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On July 31 2018, I took my 2013 Altima to Fucillo Nissan in Jacksonville, Florida. The airbag stayed on. I ended up paying 120 dollars to get some sensor adjusted under the passenger seat. 4 days later it came on and stayed on. I returned to the dealer and after 3 hours they came back and explained that it would be almost 2500 dollars to fix it. 1300 in part and labor over 900 dollars. I explained that I have an extended warranty and they reply that it doesn't cover it. I mentioned that there was airbag issues with [protected] Altimas and they said that this didn't apply. I asked for my 120 dollars back and they refused to refund my money. I've owned cars for a lot longer than 5 years and never had a airbag light come on. It has never been in an accident.
I will never buy another Nissan and if I was crazy enough to I sure as hell would not bring it to "its huge" Fucillo Nissan.


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      Jun 26, 2019

    Mr. Billy we bought a 2018 Nissan Rogue sport from your location on Blanding Blvd Jacksonville in September 2018 I am so disappointed in your location I could not ever recommend anyone to go there the final straw is one ☝️ of the main reasons I bought this particular vehicle was the darkness of the window tint I had my rogue in your service department a week or so one reason was to have my tint replaced but apparently the place that did the tint is giving your people a hard time (my tint is bubbling) and yesterday I noticed it is getting worse .. I feel we got royally screwed.. my rogue has been in the service department at least 4 times since we bought it this customer is very disappointed... And we haven’t even been offered any compensation for all the headache please help us I fear I will not get my tint fixed before the warranty is up ... My husband came to your location because he loved your commercials and wanted so bad to meet you plus around 600 of my 5600 miles are because of us having to bring our car out there we live at the beach so we didn’t have to go out of our way...

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