NobelComhonest company


I'm using my nobel phone card since last year, and i'm pretty happy with it. rates are fare and if you talk to customer support or read the FULL description on the website, yuo know about all fees, so there's no surprises there. and now since they added the iphone app, i've been even happier! i'm now making calls through the app and it's a lot easier than before.
besides, if you'd ever tried any other phone cards before, you'll know the difference! i used 2 more companies before nobel, and connections were bad, rates were sometimes a lot higher, and i could never get anyone to talk to in the support dept!
i've had my problems with this card too - at some point i wanted to change the rounding because it was not a fit one for me, but i had no problem in getting in touch with them... i calls the support line and a lady transfered my credit to a new card, with the rounding i wanted...

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