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Not paying agreed settlement

Not paying agreed settlement review: Liberty Mutual Workers Compensation

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While I was working over 7 years ago, I was injured in a vehicle accident. They offered me a settlement and because of state laws I will not be able to acquire more on the permanent partial disability. We have been in agreement on the amount but they refuse to pay me the amount as well as heir attorney will not respond to repeated attempts of my attorney after she agreed almost a year ago to draw up the paperwork and get me a check. They are also trying to hold my check so I will settle future medical as both of their doctors have said there will have to be pain management for the rest of my life. I don't know what to do as they wont agree on any decent number on future medical and I just want my permanent disability and then we can discuss future medical. What can I do to force them to pay the agreed permanent partial? It's been over 7 years now. I live in Kansas and wondering if there is a way to sue them for not paying me what is owed as it is just collecting interest in their bank account when I need that money. Work comp doesn't pay disability for no reason. I have acquired debt because of my injury and I will only acquire more debt, and I have to pay interest on that debt... They should have to pay me interest on the money they are withholding. Are there any Kansas laws to help me?