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Dave Namesnik is a fake dog trainer who works for Copper Sky Recreation in Maricopa. He is running from the law for animal abuse with training dogs to fight. He was evicted from his house in Phoenix after the landlord discovered 10 dogs being abused by Namesnik. He moved to Maricopa to avoid the heat that was coming down on him. Call Copper Sky and have him removed from his training position. Namesnik has a huge criminal history on google. Bad Bad guy.

, US
Oct 11, 2015 1:16 pm EDT

This is yet another attempt at retaliation by Bruce Michael Lincis, aka Bruce Bentley, aka Bruce Dempsey for revealing his REAL criminal history and ending his attempts at scamming the public posing as a dog trainer in Phoenix, Arizona. He finds a new place to do this now and then and I have to look every once in a while to find his latest efforts. Luckily he's pretty much given up his scams, but he continues to exact his petty revenge for my efforts that were fairly successful. You can see my original reports and local and national stories on Bruce, including links to his criminal background with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and his mug shots and arrest records at /link removed/ and as well as Most of his efforts at advertising were trolling Craigslist and other free ad sites and you might find him still listed on as they do not vet their advertisers either. Please check out my information and real history at or my web site at Have a great day and thanks for reading! -Dave Namesnik, No Ka Oi Dog Training & K9 Services

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