Native Remedies Tic Tamerfalse advertising/no customer service

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After ordering tic tamer from Native Remedies, I felt that the product was working and that my son was getting some relief from his facial tics. He took it for about a week and then started developing some strange side effects like dilated pupils, staring off into space for no reason and saying strange things that didn't make sense. I did some more research into the homeopathic ingredients in this product and found that two of the side effects in the main ingredient, hyoscymus, were dilated pupils and hallucinations. I had checked with my son's physician and also a pharmacist to find out if this product was safe before even ordering it. Shame on me for not looking into it further. I emailed Native Remedies twice with my concerns and was "guaranteed" a response within 48 hours. I received none. I also looked at their claims of side effects from their tic tamer which states on their website that there are no side effects. I consider that false advertising. I am very disappointed in this company and will not be ordering anything from them again.

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