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Nexon America Inc.Stealing money from my bank account!

Review updated:

Nexon America Inc, NXgames, Wizet all wrapped up into one big fraud. They are located in California, why does it surprise me the corruption that comes from that side of the country? For the few posts listed here is by no indication the true account of the issues. The practices by this company is far ranging and most are not bringing it to light. Extremely disturbing , and hope that more will show the trueness of this theft ring.

On 12/13/2007 I made a complaint to nexon about why they failed to disclose the ineligibility of some accounts to purchase the 'Character Transfer'. Since the game is independent of the website I felt that in the items description they should have disclosed the rules and not mislead one to believe it was available for purchase, thus leading to one depositing money for that purpose.

They misrepresent the reason why you have to enter your birthdate information for the purchase of the 'Character Transfer' Nexon claims that it is for 'privacy sake' in reality it is to block the purchase. Everyone who has had their account blocked for any reason atleast once is prohibited from purchasing 'Character Transfer'.

On 12/13/2007 the same day I filed the complaint with them they deleted that ticket without any explanation. Since I made the money transfer through Paypal I filed a complaint with Paypal on 12/14/2007. Nexon failed to reply and on 12/19/2007 I escalated my complaint for paypal to make a ruling on this, I wanted a refund or the option to purchase 'Character Transfer'. Paypal gives 10 days for Nexon to respond to the complaint. Instead of nexon responding they retaliated by giving me a permanent bann on 12/20/2007 and claimed that I committed 'Charge Fraud'! Knowing this is Nexons' questionable practices I warned paypal this would probably happen. This is why I would let Paypal handle this situation. To make a ruling which nexon had until 12/29/2007 to respond before paypal would rule.

My account blocked for 'charge Fraud'. My paypal account is registered in my name with funds supported from my bank account. My MS account being registered as well with my name. Nexon notification of who purchases. My funds in my account with my name does not classify as 'Charge Fraud'. I did not initiate a charge back or reported any fraudulent charges as associated with 'Fraud'. I made a complaint and Nexon wanted to avoid it and they retaliated by banning my account.

As of this date my account contains the money and have not touched it while this was in the complaint process. They permanently banned my account and stole my money.


  • Ci
    Cindy Omoregie Sep 07, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am angry that this company has some how gotten my card number and took $106.00 out of my account
    I have never heard of the company and this is not right for this company to find away to get
    in someones bank account and take money I want my money put back on my card I have
    called this company several different times and always get a answering machine..
    I don't know how you keep getting into peoples bank account but this is stealing
    And no one will return my calls!! I am about to call the bbb and get a lawyer I am extremely angry
    I have left my number numerous times [protected]
    cindy omoregie

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  • Pu
    -Pure_Rage- Aug 27, 2010

    I completely understand. I used to play Maplestory, HOWEVER, i stopped playing for about 1 month, and i find out my password no longer works! I submit a ticket, and if you believe it, that ticket has been sitting their for about 6-7 months, maybe even longer. Im very happy they do not see my scores in games, for i have scores like 50-21, 159-67 (Bombing run), or i would seriously get banned, however hackers only INCREASE in numbers, and i find it hard to find some legit people!

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  • Ba
    bakcback Aug 11, 2009

    I know the feeling.. ca has some issues and needs fixed fast.. I dont hake at all and i play my brother alot and he is 5 years old.. so i get like 6 to 1 kill rt. not bad is it ...but the thing is all kdr are mostly fake anyways. and also when people think you hack.. they really dont.. i have 6 grand computer with 42 inch screen.. so now what? i see you better and i run 20m download and 10 upload.. ping time is 32 i know how to check with out going into it.. lol.. so what do we do now?

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  • Ci
    cibernetic Jul 23, 2009

    hello soy cibernetic nose on my mind this bloke that I am a fan of players such as maple and help others by giving leech please kisiera I returned my account please

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  • Tm
    Tmanxp Jul 19, 2009


    Basically a company will not have any lose only gain.

    They basically have the rights to ban you for any illegal actions. Glitching, Hacking, Power Leveling, Buying/Selling Mesos, Buying/Selling NX CASH, harassment, bypassing the curse filter, and a whole ### load STATED in the TOS are considered illegal actions.
    Hosting Private Servers and Playing on one is a liable issue. It'll COST you 1, 000 USD

    Hosting a site with hacks or anything to benefit one self in-game is a liable issue that will COST you 100, 000 USD
    ToS -

    Any Question's or Statement contact me at [email protected]

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  • Il
    IlikeMen Jul 10, 2009

    I like Men (^_^)

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  • Ca
    CapT X Jun 01, 2009

    Well i have spent almost 700$ us on NX for Comabt Arms and nexon banned my account and said i was hacking and i wasnt. truthfully i just wasnt. They have yet to provide proof of any infractions. I was ranked number 36 in the world out of 2million users. I want to know is there any legal recourse to take? I "invested" my money and almost a year of my time only to be banned from game and website account!
    I just want my account back. im the leader of a clan with 50 plus players .

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  • Ha
    Harry Apr 22, 2009

    Everyone who play nexon games probably knows that the game itself is full of hacks.

    I played fps game called from Combat Arms.

    I used to play lot of fps games so I quickly adopted way of playing.

    I've played two weeks 5~8 hours each day, and saw one hacker or glitcher almost every other game or so- I'll say about minimum of one third of rooms there are have some sort of glitchers or hackers.

    This is very understandable since Nexon America Inc. lacks maintenance team; a map glitch found in first week of patch might be fixed 4 months later- example of this would be a map called wave rider;I can count up to three glitches every map I played: all of them guarantee your invincibility until your ammo runs out.

    Problem is that GM plays a game by regular name- I was in sergeant server where only people who played about 20+ hours of game can enter, and ban people who they think hack.

    I was in a map called cold seed, and got 34 kills with 7 deaths: I was very happy with the result since my kill-death-ratio was only about 1.7.
    I was banned as soon as that game ended. I asked nexon through customer service question section and they told me I was banned because of use of hacking programs.

    I asked them to give me an information of GM who banned me so I can place formal complaint letter on him, my evidence being my never-formatted computer including all internet history which was never touched. GM answered came up with simple answer:

    "Since you have decided to take legal action against Nexon America Inc., you will not be able to receive any service from us including ticketing service."

    They shut my account down for good, as well as banning me from getting any customer service aid.

    Nexon, really, really?

    I still have my computer not formatted and never touched internet explorer/firefox history. They can scan through my computer if they wish- check registry history, w/e it takes for them to find any sort of game-aiding program.

    I know they will just ignore me, but I still have them-information- untouched.

    Point is, their GM play game as a normal character, ban people as they wish, and do not spend time on maintenance-I mean, aren't GM suppose to be working on game maintenance?

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  • Si
    sickandtired Mar 04, 2009

    Correction to email address posted to the previous comment. If you are interested in pursuing a class action suit against Paypal for unauthorized charges, please contact me at [email protected]

    [email protected]>COM

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  • Si
    sickandtired Mar 04, 2009

    I recently noticed (2) $30 charges from Nexon America on my Paypal account also. Since these charges were unauthorized and I have never heard of this company and know for a fact I have NEVER visited their site or completed any transaction with them obviously I was a victim of fraud. I opened a dispute with Paypal and received an email that the merchant responded by refunding the money. However, I'm still waiting for the money to post and when I call Paypal their customer service reps appear to be drones that just repeat words from a scriptwho of some sort. According to this CS rep Paypal is holding my refund because the payment was pending or some crap like that. Well, I explained that makes NO SENSE seeing as the money was already removed from my bank account and the payment to this merchant already posted to Paypal and the refund supposedly issued by the merchant was also posted to paypal so... how is ANYTHING pending. OK enough of my ranting and raving... what I'm here mainly to do is find out who would be interested in joining a class action suit against Paypal. I am sick and tired of getting screwed by all these companies who allow fraud to continue when they know full well what merchants seem to be continued offenders and yet they do nothing to protect our vital financial info that we entrust to them by blocking activity from such merchants. I'm sick and tired of having to keep such a close eye on every line of my cell bill, credit card bills, bank statements, paypal accounts etc etc to make sure unauthorized charges aren't sneaking through... by the way just this month alone I've found 7 fraudulent charges, scary!!! It's getting worse, the predators are out there hoping we don't notice and it's been working --- 4 out of the 7 charges I found were posted to my cell bill. They know VERY FEW people actually go line by line through their 15 page cell bills so hey, send a text to unsuspecting cell numbers and boom when that text is received (you don't even have to do anything apparently for them to be able to do this) they bill your account for some bull$hit. I AM SICK AND TIRED OF WASTING MY VALUABLE TIME HAVING TO DEAL WITH CLEANING UP THIS UNETHICAL< ILLEGAL CRAP --- I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE TOO. If anyone is interested in pursuing this class action suit please email me at [email protected]

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  • Bu
    buyrbware Dec 16, 2008

    I agree nexon america which I never heard of are thieves..They stole two 30 dollar transactions out of my account. They also used the fake phone number. After dealing with paypal and got absoulutly nowhere I called my bank, those proffesionals new what to do...Paypal is a great tool, But there security and knowledge remind me of a 5 yearold running a lemonaide stand...Nexon America Inc, is evil and Paypal Security is a joke!

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  • Ad
    ADKnight Oct 13, 2008

    I was also charged by this gaming website through my paypal account and I never even signed up for their services! They took out $30 at a time until they drained my bank account. Their number doesn't work and there's no address for them.

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  • My
    My name Mar 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That sucks for you.
    What server did you play?
    And i think its your fault for trusting someone you met online.

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  • Re
    Rebecca Mar 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am angry at the company. I have called several times but have found out the number has been disconnected. It's unfair, I spent so much money on the game-Maplestory- I want my account back, NOW!
    MY password has been changed and my pin. I can't do anything. I am angry, I just want my ACCOUNT back. And the Nexon company doesn't even do anything to help.

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  • Me
    Melissa Ballis Feb 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    For almost 2 years now, since August 2006, I have been a member of the site and have been playing the game Maplestory (Since before nexon took over). I never gave my information to anybody but my ex boyfriend recently stole my account information from me and hacked my account. I know by not keeping my account information safe that it's my fault I was hacked but however I can not even try to get my account back. The password was changed and when I try to log a ticket on another account I get a technical error on the site. (Server Error in '/' Application.) No matter how many times I refresh the error will not go away and I can not log a ticket on any of my accounts or any other computers. I've cleaned out my cookies and everything. I have all my information and previously logged a ticket on the account that WAS hacked before the password was changed knowing I'd get hacked because the Secret question was changed. I asked nexon for a password reset giving them all my information that I had signed up with and they replied to me saying "we will look into this issue,please in the meantime change your password and secret question #2" How am I supposed to do this when my secret question is changed? I've called their phone number only to have them not pick up the phone and be disconnected and I've even sent them e-mails at [email protected] only to have them tell me the e-mail was shut down.

    I spent a lot of money and time on this game and do not want to lose all of that work for a stupid reason like this. I can understand if I didn't have my information but I do and if they don't fix their site then they might lose another of their players that PAYS for the game. They're probably going to lose a lot more money if they don't start helping their players better.

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