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On and around January of 2006, I received a letter from NCO Financial reporting a collection that they were collecting for. On February 16, 2006 I paid the debt in full. The check I wrote was cashed on February 21, 2006. To this day NCO Financial has note reported this debt paid in full. When I call about it they have the debt under someone else's name and my husband's social security number. This is how people get caught up in identity theft. There should be something done about companies taking someone's social security number and putting it with another name or vice versa.

Clovis, US
May 26, 2009 8:04 pm EDT

I received a phone call from NCO Financial services. The person calling would not give me any information about the nature of the charges and asked me to verify my address, phone number and my son's social security number. I refused and asked them to tell me what this was regarding the response was I cannot tell you until you verify your information. I refused to verify any information and they said that they have been try to send me a bill but I haven't responded. I have not received a bill from them. I still refused to verify my address or any information until they first gave me my information. They continued to refuse to tell me the nature of their business. They said that they would resend the bill. I just received the bill. The charges were cleared over 4 years ago and hospital stay over 5 years ago. This is so bogus because I have a clear credit history and no outstanding bills to anyone. Proving the bill was paid in full will be extremely difficult now because I don't live in the state where the charges originated, I don't have the same insurance that I had then and I don't even have the records from the bills anymore. I am not sure what I should do now. I am wondering if anyone knows how I can resolve this.

l rollerson
Plainfield, US
Feb 16, 2009 8:51 pm EST

WHY IS IT ok for third party company require to hire the undesirables to represent them - and once they are called on to response with a little bit of intelligence they fail miserably.
Company: Creditors Financial Group - who web page is under construction - which I think is a bunch of kids trying to undermind someone ability to think by being igorant is one thing but they have the right peson now.
I am looking for thr person who this company has left messages on my answering machine leaving this person full description of her account number and the amount that she owns or she needs to iron out - I will pay to have this company have their license taken away or monitored by the better business bureau - federal trade commisions and fair consumer commission.
I've spoken to what they representatives from this company wo has no business sense they think they are rough but they don't know rough yet by the time I'm finished with these people they will have properly trained these kids to conduct all calls in a business like matter - and then I will sue them for hassement. It would be worth all the time I have in this world to put in a claim just for the heck of it if it teaches these companies the rules and regulations that them companies should be operating under.
The every next time they tell someone they should change their number they would be changing their mind courtesy is owed to anyone - if they called your number in error that expectable but when they call you out of your name and you ask to speak to a manager and they tell you - "your not getting off that easy - your not going to get a manger that what they are paying us for now you just pay your debt" and I don't even have a account with the company --- You call back and then they say "we all ready took your number out -can't you understand that? Still no supervisor No authority - No one to conduct themselves in a business matter - From HELLO they have the worst telephone voice and tone just waiting and ready to JUMP down a persons throat. Well they may have jumped down my throat thiis evening but now just watch wait and see just how I spit them right back out. I am 45 years old and I have never had any business or company call my home who didn't know how to conduct themselves as business people and talk to me the way these people did this evening but I've only just begun -

Company - Creditors Financial Group
Telephone Number - [protected]
Calling for Lenora Bennett
Notified that Lenora Bennett does not live here this is the Rollerson Resident but your compnay is leaving numerous messages with this person account number and amount what she has to do to clear it up.
Now I'm looking for Lenora Bennett who lives in South Carolina so that I can give her the recorded messages from my phone which I saved each and everyone of them. I'll make a copy and send to the proper authority. Along with a copy of this evening conversation all recorded - The New Company name is going to be Lenora And Company when I'm done

Betty Hunter
May 29, 2008 2:51 am EDT

i beleive my complaints is a little different. I keep getting a pre-recorded message on my cell phone which is my home & work number.I have no idea what they are trying to collect because all i get is a pre-recorded message when they do call me.