it stands now, I am due for four weeks of work from Oakwood Mobile Homes and Mike Stickley is in Hawaii and I don't know when I'm going to get my money. I was wrongfully terminated simply because I asked why I did not get my check. I have been told that he treats all of his contractors like this. It is not fair. He never questioned my work, he just got irritated because he held my check back so that his weekly books would look fatter and because I asked a simple question of "why did I not get paid." He does not get along with anyone in the business world. In fact, I've been told that contractors will not say anything if they do not get their check because they fear his repercussion. My check was just for a measly $120, which would mean nothing to him, but, being a single woman in my late 50's, it means a lot to me. How can this type of action be tollerated?

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