Nordstrom Rackemployee

T Feb 04, 2020


I have a complaint about an employee (Tamara Rogelstad) who was fired for using her staff discount for a parent and a friend. I know it is against policy but everyone does it. Punish her by giving her a suspension and making her pay back the discount she gave sure but I think firing her with out a warning is very harsh. These are young kids who are just learning about life. Teach them and mold them. Use it as a learning tool and talk to all the staff who are doing the same thing. She gave her all and brought in a lot of business. She was very good at upselling. She was able to sell $500 to a lady who was about to leave. She sold 4 sweaters to a lady who was going to buy nothing. There are many other stories like this. She can look at a designer piece and tell you the designer. She was fantastic at merchandising. She is a great loss to your company.

Thanks for listening

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