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Newsky Construction Inc review: breach of contract

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Contractor walked away from the project at the last stage. We had a signed contract outlining the scope of work, payment schedule, time frame, etc, but the contractor never followed the payment schedule and always asked for money without the required amount of work completed. Every time when contractor couldn't get the money he asked for (without required amount of work done), he just stopped working. Contractor also did not work everyday or every week -- just worked occasionally and did not show up without informing me in advance.

Long story short, the contract also delayed the entire project. Supposed all work should be done in X wks per contract but it never happened. We gave several extensions to postpone work completion date, however, contractor showed no intention to get the job done. After 4 weeks of delays, he promised to get everything done but he never picked up calls at the end & never showed up.

It was such a headache and extremely stressful dealing with this contractor: he didn't do what he promised and what he should be done; he always delayed every tasks; he always asked for payment without required amount of completed work; he stopped working when he couldn't get the payment he asked for (no payment was given b/c the amt of required work was not done); poor project management: he would never focus/concentrate to complete my project b/c he was working on other projects instead; he walked away from the job at the end and never picked up and returned my calls; gave him several chances to extend deadline but he showed no intention to make any effort to meet deadline.

In conclusion, I found another contractor finishing up the project... but if the contractor has no intention to get the job done, he shouldn't told me he still wanted to get it done (in fact I asked him several times whether he wanted to get it done or not). It was just a waste of time and efforts hiring this contractor: very poor business ethics and morale, and extremely irresponsible.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Dec 31, 2014 1:35 pm EST

Gary constantly ask for money and don't want to follow contract payment schedule. He will promise that he will get it done by certain date but at the end he cannot keep any of his promise. His workers are good but he is not a trust worthy guy.

Apr 22, 2014 5:18 pm EDT

Totally understand your feeling. I believe everyone who lives in Bell Park Garden and worked with Gary who is the boss of the New Sky Construction has the same feeling. They do not work everyday or every week -- just worked
occasionally. They never complete the project on time but 3-4 month delay and just ask you for the money.

Mar 19, 2013 4:21 pm EDT

I happen to have first hand knowledge of exactly what occurred with this particular job for this particular client, you see I manage the site in question. The complaintant in question is being far less than forthcoming with the facts. Firstly, why did'nt she make her name and location known? Probably because she put her own slant on the facts. This individual changed her mind about material and scope of work time and time again--ALL whilst the work was in progress. She found another contractor who offered to do the job at an even lower price than New Sky. They had already completed a fair amount of work and refused to front him anymore money with which to continue to pay his staff, she left him no alternative but to walk away. Then she brings in the other contractor that offered her a rediculously low price. End result ? You get what you pay for--the second contractor gave her a poor result with shoddy workmanship. I inspected the job after the fact and I can attest that it was certainly a less than acceptable result by my standards. Some folks are just willing to turn down Prime Rib for Bolonga, she got what she deserve and it was'nt from New Sky.